Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It's been a whirlwind summer.....school starts in just a few short weeks!   Hard to believe!  We are heading out East to see Madisyn the end of August, so it won't feel like summer break is over until we return after Labor Day!   Hard to believe I have a Senior and a 1st grader....... and two step kiddos Junior and Sophomore!   Yes, you read that right!  Senior, Junior, Sophomore and 1st grade! Now you can understand my insanity a little more ;-)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Me and my girls..... plus Zeus!

One thing I do take pride in is my girls... (and Zeus).  When they let me that is. 
You see, I'm battling this thing currently called a teenager.  She is a little girl I raised, in the body of someone I don't know.  Yes...I know her looks, she looks just like me...spitting image as a matter of fact. She gets her well roundedness, extreme politness, and giving with out question from me......however, this is not the child I birthed!!  Where did the little girl who needed me to fix every bump and scrap, kiss away the nightmares, look for monsters under her bed, pick out her clothing, braid her hair daily...get her to and from every single sport under the sun go???  She turned into a teenager.  They can be evil creatures who forget who gave them life....who forget who was there for them when no one else was.....they forget who would move the moon and stars for them without hesitation if possible....they just forget.
My daddy said to me recently, do her like she has done you..... when she needs you, poof, your unavailable.  When she's down on her luck, you're unavailable.  I told my daddy as much as I would like to do that sometimes, I am still a mother,a mother who could never do that to her daughter.  Oh, I'd like to give her a lesson or two about life in a hard way....but I won't.  I know I'm not alone..... I know there are many out there wondering where their precious, "I need my mommy" little girls are. At almost 17 I'm not quite ready to just let go and give her wings.....no, this very strict mother (insert laughter) says she must wait until she is 18...which ironically she will graduate on or near her 18th brithday.
Then there's Lyza.....6 yrs old and full of more energy than one can even fathom....and if you know her, you know exactly what I mean.  If God had not put this child into my life when he did, I swear, I'd have gone insane (totally that is) by now.  She's precious, she's funny, she is beyond funny and so serious about it at the same time.  She needs her mommy to tuck her in, wipe her tears (and nose), read bedtime stories, over and over (which I am most certainly happy to do!), she needs her mommy to kiss her scrapes and boo boos and things a picnic by the woods is the best idea on earth!  Favorite play toy......put a huge box in front of her and her imagination can run wild for hours.  Seriously I could go to town for a few hours and come back and she'd still be in that box having her pretend yardsale or still be a pretend dog in a doghouse.   I treasure these moments.....more than she or anyone else will ever realize.
I'm not perfect by any means.....as a matter of fact many false accusations are going around about me right now.  My belief is I don't owe an explanation to my friends.... and I don't owe an explanation to my enemies or those who constantly want to see me fall, because they wouldn't believe me anyway.  FOR YEARS I've been a people pleaser.....don't get me wrong, I'm not out to do anyone wrong on purpse.  I'm just saying I was not put on this Earth to please you today, tomorrow or the next day.   I try my hardest to please my parents because they raised me and I try to always show respect...... but I was put here to please God and no one more.  He knows the truth.....everyone else can kiss my...rosy red cheeks ;-)
I'm thankful for the handful of friends I do have....who stand by me, who cry with me and who are there for me.  For those that don't (including some family), I'm sorry you're missing out because I would go above and beyond to help anyone out who could in turn give me the same respect.  Respect is earned, not given.
Have a Happy Week!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Soo.... I have to figure out how to upgrade my storage.... not really upgrade it, but figure out which email addresses I can use/not use!  I mean....what would a blog be for me with no photos???  Grr....nothing!  I'm so bad about blogging now that FB has taken over the nation...lol!  It just seems every time I log in there is something different to the blog and I don't want to take the precious time to sit and figure it out.... very frustrating!  I will try and get there for those of you who look for photo updates of the kids on here...... 

Until then...and hopefully soon....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Sweet "16" Madisyn!!!!

I never thought this day would come...... my baby, turning 16 yrs old!  Oh how bittersweet!!   She went from my cuddling little baby girl who never left my side to an independent young lady who (in her teen years...as most do).....think they don't need their mommies for quite so much anymore,  Lordy what I would give to have age 5 back again!

I love you Madisyn Ronelle and am proud of the beautiful, talented young lady you have become!

All my love ~ mama

 Madisyn and cousin Kelci....three days apart, both 16 this week!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Time!

It's summer time.... this is how we spent our first few days out of school!   Looks like we are in for a long, fun summer!!!