Monday, February 28, 2011 ♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

Have I mentioned lately how ready I am for spring/summer? I'm certain I am ready! We had some pretty awesome thunderboomers last night....and woke up at 2 am to what we thought was someone out in the landscaping, but when we went outside, it was a sign or something that was just getting hammered by the was the weirdest sound and sounded as if it were right out our window, but apparantly it was up the road a bit. The sirens then started going off with hail, rain and straightline winds. I think there was a tornado touchdown in the town just north of us according to the news, but they have not totally confirmed that yet. I LOVE thunderstorms!!! Even when we have to pick up everything that was on our porch- out in our yard! I took some great pic's of all the green sprouts coming up in our landscaping. I even have flower buds on the Easter Lily's. A sure sign spring is around the corner.....and mushroom hunting for all you country folks! My favorite time of the year. When I was in the military I even planned my leave around mushroom season..... Yep, all my fellow airmen thought I was one crazy chick! ;-)
We had a good day yesterday, went to church, lunch out, watched a few movies and just hung out. That is about all this weather is good for! Hanging indoors and creating things to do! I would love to say I got a majority of my cleaning done, but that still hasn't happened. I have a full list of to-do's for this week though..... so taking yesterday and today off for "inclement weather" is ok, I guess! We have our first volleyball meeting downtown tomorrow.... can't wait to see what rules and regulations have changed for this year! Just when I get the knack of the new rules, something seems to change! Last night we let Lyza rent her own movie and she chose the "Wolf Movie"..... "Alpha and Omega". It was really cute, but to those of you who know her well, you know she memorizes movies after only seeing them once....and she acts out whichever part is the main character. we have a little wolf in the house...... again. I say again because she has already gone through a "wolf" phase before. When we taught her about wolves howling at the moon last year, she did that nearly all summer when she would go out at night! ;-) Oh to be a child again!
Tomorrow I will post my spring sprouts and a few pic's of Maddy skiing. They recently got some snow out there and she went skiing for the first time. Looked like she caught on pretty quick, which doesn't surprise me! She catches onto any sport really quick!

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

Day 4 - A photo of your night!

This about sums up part of my night......we read, lots! So I scattered a few of her favorite books that we read nightly here on her "buggababy" blanket (the one thing she is highly attached to) and gave you a photo of "our night". Posted below are also a few photos of the full moon I took last week! Nothing says "night" more than the moon! Sweet dreams!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

~~ Sunday ~~

Sunday has rolled around again..... this week much different than last! It is warm out, but very rainy and dreary! I slept in this morning before going to the late service at church! We then tried out the new Mexican Restaurant in our neck of the woods.... it was really good, but Lyza was still mad at us for making her leave church when it was we could have done without the 4 yr old attitude! We then came home with the intentions to take a nap, then head to Walther's for a round of mini golf courtesy of Toyota. Naps were accomplished....however, instead of golf we opted for another movie night. My allergies or something is really getting to me. My eyes are all red and puffy, sore ears (both of them)....and well, the eyes......just watery and making me miserable!

I have this week off work..... due to some "reconstruction" in my classroom..... I hope it goes well and I know this is my last week off for quite some time so I hope to accomplish the following:

**Entire house upstairs - SPRING CLEANED! (hopefully start on downstairs, but I am not making any promises!)

**Paint Lyza's Room

**Shampoo the carpets in the bedrooms

**Steam Mop the hardwoods and Tile

**Take time for myself both days Lyza is in school to find a quiet spot in the church and study while she is in class!

** Help Chris get our driveway loaded with gravel once again this year.

** Spend time with Lyza doing her new Reading DVD's and mastering writing her name (she can do it, but I want to get it done all the way and just right!)

Think I can juggle all that? Hope so! Next Sunday will be spent in my classroom getting it organized to my perfection....and hopefully Saturday afternoon is spent doing somethng fun. I just got Madisyn's airfare booked for Easter and our little vacation booked/done/signed/sealed/delivered! THAT gives me something to look forward to!

Need something uplifting to read? Follow . Living Proof Ministries/Beth Moore Blog!

30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 3: Photo of the cast of your favorite TV Show! Mine.... Wednesday Nights, "Modern Family"..... laugh out loud hysterical in my book!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥
Day 1- Photo of yourself and 10 random facts.....
-1. I love my family!
-2. I'm pretty random myself.
-3. I love kiddos.
-4. I just went back to work FULL TIME for the first time in 4 years.
-5. I coach Volleyball.
-6. I LOVE coaching these girls, they bring lots of joy into my life!
-7. I have LOTS of great friends in my life, I am beyond blessed!
-8 I have 4 tattoos.
-9 Yes, my nose has a diamond stud in it!
-10 I will be glad when Karma arrives for some people!

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥
Day 2 - Photo of the person you are closest with....
This honor (or maybe curse to him ;-) goes to DH Christopher. Although I am very close with my mom, my sister in laws and a few close friends...... when it comes down to it, you simply just have to admit you are very blessed to have your spouse as your best friend! I am a very lucky girl.
On FB I am doing a 30 day photo challenge, I am on day two, so I posted the first two days in this blog post. There are some days that are really challenging and look fun, so I am going to post them in both spots, for those of you who may follow me in only one place or the other! I will post them at the end of each blog post daily.
Like my new blog look? It is not totally finished yet, but thank you to my wonderful friend Jennifer for helping me through a rough day yesterday and lifting my spirits with a makeover! She is not all the way finished yet....the footer, sig tag and blog button need to be done still, and I have updated photos to add to my sidebars! I am glad to get some "Spring Like" colors on here and start gearing up for "SpringLike" weather....and I look forward to more days outside vs inside ! Oh how I love the outdoors.....which means camping is just around the corner! Honestly had we not had so much going on lately, we would have already gone by now! Thank you again Jen for the quick makeover..... your makeovers are always so special and you do WONDERFUL work! What talent you have. Visit her at if you are in need of a makeover for your blog!
Miss Lyza is still sick. After feeling very fortunate after our last minute Dr. visit yesterday, being able to report to him she hadn't had any of the big "D".....well, it hit her in the middle of the night and as of 1 pm still contiues. She can't get her little body to the bathroom on time every I was up at 5 am changing sheets, clothing, giving a bath, etc. It's been a tough morning! She isn't eating very well for me either....she's staying hydrated, but just doesn't want to eat, which is WAY out of character for her. I don't know where she stores it all..... she weighed in at only 34 lbs yesterday! She was SUCH a BIG GIRL at the Dr. office yesterday. She rarely has to go to the dr., but when she does....everyone within mile radius knows it! She's a screamer! Yesterday she did everything on cue just as he asked her to do and didn't put up fight over anything, except when he asked her if he could look up his nose she said "No, I really don't want you to do that".... her regular dr. was out of the office and I really think it was because it was a different dr. that she cooperated so well. I may have to look into switching doctors because, WOW, it saved a lot of stress that mommy and daddy are used to when we have to make a Dr. visit! After the day I had yesterday, I was so thankful that this didn't cause added stress on me! So...praying that Baby Lyza gets well SOON! I guess we will stay in tonight, snuggle and perhaps watch a movie with her, read books and play some of her new board games. Maybe we can find something fun, kid friendly at the Redbox tonight!

Have a wonderful Saturday! Sending many blessings your way and hoping that if the sun is not shining outside in your neck of the is still shining in your heart and that a smile is shining upon your face!

Friday, February 25, 2011

FFF - You Pick

Favorite Foto Friday


And the spotlight goes to..... My Dear Hubby!

How wonderful he is.... what would I do without him? He puts up with the best and the very worst of in and day out. Through it all, he has been there. Not always happy about it...but he is there. I love him more than any words could express. I am so very lucky and fortunate to be called his wife.

Love you much Christopher!

Us in Mexico (nah, I can't still pull off that bikini!)

The Valentine Cookie that he and Lyza was waiting on me after my first full day back as a working mom on Valentine's Day! He took that day off to spend with me...and instead, I spent it at my first day back to work!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

~~ Family Sunday ~~

As some of you know, my poor little Mayan Princess was sick for a few days, her are her pitiful, pitiful pictures! LOL!

Sunday was a day filled with family..... ALLLL our family! This has never happened and I was delighted. All my nieces, nephew and daughters under one roof. All the moms, dads, brothers, sisters, in laws, nannas! GREAT 71 degree weather and perfect for outdoor play! Had the firepit going and Chris and I sat out there talking long after everyone had left. Madisyn collected lots of money for her WorldVision project and received some pretty nice welcome home gifts! Thank you to everyone for sharing in our special family day!

Madisyn and Lauren

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tales from a worn out Mama, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, etc!

So today I am in that "place of no return", it seems. I have been bawling my head off since 9 pm last night. As most of you know, I had to take Madisyn back to the airport today and won't see her again until April. Don't say you know how I feel.....I don't wish this pain on anyone. It is a gut-wrenching, punch in the stomach, slap in the face feeling. Life is hard, Life is tough, Life throws lots of curve balls and Life just isn't fair sometimes. The ONLY things I have to hold onto are my Faith, Family and Friends.....and truthfully, not a one of them can really grasp what I am going through and feel inside except God alone himself.
We had a great weekend together, sometimes that makes it even harder to let go, to watch her walk down the terminal with her back to me....with only a glance backwards to see if I am still watching, and I always am. Lots of music Lyrics get me by...they help me to feel so "not alone" (as the post below). If I didn't have a four year old at home, I would have slept the rest of the day and night.....and then gotten up for work tomorrow to carry on with my life. Sometimes we actually do just need that.
I am a way "over thinker" when I try to lay down. My brain is on overload and I think about WAY to many things at once. What if I had done this or that? What if I had said this or that? What if, What if, What if!!!!!!!!!!!! DANG the What If's! I know that isn't a positive or encouraging way to look at it, but it's life and feelings are real. I don't think God expects us to have complete and utter control over our feelings at all times, as do I not think my family and friends expect that of me either.
Even though today I lie broken hearted.... tomorrow is a new day. A new day to start fresh and start over. Will the pain still be there,'s always there, always in my heart. Some days are MUCH easier than others. I typically have my very worst days on the day she leaves....which is to be expected. I have my very best days on the day she arrives. I guess you take the good with the bad and play with the cards you are dealt.
I know the pain and sorrow on this Earth are temporary..... I am a "live in the moment" person....I'm sporadic, spacey, not content most of the time, wishy washy, mouthy, say to much of what I'm thinking out loud instead of keeping it in my head where I am thinking of it. That's just me..... take me or leave me. I'm working on those adjustments....they take time....but I really have come pretty far. Ask anyone who knows me well! ;-)
Now I am back to "Bust my Buffers" (Thomas the Train) with a certain special 4 year old who needs her mama not to be a sappy, crying, mess of a girl!

Strong Enough- Matthew West

K-LOVE - Mandisa "Stronger" LIVE

This morning, after a crying spell that lasted all night, into morning.....I turned on and this song was on. How fitting?!! It was a "God Thing", I'm more than sure. I hate when these days that we must go to the airport arrive..... I will miss you Madisyn, more than you know! I miss having your smiling face, smart mouth ;-), and sense of humor here at home! I love you!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We beat the #3 ranked team in the state! What an edge of the seat game it game I have seen in a long time. I sure just wish we had more of a student section and cheering at games! Our boys sure could use that boost! Miss Lyza stayed at G.G. & Grandpas so I could take Madisyn and Lauren to the game and spend some alone time with them. We had a good time....and I stayed up with til 1 am, they said they went to bed at 3 am! Oh how I remember those days!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Matthew West - Family Tree

My life is complete!

As of today...and this hour, my life is once again complete. I know it will only last for five days, but it is so worth it!!

As you can see, my oldest Princess is home for a short spell.....we have had the most wonderful day and some great laughs! Want to know all we've done today?

9:20 am arrival into Evansville

Home to drop off luggage

Library (for Thomas the Train Movies of course)

Central High School

Target to use giftcards

Washed Chris' truck

Went to get a load of wood

Went to get lunch

Dropped Lyza off at home

Went to the eye dr. and got new glasses for both of us and contacts for me

Went home to change for photo shoot

Photo Shoot

Central High School to see Lauren and Kathy after track

More photos


Home and vegged out in front of the TV


More talking and fun


What a day....and oh so worth it. Tomorrow we are shopping with giftcards at the mall and Walmart (yuck on walmart). Lunch.... Then we have family photos scheduled. I will post those on Sunday....i can't tell you our attire, but I hope it turns out super cute! Then four friends are coming over and we are going to the Central JV and Varisty game at Princeton!!! The girls are staying the night..... then followed with church and a cookout on Sunday! Busy, Busy weekend....but I am not complaining by any all! I do not go back to work until Tuesday, and as the week wore on, it did get much better. Madisyn is going to go in with me tomorrow and help me put up my spring boards and decorations! Should be fun and I really need the help.

I will be sad come Monday evening, but I also know it is only temporary! I am learning to live day by day and soak in all the good....and let the bad go. Some days it is harder than others. I do not want to be a complainer......and so I am trying very hard to stay as positive about life in general as possible! It is good for me, good for my family and good for the soul!

Blessings to all, enjoy a few of the photos I took today. My baby is growing up and although she is a mini me at that age, I think she is much more beautiful. And Lyza, well....she's a comedian, I have no idea what on earth I am going to do with that child or what will become of her! LOL!

Maddy and Lauren!