Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This....That and the Other!

Today I am hardcore potty training and it is going very well. I did once go in to check on her and I guess she decided it was time she got a sticker. She found these little red stickers wtih letters on them and put about 10 on her nose, forehead an all down her arms and in a straight line from her thighs to her toes! It was hilarious.

  • Sorry I have no photos at the time. Our computer has a cold and somehow got virus! It wiped out EVERYTHING on there, EXCEPT the photos I had yet to move to the external hard drive.......WHEW! I hate losing all me email folders though, adoption folders, Maisyns flight folders, etc.
  • Thank goodness Madisyn to a new laptop for her birthday or I would go nuts! We don' t have wireless but there must be somewhere in our neck of the woods. Used to we could only get a signal outside....but I brought it to the dining room area on our kitchen talbe an PTL we had a signal and I am good to go!
  • You can only reach me via email at or We will not be using our insight account for email use any longer.
  • We are headed out of town this weekend to my cousins wedding. I am the photographer and we plan to have a wonderful time. My mom is going to keep my girls on Saturday night so Chris and I will have a night to ourselves to just talk, pray and probably be asleep by 10 pm!!! Seems like we just rarely see each other with his work schedule, me coaching and all Madisyn's games.
  • We won our volleyball game last night and the girls played awesome...what great teamwork! Madisyn did a great job....I am proud of all my players.....but especially her....cause she's still my BABY :-)) Tonight is a soccer game. Chris will be taking I am going to be potty training....told ya...I plan to get this accomplished THIS week!!
  • Have a great safe and enjoy it! Pic's will be posted when Madisyn and Chris get home and show me how on this computer!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Happenings........

What a weekend of fun, excitement and entertainment!!

Lauren stayed over this weekend and we always enjoy having her and a few other much, we got bunk beds for Maddy's room (see below). I actually got them at an Estate Sale they matched her furniture perfectly and mattresses were brand new. She had $50.00 on them and I asked her how low she could go and she gave them to me for $25.00 and Even delivered!!! Yeah! So we moved the futon to the sitting room for "extra" bedding when the other girls are here. So far, Maddy claimed top bunk and Lauren claimed bottom bunk!! Madisyn said it was "SOOOO much comfortable than her futon....duh, we all tried to tell her that but she wouldn't listen.

So, I went to Penny's and got the reversible lime/aqua comforters and sheets for each bunk on sale. It went great, she loved it and All the curtains and accessories already in matched perfectly! Great day......What a treat. Not to mention Lyza always goes to yard sales and comes home with a ton of free toys cause she's "cute"! I guess that is one way of getting what you want! She got a mini tramp and sings and counts the entire time she is jumping, it is so cute. She does not like to share it beware if you are trying to jump on it. I got a Wicker Chase Lounger from a friend also with padding and added a few of the croched pillows from the Estate Sale, got a radio to go outside so we can listen to Lyza sing every night now!!! Life is good!!!!

This morning we went to church....second service. It was, as always great singing and great service. We went to The Black Buggy afterwards and were stuffed! Great place to do that!!! We had fun, Lyza kept us all very entertained and we laughed a lot, which is GOOD FOR THE SOUL!!!!

Chris and I also bought new bedding for our room....we are going to have a nice tranquil Oasis in our room, I simply cannot wait. It will be here on Wed and Trish is going to come and help me paint my room!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

We also found "bugga baby"..(lady bug) bedding for Lyza and are going to get that for her for Christmas.....paint her room 1/2 way up in red and I got an old antique dresser from Nanna that I am going to paint either red or white, then add the lady bug accents!!! Finally every room in this house will be JUST as I want it....aside from the basement which we hope to at least have cleared out by winter. We just have a computer room, bathroom, living room, laundry room down here now.......

Fall is favorite time of the year to sit under my favorite trees and watch my favorite girls and hubby play!!!! I love, love, love it!

Fall Blessings to you......

Lauren Scrubbing Lyza's outdoor Toys!
Chris scrubbing outdoor toys....yep, I put them all to work!

Maddy and Lauren at work!

Maddy worn out????

Still working...... :-) Hey...they got new beds and bedding! They should be helping out! ha!

Miss Lyza

Hi Mama'!

Silly Girl

JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! She's gonna be in shape!
She doesn't like to share it though........

Don't worry...NO BLADE, I'm MAJOR paranoid about that! Just a ride around the farm!

Maddy's New Bunk Beds and Bedding!!!
How lucky is she??

Another View of her Treasure!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - Lyza's Video! :-))

If you would like to visit more "Favorite Foto Friday's"...please visit Mine just happened to be a video this week.....too cute! Don't you love the screwdriver microphone??
Blessings to you and your family this weekend!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back home and havin' fun!!!

My time home has been WONDERFUL! Except I haven't seen my little "McKibben" rugrats yet since they are at the rodeo! We were supposed to camp with Bran/Trish...but it rained last night, Madisyn had her best friend come up with was thunderstorming we just decided to hit all the "scenic" places that Martin County has to offer and give Maddy's "city" friend a taste of the country!!!

We spent some time with Gabe and his three beautiful kiddos yesterday out at his property...had a great time, then headed to Martin County! We did some four wheeler riding (Lyza even got on this time!) cart riding, set up the cots in the cabin (that is not all the way finished yet...and the girls did NOT stay in.....they were scared of the storms..te he he)...had a campfire and I slept with my mama and slept like a baby!

This morning we woke up to thunderstorms and I could not pull myself out of that temperpedic Dad, Mom, Maddy and Lauren went to church.......Chris, Lyza and I slept in! Ahhhhhhhh~ Then had lunch from BoMac's....always a treat (Amber/Ashley...I know you are jealous! :-)

Today we went to Spout Springs, The Mighty Jug Rock and Hindostan! We had a great time.....and some much needed R & R. Lauren's parents met us in Loogootee to pick her up because she had family coming. So we headed back home....and Mom just took the girls to Chicago Pizza for dinner. Chris and I put up the cots and set up camp in the cabin for ourselves tonight! Tomorrow on our way out we will head to Boggs to visit Bran/Trish and my favorite little rugrats! Oh how I miss just isn't the same here without Brydon running over everything and our feet with his four wheeler!!! I know they had fun at the rodeo though...I will post pic's of them when we head home!

I AM a "Princess" too....Mama's can be princesses~~~ I have the jammies on to prove it!! :-))

Thanks to my BFF Jen for redoing my blog....she is starting full swing in blog design again, so please check her out! She has a few new pic's to insert and a few touch ups....but she is awesome and great to work with!!

Her tab should be on my sidebar....she has a new Blog Cafe........if it is not on my her at and she will hook you up! Enjoy the pic's! Sorry...Lyza isn't in the family photos...she was napping with Nonny!

Have a great long weekend...and I have a ton more photos to upload soon!

~ Misty

Friday, September 4, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - "FRIENDS"

To view more "FRIENDS", please visit !

This week's theme of "Friends" was an easy one for our we are blessed with so many friends! Most of the time we seem to just focus on the friends of our children......but I want to sent out a big shout to the friends of us "Big Kiddos"! Without our friends......we'd be lost! We love each of you!!

Please have a safe and happy long weekend!!!

Much love to all......

~ Misty - Chris, Lyza, Madisyn too!!!