Friday, April 24, 2009

My Soccer Diva and our Night Visitor!

Here are some photos of my little Soccer Diva! She scored a goal last night and they won their game! She also improved A LOT on her long jump and high jump in track!!! WAY to GO Madisyn! So glad I am back in the swing of things and could go and enjoy watching her play!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Last night around midnight when I went to let the cats in....this little critter was right on my doorstep waiting to come in too!!! It was so strange....the two cats just jumped right over him and came he was one of them. He looked up at me with that pitiful face...."Why do they get to go in and I don't??"....SO.....I went and got my camera and snapped a few pictures. NO, I did NOT let him in! ha! I know they are mean and nasty...but he was very kind and polite. I sat watching him for about 15 min.....then headed to bed. I think I know the culprit now who has been destroying the cat food container for the outside cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here are a few more photos from last week!

Lyza slept in this morning until 10 am.....which made naptime non existant today! She'll be pretty grouchy this evening! She's a stubborn little thing! Madisyn has a track meet right after school and a soccer game this evening. I am still feeling pretty yucky today, but I missed her game last week, so I feel like I need to go! There are a lot of things I need to do.....going to the store is one of them! I just feel so yucky that I don't even want to venture out of the house. Let alone go get groceries!!!

Baby kittens are now 2 days old. I did lose one yesterday and buried it myself! I was so proud! I have never done that before......Chris is the cat burier at our house! Madisyn decided to name the cat "Polly"...however, Lyza pronounced it "Potty" I made her change it. Lyza concluded it's name is Kai Lan, so I think we are sticking with that for now.....she's a temporary cat, so I doubt she''ll mind the name for awhile :-))

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I LOVE my CRaZy Life??!!!!!

There are days when I wonder if my life could possibly get any crazier!! I guess it isn't really the things that happen to me (us) is the WAY they happen!! It is hysterically funny how when the moments the "little" things in life are happeing how overwhelming, emotional and out of sync things seem.....and then an hour (some cases LONGER) later, it is plain, simple "funniness"! In anycase...I truly do love my unpredictible, spur of the moment, fly by the seat of my pants CRaZy life!!

TODAY, was a pretty simple is when the EVENING hit that things got a little crazy. I woke up sick, of course...and almost had Chris take me to the ER today. I was running a pretty high fever, I couldn't swallow anything and the sores in my mouth were about to KEEL me!! However, he gave me some liquid children's meds to get my fever down and I came to my own stubborn conclusion once again that I did not want to be admitted to the hospital and be their guinea pig for another week or two. So..I fell asleep for three hours and woke up in a pool of sweat, my fever had broken. Crazy enough, my mouth wasn' t hurting "as much" as it was before I fell asleep either. So...I got up, got dressed and Chris and I went mushroom hunting on our property in the woods. We didn't find anything but I feel so at peace when I am just sitting on a log in the woods with nothing but nature surrounding me! When we got back to the house Lyza had woken from her nap and her and Madisyn were happily playing with "Benjamin" the rabbit. We ordered pizza for dinner and then my father in law and "little" brother in law came over for a very nice visit. The kids played outside with all the animals and Lyza's toys (baby Little Tykes toys are the best for preteens!!!).

When evening did the Thunderstorms, Hail and Power Outages!!! Our electricity hardly EVER goes off....even in the worst thunderstorms and ice storms!! There was hardly even any news coverage on this storm because it was passing quickly!! Chris was lighting candles and I mentioned to him that my cat was he went to the front porch to retrieve "Smokey" and bring him inside. When Chris came in he said.."Aww, that Smokey is such a good cat, he was sitting next to "black pregnant cat" (she wasn't really ours and didn't even have a is now Mylee) and he had his paw on her head. I mentioned to him that if he could catch her, I would rather bring her in out of the weather, as I had checked her yesterday and it looked like her milk was really coming in and she would have kittens any time. SOOO, I headed to the front porch to get "Pregnant Black Cat" and I moved the wicker loveseat to retrieve her only to find what I thought was a long wet flower (we just put flowers out yesterday remember!! And it was REALLY storming and windy) that turned out to be a little gray kitten still attached to the placenta via the umbilical cord~~!!!!!!!! Yep! What a great time and place to start giving birth!! SO, in I ran with "pregnant black cat" in one hand and placenta with attached kitten in the other hand. Madisyn ran to get a laundry basket while Chris got the heating pad. CRAZINESS!

"Mylee" is doing fine and has given birth to 5 tiny beautiful kittens via candle light! They will be ready Memorial Day Weekend. Pass the word around!!

(These two kittens are about 2 hrs old in this photo...the Gray one is the one that was found on the porch! They are all currently either solid gray or solid black, I am sure that will change by morning)

New Blog Look???? Spring is in the air!

Do you like my new blog??? Isn't it just perfect for our family??? I was blown away by it! Here is a challenge for you...go through the blog header only and pick out how many animals are actually "OURS". I took pic's of every animal that is ours to create the "farm"! I am also in process of changing out ALL my side photos through all the "Chicken Tabs" creative was Jen with that?? Visit her at to see what great things she can do for you!!! She's awesome...beause we all know I am a pain in the wazoo until I get it exactly how I want it!!!


Catch up news: This week has been REALLY tough on me. First the stomach flu that kept me in bed for days it seems(almost a week!) poor kids and hubby...I was so sick, but yet they still wanted everything under the moon, so I was very snappy. Where is my mommy when I need her to get her butt down here and take care of things???? I know mama' you have enough going on! BLAH! Chris was great about taking Maddy to and from practices of all sorts and Lyza and I spent a great deal of the week outside so she could be in her sandbox, swing, outside toys and I could be getting fresh air vs contaminating the house. Yesterday I woke up very early, actually feeling pretty decent, but within a few hours the blisters in my mouth/throat had flared up pretty good. This has put quite the damper on my eating and drinking (liquids in general...not alcohol!!!!) habits. For that matter I can't even take the medicine they are prescribing me to stinks. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!! (For those of you who do not know, I was hospitalized for quite a while several years ago (then at home with a picline and home health nurse for a month) with blisters in my mouth, memory loss, amnesia, fever, etc...and those are the same symptoms I have now...but I am trying to let it resolve on it's own without being in the hospital!!


Today was an "ALMOST" great day...although Maddy's soccer game was at 8:30, Chris picked Madisyn up from Chelsea's at 8 am. Being the sweetie he is, he wanted Lyza and I to sleep in (we don't normally get up until 9:30 or after anyway....yes, curse me now!:-). Madisyn had her last school dance for 7th grade last night and she went to the movies afterwards with a bunch of girls going to her friend Chelsea's slumber party (yes, moms went and hid in the back :-). They watched "17" and she liked it.

Ok...I say "Almost Great" because at noon one of Chris' friends/coworkers came by with his family to look at our Golden Retriever "Chloe". I didn't think it would be hard on me....but the tears stung and I was a mess. They were here about 40 min and when Chris came back inside....Chloe was still with them. They were going to "discuss" it. Well, that gave me a glimmer of hope. The only thing keeping me happy was the thought of no more shredding EVERYTHING all over the entire 2 acres that are fenced in. No more huge holes in the more knocking me over everytime I go to the barn or garden (this was HUGE problem). No more holes in the pool if we set up another redneck one to get Lyza and I through the summer~~ (no offense....Redneck is my middle name, and I love those inexpensive pools to last me just for the summer...does the job and does it well for Lyza and I!). Back to Chloe: Lo and Behold at 6 pm, they came back for her. I was feeding Lyza dinner, helping Madisyn put together her rabbit cage and I told Chris to tell them best wishes, if it doesn't work out, to bring her back but I just couldn't say goodbye anymore!!! So 1/2 hr later I am still crying.....and Chloe is gone! It was tough on all of us. Gracie and Molly will get to go back to life as normal now...and have already been in for the evening!!! They were great, they are trained and well behaved dogs...and get along with my cats! Lyza sat on the couch with them and gave them snacks!!

Chris also took Madisyn to the "flower market" to get the flowers in baskets and to plant for the season...and all the mulch. Lyza and I took a 3 hr nap (yes, I am treasuring my naps at this point!).....while they got everything, laid everything out and then Christopher mowed the rest of the field. I got up to plant flowers, spread mulch and fix landscaping....then I decided he did not buy enough, so I went back to town and bought double what he did!!! HEY....I sit on these porches all summer, I like them beautiful!!!! That is my serene getaway!!

It started raining late, late this maybe it will be just enough to water what we have planted. We are having our garden tilled in the next week or so....and then we'll start having our own produce again. Maddy got a headstart and got starwberry plants today! Sorry, but last year they failed miserably....let's wish her luck this year!!!

Happy Spring!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ kids aren't really was "FAMILY NIGHT" and Maddy was in charge of cooking dinner.....and of course FAMILY NIGHT is all about cutting up a little more than one would EVER get away with on a "Plain" night!

"Monkey See, Monkey Do"

Family Dinner Night by Miss Madisyn
Spaghetti, Salad, French Bread, Lemonade

Daddy Planting.....Lyza not happy because she got in trouble for pulling flowers! WHOOPS!

Can I pull JUST a LITTLE????

House with landscaping ALMOST done....where's the wreath for my front door???!!!


"WEEEEEE, I"M SO Glad Summer is back and the shoes are HISTORY"

One of the flowers I bought today. At night they curl up like this.....I'll have to see what kind it is, very neat though!

Gerber Daisy' favorite!!

Dandelions.....the "FUN" weed......they have flowers, and you can blow all the seeds! Lyza has discovered she LOVES These! :-))

I think I'm going to have a tree climber :-) YEAH!

This is our bathroom mirror! About once per month, someone takes the initiative to leave a note to someone on it before work/school.....then it just escalades. It is done with a lipstick that i just not my color...and since it seems to get done about every month, we leave it up for one week, then take the magic cloth, cleaner too it. Just something extra to clean...but is sure is fun to wake up and find the notes of encouragement (Hmmm, most of the time!)!!

"Benjamin" the Easter Bunny who never left??? Now has a nice cozy mansion cage in Madisyn's room. He is a mini, so won't get much bigger. He chases the cats like he is a cat.....very cute! Loves to be outside too!

Madisyn making her "Lyza" face before school on Friday! :-)

Maddy and Brydon playing w/cars and Nonny's computer!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - "WET"

Thanks to this weeks theme is "WET" family is great at this!! Please visit her site to see more.... new blog only has a hair left to go on the finishing touches. I hope it will be up this weekend....some of you may be surprised...others may not! But I do love it!! Have a great weekend~~~