Monday, August 29, 2011

"You are my Sunshine"

Please say a little prayer for my niece LaRissa Breanne....she was hospitalized today with Pneumonia and a Kidney Infection. Other tests are pending! I love living a little ways away, but in cases like this I do not like it at all.....I want to be there for my most favorite little people! Hugs and Kisses Ris! ~~ Auntie M

This little girl is a golden ray of sunshine! If you saw her video below, you already know that! She seems to have really grown in the last several months. Such a drama queen, using her imagination, and just growing. You can stop growing Lyza....didn't you hear me the first time? Is your hearing broke?! LOL!

I would love to say not much new is going on with us....however, it is! Not in a good way. I will not post now, as with most of my posts I believe there is a time of it's own to post things of that nature. Just pray for our family is all I ask. We are going through some tough times.....but I will be ok! I'm happy, I have some things to look forward to, I have good friends, I have wonderful daughters, lots of family support.....and I have Faith, I Believe all things happen for a reason, and I have God. I am B.L.E.S.S.E.D !

Kristie and I

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If you are wondering.......

If anyone is wondering.....we are doing fine! I am eating better (ok, a lot less), sleeping well, trying not to stress over much, keeping myself busy with work (THANK YOU work friends and parents!)...and keeping busy at home redecorating and switching Lyza's room into Madisyn's and Madisyn's into Lyza's room! Whew....that was/is a task. Still minor touches to put on it, but that will come with time.

Yes...I have days I hurt, a lot. The only thing that keeps me going are God, Faith and my girls (family). I just pray daily....lots of times per day....I keep my Faith as I did when we went to Guatemala to get Lyza. Other than that, there is not much I can do. I can only change me...and I'm doing that for the better. No one can do that for me.....I must do it one can make my decisions for me, only me. I'm 36, and I think it's about time I stepped up to the plate, set some boundaries and follow them. It isn't going to be an easy ride....not by any means. But I have FAITH....and I HOPE!

So.....Lyza and I are fine! We are having fun at home with her new kitchen set (she cooks up a storm), playing games, going for slushies, watching movies, reading books, singing/dancing (her favorite right now) and just being silly. These are the most precious years.........15 is great, I love my 15 yr old to death, more than life itself....but she already knows it all :-) Lyza is only 4 - She knows nothing yet so I am savoring those moments!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo updates of my whacky kiddos!

Anyone else seem to have this problem??? My kids seem to grow overnight! Acckkk!

We had a great summer, but it went by far to quick and I felt like I didn't get to see near as much of Madisyn as I would have liked....well, I know I didn't! She's 15 now, going to be a Sophomore! Where does the time go? I wish I could put her back at about age 3 and keep her there! She has grown into a beautiful, smart, talented young lady with good morals....but that still doesn't keep a mama from wanting her "babies" to stay little!

Lyza: Well...where do I start with that child? She is something else. She can make up stories out of the blue and they really seem believable. I just have to laugh. She can memorize any song on the radio (some not so good), so I have reverted to going to the library to get age appropriate ones so she isn't listening to Maddy's all the time. She is a tattle tale...gets her in trouble in school a lot. She is in Pre-K now....seems to love it and since I am there, I can check up on her when I wish....which is nice. She has made friends.....she talks about them constantly and I can tell you anything and everything her teacher says in a day.....she memorizes and comes home to play "school" and shells out her entire day on her stuffed animals! She's a wild one with a ton of energy....but what an awesome kiddo!

Let me leave you with this quote!

"I hope you realize your life is truly your belongs to you. It is your story to write with love. Day by day, line by line....write it well"

Kutless - What Faith Can Do (Lyrics)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Summer has gone by way to fast! We have seemed to be so busy..... and with me working now I am trying to adjust to what life is really like as a working girl! It certainly takes up more of my time...but that is less time I have to sit around and worry! For that, I am thankful! Madisyn has kept busy with friends this summer and we have been doing many things to keep busy...even if it is just TV, a movie or hanging out here at home. I tend to want to "savor" the moments with my girls these days...vs being on the run and so busy. These girls keep me entertained, that is for sure! I've never seen kids fight so much with such an age difference. It makes my heart happy to see them interacting as normal sisters though :-) We took a little break this weekend and went away for a night. Not far, but we were away. We enjoyed eating at the hotel, swimming, watching TV, playing cards and reading. Chris was exhausted from his 5K, but we made the most of it anyway. He woke up about 4 am and I had only slept an hour (gotta love insomnia!) and so we went to the lobby and played rummy for awhile!

I am missing my friends. I was so used to having all this time on my hands to sit and chat/converse...and well, now all that free time is gone! my long lost friends out there, I haven't forgotten you, I miss you and promise to get back in the swing of things after this weekend. Truly I haven't enjoyed near as much outdoors time this summer as I have in the past. Why? Tooooo darn hot. I am not cut out for this heat after gaining weight (yes, I am going to the gym every day now and starting to watch what I eat!). I am so ready for fall and winter. I never thought I would say that...but I'm saying it!

I hope to keep this updated more often.....I promise to do better staring next week! (Like how I already procrastinated there?)