Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year's Eve!

We have returned from Tennessee and had a wonderful time! The kiddos and puppydog were great all the way there and back..... nothing like the trips I remember with Brandon and I traveling with our parents. Of course we didn't have dvd players, ipods, cellphones, etc to keep us entertained! I guess thank goodness for technology in certain circumstances!

We had a great time just hanging out in our cabin, hot tub, playing wii and we did a few adventourous things as well! Chris and I went on some ride that had skydiving in the name of it and it took us to the TOP of the world and flung us around in circles (the view was beautiful)....I wish I could post the video (hilarious of CHRIS!!!) and we also went bungee flinging! We did go-karting (umm, Lyza hated this and didn't make it as you can see from the pic's below) and we also spent a day at the outlets and getting old tyme pictures taken.

New Years Eve was spent at "The Nannas" with family and great food! Madisyn went to a party at a friends house and has been able to see a lot of her friends! Today we did a "girlie" day.....she got her hair and nails done....and then topped it off with a photo shoot in the new dress I got her for an upcoming formal dance. She was stunning and the pic's turned out wonderful! I will be posting them as soon as I get them back.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy New Year's Eve! I hope this New Year brings you nothing but joy and wonderful blessings!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Write it down...Memories are all that's left!

We left exactly on time this morning, as planned! We were ALL very tired and we all (except the driver) slept most of the way. When the girls did wake up they asked for the, drinks, and movies......and a bathroom break. We all got this, then went about our own business. Me....falling back asleep...the girls onto their disney movies! This new dual- DVD player for the van was ONE AWESOME IDEA Mama Misty!!!! It worked out very well, and even better at bedtime when a certain 4 yr old went to bed before a certain 14 yr old!!

Our cabin is beautiful. It has three stories! Top level is a bedroom and bathroom for the girls. Second floor is the living room, fireplace, kitchen, laundry room and another bathroom plus an outdoor hot tub. All levels have their own balcony, but it is the second level I'd love to have the master suite on. However, the master suite has a jacuzzi tub that is huge, so I cannot and will not complain. It has been a great source of entertainment for Lyza she LOVES to take baths....especially in BIG bathtubs! :-) I let her bring all her toy animals and such just for this occassion.

We played the WII most of the night..... We played a new sports game, Michael Jackson (yeah baby! I rock!) and Wheel of Fortune.....which I am also awesome at, I just have to learn to quit blurting out the answers....especially when it is not my turn! (Whoops)

We had a fun, full family day that seem to be even more jam packed tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to blog and get some great photos on here! We are supposed to get more snow tonight in this already winter wonderland! I'm not going to complain cause I am stuck here with my three most favorite people in the world.......what a joy they are. I am so very, very blessed. They make me laugh, cry, look stupid, and laugh again......

Christmas has come.....Vacation is upon us!!!

Ok....this will be short and brief, as it is 3:33 am and yes, I must get up with the alarm and my hubby at 4:15 am, wake up our kids and get the "Darling Princesses"out to the van for this long road trip to the moutains! I'm hoping they will sleep a good portion of the morning, and if i don't feel tooo guilty I may sleep as well! Everything is packed and 90% in the truck waiting and ready. Our new GPS is loaded and ready! The girls will have to watch Disney hopefully there may not be much bickering. Let' hope PuppyBear Macey is a good girl on her Christmas blanket too!

We all had a wonderful Christmas! I think everyone got a LITTLE more than what they expected or needed. Santa and the Lord Baby were very, very good to our family this year. I will post about the other Christmas parties we attended and add some more hilarious photos. We are taking our Wii on vacation with us and can't wait to jam/dance to Michael Jackson! (I had to get it Trish after watching Bran, Woodster and Kim....I'll try to post some when I get GOOOOOD at it, and not a minute before! :-)

Much Love, Peace,and Joy~~

Blessings to you and yours! May you stay warm this week as winter break quickly approaches to its end!!!! Maybe by the time we get home more snow will be on the ground and we'll live it up sledding down these small hills out back behind our barn, topped off with a nice cozy fire and hot cocoa!
~~ Misty ~~