Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Photos!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

We were blessed to have my grandfather "Poppy" come this year for Thanksgiving. He doesn't get out much, so it was good to have him there this year! The first set of photos are from mom and dad's, the second set from Chris' moms. We had a great time at both. It sure was good to see Brian/Christine and my precious nieces Lia and Lilly though! Lyza and Lia are SO, SO funny playing together. I love watching them!

I hope your day was just as blessed!

Not sure about this photo....Chris and Mom just standing around holding hands! :-)

Ummm, she's not happy with this Turkey!

Friday, November 27, 2009

FFF- "No Faces"

FFF- "No Faces" please visit for more "No Faces Favorite Foto Friday" Pictures!

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Sorry....this week I have " JUST ABOUT NOTHING" for "NO FACES FFF". Now, normally I would have a ton, and I do have a ton, but they are on my external hard drive downstairs since my comptuer crashed, and at the moment I am taking it easy, lying in bed curled up with my cat Smokey, and two little furball that is just too much work for me :-))))

My friend Amanda with "BABY COLE" in her belly at about 20 weeks pregnant! She is due in we need to get new shots soon! I can't wait for the little monkey to arrive!

I hope that each of you had a WONDERFUL Thankgiving and that your extended weekend is great!

I came home to beautiful new wood floors....THANK YOU CHRIS, GABRIEL and MADDY!!! They are super nice, but admit it is taking a bit of getting used to with Lyza slipping all the time and Puppybear Macey trying to round the's a bit comical though!

This evening we will have Thanksgiving with Chris' mom's family...and I am looking forward to that.....WHY??? My little Lia and Lilly are here! YIPPPPEEEE!

Tomorrow we intend to put up all the Christmas stuff, but I have demanded that today be a "do nothing" day since Chris and I have been apart all week, kids have been separated and I have really just missed us all being under one no work, just play for us today!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What have we been doing all week???

We have been at my mom and dads all this about sums it up in photos what we've been doing! Playing, Playing and more playing! The weather has been really has been a bit rainy the last few days, but the sun broke out for a bit to allow for a little bit of outside time! I got to spend some "fun" time with my best friend, Lynette today! Always a treat....and a little break from the kiddo because she stayed with Lynette's mom while we did some running! She had tons of fun the last few days with the other kids that Sharon babysits for and of course, Olivia (Lynette's little girl). She threw nice fits both days when I tried to take her home! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.....we have so many blessings and friendships to be thankful for!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - "O Give Thanks"

"O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endureth for ever."
Psalm 136

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Blessings to you this holiday season!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas in the air!??? maybe I am jumping the gun on getting my Christmas header back up.....(Thanks Jen)......however, I love this header and the Christmas decor....I couldn't wait to see it back up again!!! We have been busy in the Melvin household with Madisyn going to open gym for basketball, starting indoor soccer and tonight is her Choir Musical! Should be fun!

Lyza has crickets in her ears......or so that is what she tells us every night! She is sooo funny. I think she must have fluid in her ear....wax......or just a slight ear infection and it is popping (thus making it feel like there is crickets in her ears!!)...ha......she is the funniest kiddo! She tells us to listen in her ears...and so we do! She is growing WAY to fast....both of my girls are....I wish I could freeze time!

Last night Chris and I went and bought our hardwood floors for the living room and hallway! I am so excited! He is off work all next week and going to start putting them in on Sunday. I believe my mom or Trish is coming down so I can take Brydon and LaRissa to Chuckie Cheese for their birthday......and of course take Maddy and Lyza too! What fun to have all four grandkids at Chuckie Cheese! I am going to go home with whoever comes down and I will spend the entire week in Shoals with mom and dad......and Lyza too! Madisyn will stay behind due to school and I am sure she will learn a lot about putting in wood floors :-) It is going to be a great Thanksgiving week!!!

This Saturday I am hosting my friend Amanda's baby shower for her new baby boy - Cole- who is to be born in February!! What a fun day that will be!! It is also Brydon's birthday....I hate to miss his party, but hopefully will WAY make it up to him with the Chuckie Cheese adventure!

Hope all is well with you.....have a great week!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I just want to say Kuddos to my friend Jennifer who has redone her website for her blogging business! She is great, easy to work with and has made her site more friendly! She is doing this to help pay down on some of the cost of her adoption of Baby Gabe from Guatemala!! She does fantastic work and has added Christmas card templates and many other options! Check it out!! You can also enter to win some Free Drawings!

FFF- "Beautiful Gifts"

Please check out for more "Favorite Foto Friday" Beautiful gifts photos!!

I could have chosen a million things that are the most Beautiful Gifts to me..... but truly the most beautiful is my family! My precious daughters and my wonderful husband! They are my life...they mean more to me than they will EVER realize!! I am so very lucky and so very blessed to have such a wonderful, fun, active family! They truly are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy....Happy Birthday!

I simply cannot believe my baby is 3 yrs old now! Yep....and I must admit, way spoiled! She always seems to get two birthday parties! This year I had to forego the day at the park due to the weather, so I took her to McDonald's instead. Since it was her birthday, the lady was gracious enough to give her two "My little Ponies".....which she loves. She loves her's funny since I used to like them when I was little! I then took her shopping for a Tinkerbell doll....that is what she said she wanted...somehow we came home with a Snow White doll. She is certainly VERY into her princesses right now! It is so cute to watch her dress up, beg for her princess movies to be put in....then listen to her sing and twirl to all the songs. There is no greater joy than to watch her grow and is amazing! Every day it is something new and she never ceases to amaze me. We ended our day at "Sissy's" basketball game (dance team)......and then dinner, and home to the brownie cake that we made earlier in the day, except I decorated it with princess figureines that she has not stopped playing with! Followed by just a few presents, princess movies.....then bed! What a day...and what a joy she is!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl......may all your dreams come true!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday Party!!! Oh what fun....

What a wonderful birthday turnout Lyza had! It was so much fun......although daddy took her down that fast slide first crack off the bat and made her cry...rrrr! She recovered and just about the time she was REALLY starting to enjoy it, it was time to do cake and gifts! As you can see....the poor little thing didn't get anything!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate! Although I love the parties, the real joy is her actual birthday that we spend with her as a family! It is calm, relaxing and FUN!