Monday, March 26, 2012

~ Spring Break 2012 ~

The "dog days" of Summer already
Spring Break 2012 has arrived! What beautiful weather we are having this week also! I would say we aren't going anywhere for Spring Break.... but the truth is, we are going a lot of places, they just happen to be in Martin County. Since I just moved back home.... all of Martin Counties hidden secrets are very new to Lyza.... so we are doing things here, while saving money and having fun!!

First we got the "old truck" out of the drive and unloaded all the junk to the burn pile....picked up sticks, mowed the lawn, planted flowers and had our pricing done for the addition to the back of the house and to have the deck put on the front. We have raked all the leaves, put out the hammock and patio furniture....loaded up the sandbox, got out the new sidewalk chalk, fine tuned the bicycle and most importantly..... got a new battery and gassed up the 4 wheeler! Cody and Lyza are really enjoying that!! Mom and Dad got that four wheeler for me and the girls as a "community" birthday gift a few years ago.... it has once again found its way back to Martin County and is now enjoying the rolling acres, gravel roads and winding hills of Dover Hill!! (and of course laps around the yard for Lyza).

Tomorrow we are headed out for a day of fishin' and soaking up the sun! We will be going back to the pond where Lyza and Cody can ride the four wheeler around, play in the sand and most likely swim again!! We then plan to take Lyza out to the State Forest to play on the playground, walk around the lake and maybe just fine a mushroom or two! I have heard more than one person have been finding them! I remember so fondly when my grandmother used to take me as a child and I still anticipate that first find and yell like a child when I find one!!! Dunnie is going to think I am whacko! I have given him fair warning though! We then plan to drive out to Hindostan Falls and play on the flat rock and maybe fish from there also. We will probably stop in to see my mama and daddy (it is SO strange to be able to do that whenever I want now after so many years of living away and not having that luxury). I am sure a picnic lunch from Bo-Macs will be in store as well!

As for the rest of the week?? We will see how it all falls into place. Dunnie has to go back to work Wednesday, so it will just be myself, Lyza and Cody to plan out our days! I guess whatever strikes our fancy on any given day is what we will do!

I sure am happy to be home...... happy to be sharing all my favorite childhood memories with Lyza.... (thank goodness Madisyn has already been shown the "hot spots" or I would feel terribly guilty that she wasn't going with us!) I do miss that girl and can't wait until she comes home to visit for awhile!! I love waking up to her text messages telling me to have a good day and that she loves me. Makes it all worthwhile that I have to be crawling out of the bed in the mornings!

Happy Spring Break to all you kiddos and your parents. While I love Martin County and all the scenery it has to offer....I won't lie, I envy those of you who are sitting on the beach by the ocean and those who are in cabins nestled in the woods!!

~ Blessings ~

Saturday, March 24, 2012


You just never know what you are going to find around our house...... it's always a surprise! Whether it has to do with the animals, kids, people showing up...... always something going on, and usually something entertaining! Take a look into my life just in the past few days!!
The PRINCESS fell asleep in the PRINCESS Castle (barbie size!!!). She pulled it out into the hallway to play with it, when I went back not long after this is how I found her!!! She first had two blankets over the top as to make a tent and I thought surely she was awake in there and just playing!!!
Nope, ladybug pillow, blanket and all was in there with her and she was asleep! How cute is that? Very funny kiddo I have! Love her imagination.

Then there is "Wiley" our 12 week old Maltipoo who has discovered he is a boy..... and has not yet discovered the Cat is not another dog.....or a girl! This is the first male pup I have had in many, many moons.... so I forgot what this was like or that they even did this at this age! NOOOOO, he is not doing that in this photo, just pestering poor Smokey....but it does happen!! He looks as if he is caught in the act though doesn't he?
Brydon stayed the night with us last night..... This kid has some stories. He must get his tall tales from his dad (my brother) cause he sure had some HILARIOUS stories. The kid is FUNNNNY! I had to text Brandon and Trish several times to ask questions...... Such as .. "My dad says the smurfs cuss and Papa Smurf is the worst cusser"....thought that was funny. Anyway, lots of stuff I had to verify....others I won't go into detail about! lol! He stayed to watch the IU game with Dunnie and I but spent most of the time on the Kindle, then asking Cody a million questions and telling him how to work his ipod and download stuff! lol (Cody is 14 and Brydon is 6...... ironically, they are cousins on Trish's side of the family).
Wiley.....his hair is so long in his eyes but it is way to cute to cut. I got in trouble for this ponytail and bow in his hair .....but the person I got in trouble by for doing this cause he is a male pup actually helped me put it in....... talk about double standards!

And my little ham with the dogs and riding her bike! So content being a country kid and outside. Luckily....all my parents grandkids are outdoorsy kids.....
Lyza playing with rocks and a very old dump truck while Dunnie was mowing for the first time this year and Mommy was planting flowers......and then the rains came!

Blessings to all.....have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter? Spring? Summer?

These photos were taken about 3 weeks ago.....two days apart!
Tornado Activity in many states, including hard hit Indiana!
The first decent snow we had all year that was enough for Lyza to play in....however, it only lasted that day, as it climbed to mid 40's that day, and 60 degrees the next day!

Yesterday was the first Official day of Spring. However, these photos were taken last Sunday during the offical days of "Winter". I think mother nature is just as confused as we are! It has stayed in the steady 80's up to 86 degrees the last few weeks. We had alot of fun..... the water a bit cool, but kiddos don't care....and we had a great time fishing as well! Lovin' the simple life!