Monday, March 12, 2012

Kindergarten Round Up!

Kindergarten Round Up! The girl didn't miss a beat....was whisked off and did her thing til' mom and dad came to get her to do her physical....then had them laughing too! She got EVERYTHING right on her paperwork except.... get this..... a lowercase "d". Crazy Kid! She did just fine....was a bit upset that there wasn't a bus to take her home at the end of round up...but she didn't have a meltdown and survived that! She's growing up just way to fast...... seems we were just preparing to bring her home from Guatemala....... not getting her ready for kindergarten. Caitlin has already said she will ride the bus to school and take her to class her first day (little does Caitlin know mommy will be behind that bus following it to school and making sure she gets to class just for my OWN sanity!!! ;-) She had a good time.....kept everyone entertained....has lots of friends in her class that she knows already .... Olivia, Lilly, Luke, IsaBella, Skylar, Wyatt, Cody ... and I am sure many others that I just didn't see. She should do just fine and is already super excited and had to announce to Mrs. McMurray (Jamee) that her curtains matched her outfit that day (Zebra)....Jamee got a kick out of her but I told her to talk to me a few weeks into it and see if she was still getting a kick out of it! ha ha! ;-) She's a good, smart kid.....I think she must get it from her sister Madisyn..... sure wish Madisyn were here to show her little sister all the ropes. I never cease to quit praying and hoping about that. I sure miss my oldest Princess...... they say time heals....well, when it comes to your children I am the first to tell you IT DOES NOT. to a new beginning we will start next fall......just night quite sure this mama is ready for these changes! ;-(

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