Tuesday, March 13, 2012

.... Country Kids have the MOST fun.....

These pic's are of the COUNTRY KIDS having fun! Caitlin found a salamandar...which usually would be Lyza's "thing" but it was a little to slimy for her...and it had legs, unlike her normal worms! We always have fun in the creeks and woods! That is the one place I am TRULY myself...and have the most fun. Nothing like being at mom and dads....and now that I am only 10 min away....you'd think I would be there more often....but, it is still a pleasure to visit and soak in the treasured moments.

We played in the woods....the creeks.....took a dip in the hot tub.... Ashley came up with her moped and took Lyza for a ride...and then her and Caitlin went for a spin. Then Ashley and Lyza took a dip in the hot tub......and of course Lyza had fun dunking her.

Today was a gorgeous day....near 80 degrees...and it is supposed to only get warmer the rest of the week! Tonight we went to the State Forest....went on some trails, rode bikes, played in the dirt (Lyza did...and the dog)....played on the playground and I let her climb the firetower against my better judgement. Going up, no problem.....coming down I am sure everyone within a county radius could hear her screaming. The girl no doubt has lungs!

We also went to the Jug Rock...... she loves the Jug Rock! I think Dunnie had more fun than she did.... (as you can see by pic's below). Again....other than the TURKEY MANURE smell at our house (on the fields)...all is well in our world!

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