Monday, September 29, 2008

Lia's first pigtails!

My niece Lia has her first pigtails!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What gives????

This is my perfect little princess, Lyza. You all know her as fun loving, sweet, smart, comical and a weeeeee bit LOUD!

Well, the past few days Lyza has decided that she does not like for me to sing to her at do I know this??? She bites me in the BOOB! Every time. My boob hurts!

So what could be provoking this little devil inside her?? She always like my singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before.....and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" was always a huge hit. Has my voice taken a plunge for the worse??? At first I thought teething...her teeth hurt....but after multiple tests I came to the conclusion she was biting me out of spite. And mind you, it is only at night before bed. I even let Chris peek while I was rocking her (another new thing she is demanding now) just so he wouldn't think some cat attacked my chest or something :-)))

Hopefully just a phase. I always bit Madisyn back to teach her no...but somehow biting a two year old in the boob just doesn't seem right. ha ha!

So...on to other things now. We had a wonderful weekend.....Today Chris and I went out to some property waaayyy on the other side of Evansville. A co-worker of his to saw and split wood. Maddy got to babysit....Mom and Dad got to spend some time alone....chopping wood. Romantic....I know. To top it off, his coworker wanted to show him all 50 acres of the property and name off EVERY tree on the property............BY FOOT! I may be a weinie BUT those were some STEEP hills and valleys and with my back......I was going down the hill thinking the whole time ...."If I am going down, that means I have to go back up somehow...surely there is a golf cart/four wheeler...or something at the bottom of this ravine to take me back up. Nope...did you hear me? NOPE! So......hill after hill after hill it took about 2 hrs and I was worn out, needed a breathing tube and gave evil eyes to the men involved in this "trickery" of...."We're just going to cut wood". Although I must was beautiful property!

Next I must say....YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS. Chris and I were sitting on our porch last night about 10 pm watching the deer eat off the apple trees like we do so often. A bus comes barreling down the road.......the deer runs...........THUD/SMASH/EEEEKKKKS. It was the most awful sound I have ever heard. The bus HIT the deer and kept on going. EWWWWW. So my "Survivor Clad" hubby goes and gets a flashlight and a knife (apparantly it is the kind thing to do if a deer is still alive on the road...slit it's throat). UGGGGGG. The deer was no where to be found, so it must have nestled off into the woods to die. Poor thing......the crash of it was really a horrifying sound. I may have shed a tear, or two!

Tonight we went over to the inlaws for dinner! We had a nice time just relaxing.....playing with the kiddos outside and some great chili! Sometimes it is just so easy to get caught up in all the things going on in our own lives and webs...we all to often forget to make family time with family outside our immediate family. We really should make more of an effort to do this.

Right now I am doing photo shoots on the weekends.......and I just love it. Maybe SantaBaby will bring me a new camera so I can start making some real money next year!!

This week is full of volleyball practices and tourneys.......then the upcoming weekend is Julianna's Birthday Party and Olivia's Birthday Party....turning 1!!

All my plans for Lyza's party have fallen into place. Invites done, thank you notes ready, labels, attire........and Madisyn even had special invites done this year!!! Oh how much fun fall is!!!!!! My favorite time of the year! I love planning parties!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

National Land's Day

Today was "National Land's Day" for Toyota. They did some work at a local parkdowntown all morning! Yeah for Chris and Maddy! Nice quiet morning with just Lyza and I at home....they even brought us home a pizza! This afternoon we went for a drive and went to the pumpkin patch to get "Apple Slushies"...then just relaxed at home all evening!

Friday, September 26, 2008

FFF - Silly Smiles

Here is our Silly/Goofy Smiles FFF thanks to

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Utah Based Photography!!!

Get the word around.........visit this site!
Carlson Family Blog w/Jack and Jill Photography!
Utah based photography studio "Jack and Jill" doing Christmas/Fall sittings!!!
Enjoy her site......and sign up for those in her area! Those in 'MY" area....contace me :-)))

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~~~

Ok, not wordless because I must explain! Early on when we brought Lyza home.....Chris would get on to me for checking on her a million times per night. This was nothing new...I did it with Madisyn also nearly 12 years ago!!! He knew this too, because when we got married he could not figure out why I checked on a 7 year old 5 x a night! A "mother thing" I kept telling him. Well, now he understands why. Although it is completely dark in Lyza's room.....this is how she falls asleep every night, blanket over head! So in order to keep her from suffocating, I must remove the blanket after she is asleep! are saying, put her to bed without a blanket! Well, my friend, this would require us listening to her yell from her bed for her "bink" until we finally brought it to her! She's a funny, funny kid........Check out her Mayan shoes :-)

What a night!

What a night!!! We had a volleyball game tonight, followed by recognition at the high school game! Our game started late because a bus could not get to the school on time....and our game was all the way across town (30 min for us)....and so a mad dash had to be made to get to the high school on time.

Lyza fell down the concrete stairs at the game and got her first busted lip! She is very dramatic too....which made for quite a scene! The athletic directors wife got her some ice....of course she wouldn't hold it on there......but it made for a tasty treat!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!!

~~ Misty


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting ready.......

Getting ready for birthday photos for our invitations! Here are a few we did not choose! We actually did have fun getting her ready and getting some shots! I got more good ones than I anticipated I would. She is such a little monkey! We had yet another wonderful relaxing day today.
~~ Misty

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a Wonderful, Wonderful Saturday!!!

You can check out more photos and catch up on Maddy at
Lots of photos to share!! We had a pretty awesome Saturday! We were up early...Madisyn headed off to "Dance Camp" and Chris, Lyza and I hit the trails! We went to the nature center first, then hiked for a very long time......ended up at the playground, out to lunch, picked Madisyn up and headed to the "Pumpkin Patch"! Lyza was really good today, which made for a very enjoyable day! She especially had fun kissing all the pumpkins! So, if you see photos, she is not licking the pumpkins....just giving them kisses! We ended the day at home with a round of volleyball! I love unplanned lazy weekend days like this!
Wishing you all a happy weekend!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Smiles Just for You!

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It's Friday!!!!

It's Friday.......What more can I say??

We had a wonderful day, beautiful weather and many fun family activities planned for this weekend!!! Madisyn has a dance camp at University of Southern Indiana tomorrow....Chris, Lyza and I are going hiking and then on Sunday after church we are going to the Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Amaya!!!

Happy Second Birthday Amaya!!!

We Love You!!

Have a very fun, happy day!!!