Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday.....MORE Photos!

Our night camping went pretty well....the girls were konked out completely by midnight......Chris and I settled in and we were out shortly thereafter. About 3 am we woke up to what sounded like about 30 coyotes right outside our tent.....howling at the top of their lungs! It was loud..and I am sure it sounded like there were way more than there really were. We just rolled over and went back to didn't even phase the girls. Chris got up about 6 am, I got up about 8 am and the girls got up about 9 am. By noon there was no one left at home but our family........Lyza came home around 11 am, then went down for a nap!

We look forward to the leisurely, unplanned day ahead!

Chris and Maddy

Ashley, Lauren, Madisyn

Madisyn, Lauren, Ashley

Madisyn, Ashley, Lauren

Hangin' in the Hammock

Campfire Girls

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Saturday!!

More photos to come tomorrow.....time to go camping :-)

Today has been a lot of fun! I woke up and went to a few yard sales...found a few things for Madisyn, to which she informed me she DID NOT like.....typical. Oh well, I only spent $2.00 and she did "like" a few of the shirts, so I guess I did ok. Didn't buy one other thing or even have the urge I did well! :-) Madisyn's first friend, Ashley, arrived about 1 pm and they set up tents, took their belongings to the tent, we made a run to target and then it was time to pick up friend #2, Lauren, on our way to the waterpark! We had all "adult" tickets (Toyota event, so it was free) and I thought they would be thrilled to be receiving a red/white/blue duffle bag....but NOOOOOOO, they wanted the squirt guns! So....Chris and I got the duffle bags and the girls got their water guns! We really did have a great was not crowded at all, waterslides had little to no lines and the larger pool was practically all ours. We had a you can probably tell by the photos. We left a little 9:30 pm.....night swimming was actually a lot of fun, especially on the waterslides! Lyza spent the night at grandma' it was all fun for Chris and I without having to chase a toddler around. Although I always do feel somewhat guilty when I know she would be having fun with us, but we do need time alone as well!!

We are camping out tonight on our property.......they have a bonfire going right now, we are getting ready to roast hot dogs, marshmellows and smores. Then we will tell stories around the campfire and call it a night! Tomorrow we will cookout around noon, the girls will go home after that, Lyza will come home and we will spend some family time together and maybe head to Harmonie Park Campgrounds for a picnic lunch in the afternoon.

Monday my parents are coming down and my dad (Paw) is taking Madisyn golfing. Chris got them a tee time of 8:56 am! She should be loads of fun that early in the morning! I hope that my mom and I will get to go and do a bit of shopping and/or to the waterpark with Lyza while the boys are out playing! Should be a wonderful day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

FFF - "Black and White"

Guilty...I had to add a few more photos that I took this afternoon that were in black/white!! Chris is off today, so I am getting a treat with some help at home! I got to run to target and the library this baby in tow! That, is a treat for me.....on the other hand, I had a preteen with me fussing the whole time about what she was going to wear (OR NOT WEAR I SHOULD SAY) to the High School Football Game tonight!! Chris took her to the game and they are having some great father/daughter time........Lyza will be in bed in a few hours and then I will get some downtime to "catch up".......

Tomorrow starts in our weekend with friends staying over, camping, stories around the campfire! These are precious times and I enjoy the girls being here so much! We will spend part of the night at the waterpark......we will spend the day watching movies and goofing off! I am so looking forward to that!

Have a great weekend!


Winning Thursday!

Go to to view her video of a portion of her game!

Make sure you leave her a comment!!

Tonight was our first volleyball game and we won....first three of the five matches! So...a job well done! I am hoping this is a reflection as to what the rest of the season may be. I am not a coach to "sit on the bench" and do my job....I'm up and at em' luckily there wasn't too much to get in a huff about and I could "do my coaching" in a mannerly conduct tonight! Madisyn did a great job....she only got "really" yelled at a few times. Huge pet peeve for a gal to just let the ball drop in front of them...and she did that! But, I bet she doesn't do it again!

Great start to the season "Jets"!!

Lyza Swimming before the game!

Coach Mama' and Madz

Ready for action! a little "posing" time.....

Here we go! Let's get started!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday.....

There are some days that "Thankful Thursday" just comes to me and I have no trouble being thankful for anything. During hard weeks....I admittidly must ponder on what to write and be thankful about. As most of you know we are in one of those "slumps" right now....where everything thing seems to be working AGAINST us, not FOR us. And there will be times like that....MANY times. But I trust that no matter how the world around us may seem......there is ALWAYS something to be Thankful about!

I am thankful that my cousin Shelby's tests seem to be improving little by little. She really has me worried.....though I know Amber is a nurse and has it under is still a scary time when your child may/or may not be really sick. The not knowing is the hardest part.

I am thankful that tomorrow night is our first game....against Harwood Middle School, which is essentially on "lockdown" also, so we'll see how that plays out. I just hope our girls focus and keep their heads in the game and do their personal best. I had a tough, tough coach growing up.....I developed most of the skill I know from this now "dear" lady (You'd never catch me calling her that in high school!!!). and sometimes I come across as the "mean coach"...but I know now if you are serious about a sport, a good hard nosed coach is what you need.

I am thankful for a four day weekend (I say four becase Chris took off Friday too...then off on Mon for Labor Day). YIPPEE I get to see my husband! I am so excited.

I am thankful that Friday night will be spent alone, just our family.....High School Football game, then the movie "College Road Trip" just Chris, Maddy and I.

I am thankful that on Saturday Madisyn has two more friends coming over to go to Burdette Park in the evening (Toyota night at Burdette Water Park). We are camping here on our property....we will mess around, watch a couple of moviesthat Maddy picked out at the library tonight, then have hamburgers and the fixins before we leave, set up tents, etc. We will head to Burdette Park, not get home until 9:30-10 pm and roast hot dogs, marshmellows and tell stories around the campfire(you would not believe the stories these 12 year old come up with....I really need to record them)...then hopefully by midnight - 1 am they will be ready to konk out! Princess Lyza is staying with Grandma!!!

I am thankful that the Dave Ramsey Course IS going to work for us...and for Madisyn. We believe that teaching her now, mainly the costs associated with her sports/extra-curricular activities would be to her benefit....not necessarily "OUR" bills, etc. But the things she is involved in, she needs to learn now to save to prepare for the future, and quite simply, mom and Chris cannot keep up with all these sports fees she is throwing at us!

I am thankful again, to have family and friends to call upon in times of need and struggle! It's hard to be a mom to two (two age categories) and juggle them both! Thanks to those friends of Maddy's who help out with Lyza during games and practices. I appreciate you!!

I am thankful for the still and quietness each morning before Lyza wakes up or each afternoon during her nap that I have to lay in my hammock/swing to just "take the world in", tackling one problem at a time. God is good...he will provide, we must just be patient.

I am thankful for Madisyns overloving charm when she bounces off the court at night to ride home.....Her mind is filled with so much! She is so bubbly and enthusiastic....and worried about her grades (She has a B you know! :-)

I'm thankful Lyza is picking up so many words, dances, tricks.....she is a hoot!!!

Again ~~ I am thankful for YOU!

Playing the game....PAY IT FORWARD.





Tuesday, August 26, 2008