Saturday, May 31, 2008


It is Saturday and it has been a full day again! Lyza woke up at 3 am this morning......wide awake, ready for breakfast and ready to play! Wow...that hasn't happened in a long time. Her little body must really be confused! After our adventure to the waterpark yesterday "Adventure Island" I have sworn off theme parks for many years. I don't know what struck Lyza...or what happened but she all of a sudden threw herself on the concrete and started wigging out....screaming, kicking, crying....she had her hands in her mouth flailing around like a madwoman and even made her gums bleed. Luckily Chris was nearby and so we headed straight for the truck where she proceeded to throw the fit.....I really, truly do not know if she was acting up or if something was really was terrible and I had to hold her all the way home.....I just held her really tight and kept her little head to my chest in the back seat and sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and The Itsy Bitsy Spider over and over. Everytime I thought the "fit" was about to pass...I would try and put her in the carseat and she would start again. We even pulled off the road at one point. We had a crying mom, dad, sister and baby.....I felt helpless and at a loss. She came home, took a very long nap and woke up just fine! We went out to eat last night with no issues......and she went to bed fine. When she woke up that early babbling this morning I got up with her, fed her some yogurt, a banana and some milk.....then I put her back in bed and she was asleep (or at least I was) by 4:30 am......and she slept until almost 9 am. She has been fine today......

Chris and Madisyn got up early this morning (yes, at 3 am with Lyza...but I was the only one who physically got up) and headed to the beach. They found many seashells and some sand dollars. They came home with lunch around noon and I spent the morning cleaning up for our exit out of Florida tomorrow. I don't know if I will ever have it fully as clean as I would like...but I am doing the best I can! :-) Chris and I went to Walmart this afternoon to restock a few items in the house and to get diapers and some art supplies for Maddy so she could make some of her own souveniers....she is working on those this evening and has had a really good time makeing the surprise gifts!

This afternoon Maddy and Chris went "shark" hunting again and CAUGHT ONE!!! YES...I GOT PIC'S. he wasn't "Jaws" but you would have thought he was......then after only Maddy got pic's of Chris holding him, Chris let it go and I yelled at him to go get it...I hadn't gotten any pic's of Madisyn with it!!!!!!!!!! And do you know, the man went after it and caught it by the tail with his hands!!!!!!! What an awesome dad!!!! So..I got pic's of the kiddos with the little shark too!! That made for an awesome end to our vacation!! I can't wait to get home and post a few pic's of him!

We leave out tomorrow morning very early and I will be happy to get home to my smelly critters! Have I mentioned how much I miss them? Chloe is going to look like a giant when we get home!



Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photos Finally! IT'S FRIDAY! WOO HOO!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Christopher!
Today we went to the beach...early! We went to a beautiful beach and practically had the whole place to ourselves! Very nice.....and I got some great pictures! Lyza only lasted about 2 hrs though.....tops. We took a picnic lunch and everything but barely got to scarf it down. She slept on the way home....but it was just a power nap and she has been in full force all afternoon. We went to "Hurricanes" for lunch...and it was, well...quite an experience. We had a "new" waitress in training.......why us? Always us!!! The food was good and we headed across the street to the beach right after eating for some more photos! The girls looked very "beachy" and beautiful today in their bright colors....I truly do have beautiful and well behaved girls. Did I mention it was our anniversary?? Four years......I asked Chris last night if this is the "vision" he had four years ago when we said our "I do's"... and he said this was a far cry from the vision he had......whoops! I is so much more than he had hoped for...I am sure that is what he meant! te he he!
Chris and Madisyn are at walmart as I type getting my photo chip hopefully this evening I will be able to post some pic's! Until then....have a wonderful, sunny day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Florida ...Day #4

We were all very anxious to set our alarms very early this morning and get up...get going to the beach, spend the morning and early afternoon there......searching for seashells and hanging out with the waves. Think it, it did not, but we all sat on the bed and made a nice compromise. Mama is worn secret to that. Maddy is just ready to go do anything and everything.....Lyza could care less...she has a kiddie pool that overlooks the ocean...what more could a two year old want.....and DAD, well...he is really a good sport and up for just about anything that makes the rest of us we decided he would take Maddy back to Busch Gardens today....she plotted out their course on the way there! Lyza and I would stay behind. She swam in her pool until lunch time....then I fed her, put her down with some cartoons and I started to clean around the condo a bit....tidy things up while there was no one here to mess it up or take out what I had just put away!! This is what I call...peaceful and relaxing! I can sit here and type while viewing the bay.....and the world is at least here in this little condo! I just took Lyza upstairs for a nap and I will soon be following her. I promised Maddy I would go into the bay with her for "Just a Minute" tonight so she will stop thinking I am the "uncool" mom who is afraid to do anything;....I am NOT afraid....anyone who knows me knows I am up for just about just have to remember that I had back surgery last Tuesday and I am not sure I can climb back up over that wall with the ease that I may at one time used to be able to do! She doesn't realize that....and that is ok, it isn't her job to understand yet that the older you get....the harder things are!!! Not that I am old......I think I am just needing time to heal mind, body, spirit after all our escapades and adventures over the past two years. I'll get there......I know with Madisyn being gone a lot this summer I will really be ready to go when she gets home! I am taking it easy.....Madisyn is going to fix a "Pre Anniversary" dinner for Chris and I....and babysit while we eat (at home.....very loving, thoughtful gesture) and then we will look out at the ocean, maybe play some board games, watch a movie....some family time tonight......then tomorrow we ARE going to hit the beach early. I have set the alarms for 6 am......packing lunches already.....and know we will have a wonderful fun filled family day. Tomorrow is our four year anniversary...and we are going out to eat at "Hurricanes" then on Friday we will go to "Adventure Island" Waterpark in Tampa near Busch Gardens. This shouldn't be as I will get to at least stay in the kiddie pool and keep cool with Lyza. Just the whole walking with sweat pouring off of you and your legs sticking together in90 degree heat does NOT seem fun to me anymore. Maybe it never did seem fun....I just didn't notice it because I was a kid!! In anycase we have five days left....oh how I miss my animals back home....we will survive and make the most of it!
Happy week to all of you.....and well, I'm still working on getting that chip developed at walmart so you can see my precious girls at the ocean! They sure are funny......memories....memories....memories!
JORDYN, Thank you for watching my critters...specially the cats and dogs. Lyza keeps calling for Chloe (our new golden). You will get something special!!!!
Miss ya....write me soon and hope things are going well on your end and hope you are back home soon!
Thanks Annette for made my day! Thanks Andrea for letting Annettte find my site on yours....and thanks to Christy for contacting me and reconnecting me!!! FUN STUFF! I feel a million miles away sometimes so to reconnect is great!!! Send me your addresses girls!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Florida ...Day #3

Madisyn was overly excited to get up this she got EVERYONE up, including the sleeping baby. Some day she will understand that moms DO NOT want the babies awake so darn early....even when the older sisters are so excited. She meant well....but my body is in misery, out of whack and just plain tired! I need rest.....LET ME REST!, we got the girls ready and headed to Tampa and arrived at Busch Gardens as it openend around 9:30 am. We stayed a total of five hours which only got Madisyn and I on one rollercoaster, Chris and Madisyn on one rollercoaster, Lyza in the kiddie swim part for about 10 min, lunch and Madisyn hair in a weave (one long strand with string around it). Talk about worn out, sweaty, grouchy, people (yes, I am talking about us!). I have decided it is not so much dragging the girls out that is killing us, it is the age difference in that one parent always has to stay with one child...and the other parent with the other child because they cannot do similar rides/things. Thus.....creating the conflict because Chris and I are used to doing EVERYTHING the same time! We are learning! blowout diaper on the way the carseat (I let dad clean it up while I hosed her off) and a few bounces through the door everyone went back to their nice perky selves on the back porch to the bay.......Madisyn and Chris back to the ocean for sea creatures and Lyza in her kiddie pool!! Our passes are good for seven days at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island Chris is going to take Madisyn alone on Thursday for 1/2 day so they can do a little more...then Friday we will go to the waterpark at Adventure Island. At least I will be able to keep cool in the kiddie pools with I won't be so grouchy. Really, I shouldn't complain...both girls have been jewels. They really have been good!! THANK you MADDY and LYZA for making our vacation a little easier....and for keeping us laughing! :-)
We got to see Dolphins from the back porch tonight.....then this lady came running over screaming "Do you see what I see...Do you see what I see" pointing......TO A SHARK! WHOOPS.... Bet Madisyn doesn't head out there so quickly tomorrow!! te he he! He was kinda big for around here the "local folk" said.....Madisyn has accumulated 20 big shells with living snails in them...but I gave her the guilt trip on how I felt sorry for her and Chris took about 4 of them back!! Still a little crowded at the Melvin-Kleinfelter Hotel Aquarium tonight!
Tomorrow we are going to head out early to the beach to find some great seashells and spend the day at the oceans. We are packing lunches...we will eat early then come home around noon for Lyza to take a nap. Then hopefully unwind for the day!!! Ahhhh......I've talked to Jordyn several times and the animals are all good....I do miss my Chloe!! We'll be home soon critters! I promise!
Photos have to come soon......I only have 40 left on my camera! YES, I know you realize this means I have taken almost 400 pic's in a four day time frame.....ha ha. Yep...I have, not afraid to admit it :-)

Monday, May 26, 2008

We are #2! day #1 did not turn out like we had hoped...and day #2 didn't start off so great....but as the day is winding to an end...there is a sense of calmness! Maybe cause Lyza is in bed! I totally forgot what it was like to tote a toddler around on vacation....I guess when we were in Guatemala it was easy because she was not mobile.....well, now she is in full force and giving me a run for my money! Whew!!!
We headed to the beach today and it was very warm and sunny! Madisyn found a ton of great seashells and Lyza had fun running from the waves! She also had fun throwing sand in the air...and if you know her hair type you know this is NOT a good thing! We only spent about 2 hrs at the beach...which was plenty enough time to do what we intended to do!
After heading "home" Chris and Maddy went to the store for groceries....Lyza down for a nice 3 hr nap and some peace and quiet for mama'! After Lyza woke up we went to walmart for a "kiddie" pool and it has been the best four dollars we have spent!! She has had a ton of fun in it and was super excited when sissy joined her! Madisyn and Chris hopped in the bay and found some "sea creatures" and made a little aquarium...pretty cool! It is kinda neat to see the critters slithering around in there!
The breeze is just perfect out on the porch and making for an enjoyable, relaxing evening! Tomorrow we are headed to Busch Gardens and hope to make a full 1/2 day of it! Te he he!! We are not sure how long Lyza will last...or if she will nap in the stroller but we are hoping for the best!
XoXo to all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day!!!!

One year ago today.....we headed on a Jet Plane to Guatemala to bring our princess home forever!!!

Doesn't she just look like she is saying "They came back for me, They came back for me!"

Mama', Daddy, Lyza, Ms. Gloria and Suzie

What are these things?

I"m so glad you are are we princess, so are we!!

And swimming too???? Hooray!!!

It is hard to believe that Lyza's "Gotcha Day" has been one year already. There are times it seems as if it were just yesterday....other times it feels like she has been here since birth! My how time flies and oh what a precious time this is for us! A day of celebration for sure!
We are headed on a Jet Plane to the Ocean! Ok, we really didn't plan it that way...but it worked out that way and it is a nice thought!! Our anniversary is this week we are getting "Gotcha Day", "Anniversary" and Maddy and Chris' Birthdays in as well!!! Can't ask for more to celebrate than that!

I do not know if I will be able to blog or be on the computer just check back and maybe you'll find an ocean surprise photo or two somewhere throughout the week!
Until then...have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday ~ Just ONE photo!

This may not be my "Favorite" Fotos...but is has all of us in I chose this one to be the FAVORITE for the week!!!
Misty, Chris, Madisyn and Lyza ~~~~ Christine, Brian and Lia
What a wonderful time we had too. There is just never ENOUGH time it seems. We need a weekend to ourselves to watch our girls play...grow...learn about it each and see their little quirks! I know Madisyn is just dying to take them out to play in the yard and play babysitter while we all catch up! Soon I hope. They are supposed to come home in June again And MAYBE we can talk them into camping one night before going to the family cook out! THINK about times!

As you can tell, I am back to I am back among the living. What they actually did to me was prep me for surgery at 8 am, by 8:45 I was taken into a room with the dr. and many staff members where I BEGGED to be put under as much as they would let me and they got a giggle out of, but it worked. At one point I "snidded" I can feel he injected me some more :0) It really wansn't a bad procedure. They stuck me with four needles in a square on my back, releasing cortizone and something else to try and get the swelling down and some cushion between my two lower disc. The first day I felt ok.....Thanks to Amy for helping with Lyza...that helped ease my mind more than you will ever know. So on Tuesday....Chris dropped Maddy off and school and Lyza at Amy's again.....what a Godsend....another day to NOT worry about my children (if that is possible). Thanks helpd SOOOO very much! I/we really appreciate it. I didn't feel to bad yesterday, though by last night I was a bawling and a boohooing like my best friend had died. I had both girls sleeping in my room, Maddy taking care of me, Lyza sleeping through it all. Chris said the anesthesia was finally leaving all my body, thus causing the emotions. I still have a little of it tonight, but not near as bad as last night. Now it is just panic of getting everything done together and right for our trip. Truck is packed aside from Chris' things and a few odds and ends to be done at last minute. Thank you to Jordyn for helping out in the Animal dept. I dont know what I would do without you sweetie! I am do glad you are the mature girl you are and that I can trust you!!! You are really heling me out a lot and taking a lot of worry off my mind!!

Thanks to my bestest Bud, JENNIFER, for her wonderful gift box today! Included were THREE Willow Tree Angels ~ One for My birthday, One for Lyza's Gotcha Day (May 25) and one for Chris' and I 's Anniverasy!! SOOO thoughtful. Also an outfit for each of the girls for the beach, some beach toys, some color books, lip glosses, chap sticks, etc! What a SPECIAL, Special, Special friend I have found! And thanks to GREG for doig some of the running!!! Greatly appreciated! You always know how to cheer me up when I need it!!!

Hope baby Gabe liked his Birthday gifts also! Check the little guy out.....what a cutie!

I will close with that I know I will have some last minute things post more photos from the week and other information!

Blessings to each of you and may you rest peacefully tonight!

Thank goodness for Maddy and that "REST" cd my mama' made her of ocean/nature sounds. Does the trick for all three of us!

Much love and thanks for your prayers!


Our Prayers and Sympathy to the Chapman Family

Please Pray for the Steven Curtis Chapman family, as they lost a family member, Maria Sue Chapman, adopted from China just 10 days after her 5th birthday. Please keep this loving, God filled, giving family in prayers.

You may read more about this story at this link and also see the video "Cinderella":

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please see Maddy's Gab for updates:

I have done a few updates and birthday wishes on my blog since my mom is not able to get on and blog (yes, it is killing her!!) So I have added a few things on my blog to let you now how she is doing and hopefully tomorrow she will be well enough to udate her own blog!!!
Love to all ~

Attaching a couple of her homeade birthday gifts though!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Word from Misty's Best Friend.. Jennifer...

Hi! I'm Misty's best friend, Jennifer... I'm hacking this daily post to announce...

It's MISTY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misty is the most thoughtful person, sweetest...great mother and dearest friend. I thank God everyday that he brought her and her family into my life. I've been waiting almost 30 something years for a friend like her to come along... I LOVE YA!
Misty, we chat everyday and almost can't stand not to talk even when we are out of the house and away from our computers... I couldnt imagine my life without you in it!
I am blessed to call you my best friend!!
You will never meet a sweeter person... but she's my best friend!!! Send her special birthday wishes on the comment box below!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We had a jam packed, fun filled weekend with family and friends! Saturday started off with a swimming party for Chris' youngest brother! We had a great time. Lyza and Lia especially had fun seeing each other and splashing! Those two cuties....I don't know what we are going to do with them!! After the party we came home and I had four girls for the night! Now...imagine that, trying to get them all ready for the PDK presentation on Sunday morning in ONE bathroom! We did it! It went very well...we were at church early enough to eat breakfast and mingle a little before the program. Last night we cooked out hotdogs, smores, played with the big frisbee, soccer, and had a bonfire! Can't beat that.

After Madisyn's graduation program we went to Kipplee's...a pizza place but smaller version of chuckie cheese. Mostly just family, but we threw in a few friends as well. Got there, got my camera out, but the battery was at home, on the charger! So thank you to my sister in law, Christine, for letting me borrow hers to snap a few family photos. Madisyn made out like a bandit again...she got some really nice things and some money for Florida as well. She came home, laid it all out for us to look at it and we just sat and ooohhhed and awwwwed :-) I got a few things as well that I wasn't expecting since my birthday is tomorrow! Thank YOU!! We then spent the rest of the day out in the yard playing in the sandbox, on the swings, in the hammock, visited with our neighbors a we are calling it a night! My birthday is tomorrow and I think the kiddos and dad are cooking up something homemade for me for my birthday! Those truly are the best gifts. My real gift was our trip to Florida this coming weekend! I can't wait! Thank you to all who took time out to come today to Madisyn's Purpose Driven Kids Graduation. These kiddos have worked very hard...for four years! Thank you also if you made it out to the birthday party! Sorry for all the chaos....but you know how it goes when your the mom and dad of the child who is feel like you don't get to talk to anyone ! We know you understand!



Maddy at the pool

I think some water got in her face!

The Whole Melvin Clan!!!

Lyza and Lia......then Lyza, Lia and Maddy

Miss Madisyn in her new outfit from Nonny and Paw! She's ready and stylin'

Let's hit the beach now!!!

My little Guatemalan Princes.....Now an American Princess!!!

Hmmmm...she says!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Super Saturday!!

Super Saturday will start off with a bang in our house! Maddy is spending the night with it is just mama' and lyza tonight and i am REALLY hoping Lyza will sleep in since no one will be running around the house trying to find this or that causing her to stir and wake up! She has had a long day outside today....we mulched our flower beds....weedeated, cleaned up the yard a bit, our friend Amy and her rugrats M and A came along also and we had a great time. Amy is going to be watching Lyza for me when I have my back surgery on Tuesday. Chris will go to work Mon night, come get me, drop off Lyza, get me to the hospital then maybe try to catch a few Z's while they have me under! Then it will take about 45 min, they are going in with something to do with an Xray to find the right discs and inject some type of something into them because I have two discs that are too close together, thus when I bend forward I am fine, go backwards and I am in severe pain. He said I'd be in recovery about 1/2 hr then on my way home to finish recovering. He said that I would be good as new and fit as a fiddle to go to FLorida on Saturday! Sure hope he is right!
My other dr. visit consisted of them finding my left ovary not working, thus causing all the emotional breakdowns, WEIGHT GAIN, hot flashes, anxiety, etc. So..they are putting me on a low dose of hormones and another medicine and said I should feel the effect within just a few weeks and the weight would start to "fall" off, as he put it. So far....10 lbs. If I could get another 10 by next weekend that would be great. See...if I had ...had a dr. to listen to me in the first place, I wouldn't be in this shape and I would look really good going on our first beach vacation as a family. However, I have chosen to just Thank God that they have found what is wrong and they are fixing it...I may not be a "hottie mama" on the beach....but I"m going to be the "fun mama" on the beach and I am going to make enough memories with these girls and my super cute hubby to last a lifetime!!!
Watch out we come! I love vacations....especially vacations I get to spend with my family.....all f our of us this time! I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

To all my friends and family who don't know this tidbit of information......Yes, I know that "foto" is actually spelled "Photo", however it is "Foto" in Spanish and since most of my blogger buddies have adopted children from Guatemala, it was started this way, 1. Because our children are of Hispanic/Spanish decent and 2. It goes with Favorite and Friday!!! So..yes, I do know how to is just you can't read in Spanish! Te he he

Normally I will follow a theme presented by and sometimes I will stray from it. Depending mostly on when the announcement of the theme for Friday arrives. I am a night blogger and so sometimes I blog the night before and save it to post the following day....thus I don't always have the information yet!

This week same theme as kiddos!! They are special to me...I like to share them, I love to show their personalities and yes....I like to take pictures!

I will keep this Favorite Foto Friday post upbeat...and will share in a later post on Saturday about all my dr. visits this past week and what the dr.'s have said, and what is to come in the next few weeks! Right now my main focus is PACKING! Yes...I am too organized, but I want it all done and out of the way when we leave for Florida next Saturday so that I don't have "anyone" yelling at me to get it done, where is what, and did I pack this or that. It is done...what is going with us is in the suitcase, what is not going is...somewhere else in the house. End of story! I am super excited to be leaving though...we are staying beachfront at Chris' grandparents condo! I love the it, love it, love it! We are staying 8 days and I am ecstatic to be spending Lyza's "Gotcha Day" there and our anniversary! What a great celebration. We will also be going to Adventure Island Waterpark and Busch Gardens! You see.....usually camping for a weekend gets me this to be going to the ocean for 8 days is WAAAAYYY better! I can't wait to spend some time on the beach with my girls...memories for a lifetime and you can bet mama' is going to get some AWESOME photos!!

We have so much going on this weekend....a small graduation party for Madisyn, she is graduating from Purpose Driven Kids, a four year class at our church. They are having a graduation program and all our family will be attending. Then, due to weather, we have moved our little celebration to a local pizza place with games and fun stuff for kiddos. We will also be celebrating Maddy's birthday with family since she will be in WYOMING on her birthday this year!!! She is going to have a ton of fun there....and don't worry, we are having a weekend long camping excursion with six of her friends in mid-June and they will all be going to her dance recital with us. Tad bit spoiled?????? I don't think so.....Just Very Loved!

Have a wonderful weekend and will post more soon regarding health issues!



Happy 30th Little Brother!

Happy 30th Birthday Brandon!

You've come a long way baby!
Enjoy the YOUR day!

Sisters learn a lot from brothers.

That laughter is good for the spirit and forgiveness is good for the soul.

That relationships are resilient, (sisters better be, too, if they want to survive)

That time really does fly and memories improve with age.

Sisters learn a lot from brothers and here is what I have learned from you:

That life is amazing, love is enduring and FAMILY is FOREVER
Happy Birthday Little Brother,

(Ok...we ALL know I REALLY can't put on this blog what I REALLY have learned from my brother)....but it's all with good intentions....I love my brother. When you come from a family with just two siblings ...all you really have are each other to fight with, rely on, team up against the parents with or in later years come to for advice..about life, love, children.
Our relationship runs pretty deep, more than one might think just by looking at the outside and I am thankful for that. I am especially thankful for the family that he molded into little clones of us when we were kiddos and to be honest??!! I"m the aunt, I can say this....I love seeing them fight! It reminds me exactly of us when we were kids. I also love to see how he handles it.....I love their little cries of "save me aunt Misty, save Me"! Naw, just never gets that far. A boy his size you think those kids would be scared of but they are like putty in his hands. He knows they are...:-)) He has also brought into our family a beautiful wife and mother to those two little rugrats and she means more to me than she will ever know! Take care of him this weekend Trish!
To all of you out there who are fortunate enough to have brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews....CHERISH them....FAMILY is FOREVER. There is nothing more important except the GOD above than your family!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Maybe I still am on the right path....

I've always believed I had a purpose in life, though it has taken me years to figure out that purpose and how to go about "fufilling" that purpose. I am a giver....I give, give, give and I love with all my heart and throw myself into whatever it is that needs to be done without thinking twice. After adopting Lyza and during her adoption I suddenly felt as if I were meant to change lives, "Just one life at a time" is all I kept hearing. So...throughout the past few years I have tried to do that...whether it be giving monetarily, giving time, lending an ear, saving an orphan, sponsoring an orphan, offering encouraging words, or just being a friend.....I wanted and needed to remain to change lives, Just One by One.
I never imagined I would change a life through my blog! Though I have made many friends and met some of the most spectacular people, I must admit, I feel so small compared to some of them.....this post I received last night really touched me. Partially because I have been in "F" ' s shoes. I was in the United States Air Force and left behind the quiet, quaint little life that I knew and was suddenly thrown into this great big world a bit unprepared for what was to lie ahead. I had no family near me to support me and that was hard, as I grew up on a quiet country road that my entire family lived on.......we all had houses about 1/2 mile apart on hundreds of acres so I always had family right at my fingertips! My first deployment was to Tinker Air Force Base and it was just before the Oklahoma City Bombing and the tender age of 18 I got to witness all that! It was a shock to my system and one of the most horrific things I have witnessed to date. SO, to "F", THANK YOU, for all you do for our country and to protect our freedom. We are the ones blessed to have YOU fighting for our country and keeping the Red, White, and Blue in tact!!

I've really enjoyed the past 10 minutes viewing your blog and getting to know your family from what you've shared. I started reading, and initially I thought I shouldn't be viewing some private family blog, mostly because it never feels right or enjoyable. But before I knew it I got to the end. You have such a beautiful family and a beautiful heart for showing so much love that even someone like me, who is in a different place and life, got to sense it. It felt really good coming over here, and i'm glad that I did. You're blog is one of the most genuine expressions of gratitude and love.after being here, something feels different in me inside. it's as if i've gotten a dose of happiness. and it feels wonderful.and you are truly blessed :)
with love,
F, from Kuwait

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am so blessed.....

I have to admit, I have a pretty sweet life with two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband! I am beyond blessed, my life is more than I ever imagined it would be. I may have taken the hard and broken road to get here, and I wouldn't have traded any of it for the happiness that I now know!

Fast Facts about Chris:

He is super cute :-)

He is adventurous

He loves to camp (he says this is why he decided to date me...because I "tent camped"!

He loves our girls...unconditionally!

He is the BEST diaper changer I have EVER seen! This is so funny to admit, and I have never told him..but I have never seen a man so thoroughly clean and fasten a diaper so securely!! (Ok..I'm as good as dead now for telling that..te he he)

He loves our animals....hey, that is a good quality!

He has a wonderful family and support system....

He is a believer and puts God and his Family First

He loves to travel

He is as spontaneous as I am....which sometimes is a deadly combination! Most of the time (such as our quick courtship and wedding...) it turns out beautifully. We look at is at "We know what we want...and we go for it then and there!"

He likes my brother......(that may sound funny, but it is important that siblings and spouses get along! My family is VERY important to me)

Funnier yet......he likes my daddy!

He works hard to provide for our family, so that I can stay home and raise our girls. It is a blessing to work for myself, on my own hours and be able to raise our family.

He is a family man....who now prefers to stay home and sit by our own bonfire and firepit, cook out and hang out as a family vs. going out.

He loves to hang out with me on the porch after our girls are in bed just talking, listening to the owls, crickets and frogs! We are country kids and love nature.....nothing is more soothing than sitting on your own front porch taking a deep breath and soaking up the night.

He would go to the ends of the Earth to make me happy!

xoxoxoxo to you Christopher!!!

Fast Facts about Madisyn:

Her Favorite Colors are Lime Green, Teal and Bright Orange

She is super sensitive and has the most giving heart

She aims to please...everyone, and she puts the Lord first in her life...followed by family and friends.

She is well liked by ALL who meet her.

She has a contagious laugh and smile.

She is adventurous and not afraid to try new things or places.

She loves to get manicures and pedicures...and at the same time...loves her lizards and anything that lives in or amongst the dirt.

There is much to be learned by all when you look at life from her perspective, her compassion and willingness to want to "change the world"!

She is a straight A student and will miss her "Distinguished Honor" Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year because we will be in Florida! She asked if she could fly home for that one day to attend! Te he he!

She loves her family...all of us....she has the largest family and is so blessed!

She travels more in one year than most people EVER will in a LIFETIME!

She loves animals....especially horses

She has her Mama's eyes and her Daddy's freckles

Traveling to a third world country made her appreciative, scared, humble and ready to tackle poverty.

She is a wonderful big sister and a great help when Mama' needs an extra hand or two.

She loves to cook........(I do thanks to Nonny and Nana for passing on this quality to her)

She is a sports enthusiast! She is in soccer, basketball, track, volleyball, dance and also on several school committees and church organizations. She loves to sit on Sundays and watch NASCAR with Chris....or whatever sport may be on!

She is a WONDERFUL singer...and really knows how to put on a show. She also plays the violin and know how to play the piano and guitar! She also has picked up my love of photography and dabbles in that a little!

Her favorite show is "Dancing with The Stars"....(at the moment anyway)

She's boy crazy.........and yes, she will admit it, mama doesn't like it, papa doesn't like it...NO one likes it....but I guess that is part of being a pre-teen!

Her birthday is in just a few weeks!!! She will be 12! Time Flies!

She was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tinker Air Force Base!

Her blog site is

Madisyn, my love, you will go far in life! Always be just who you are....nothing more, nothing less. You are perfect in God's eyes and in my eyes!

Fast Facts about Lyza:

She is funny....there is no denying she will be the class clown some day!

Her zest for life, laughter and big brown eyes will ALWAYS get her out of trouble!

She was created perfectly for our family..we cannot imagine a life without her.

She has the best complexion I have ever seen....I would give anything for her skin color!

She is stubborn.......she waves her hands in front of her face when you try to feed her, IT IS ALL ABOUT HER!! SHE CAN DO IT BY HERSELF, SHE IS A BIG GIRL YOU KNOW!

She has a boyfriend already..with a prearranged marriage. She IS the future Mrs. Gabriel Wright....their beachfront wedding is going to be fabulous and she is going to have fabulous In-Laws!

She LOVES animals.......she says "Ahhh, put her fingers in her mouth, then lays her head on their fur"

She LOVES the outdoors and screams, throws herself on the ground and kicks when it is time to come in.

She sleeps about 12 hrs per night and a 2-3 hr nap per day! (Mama' is come I am still so tired all the time??? Oh yeah, I clean, catch up on paperwork and parent a preteen while she is sleeping!)

She is addicted to brushing her teeth. About 10x per day when the gate is "mysteriously" not up and she can get to the bathroom she gets in the toothbrush draw, fishes out HER toothbrush and HER toothpaste....acts like she is putting the toothpaste on and walks around with the toothbrush in her mouth!

She loves to dance.....she can shake it too! Her new thing is to climb on the coffee table and dance to Dora or Diego! The girl has got some moves.

She climbs....she climbs anything and everything. She just discovered that she can put her feet on the coffee table through the mesh of her playpen and climb out of the playpen. When walking around the yard, she ALWAYS climbs up the hill of huge creek rocks to get back on the porch vs just walking up the driveway.

She is a great eater...she eats about anything and everything....aside from Jello. She will spit it out immediately. Must be the texture.

She has discovered it is "funny" to hold her milk in her mouth for few seconds, then spit it out. Not so funny to mom and dad! Guatemalan Princess, you are a gift from God are going to do wonderful things in life, go to wonderful places and change lives everywhere you go. You are a living testimony and we are so proud to be your "forever family".

So there you have it my can see how truly blesssed I am! That is just the icing on the cake! I am also blessed with two nieces and a nephew that I simply cannot get enough of and they have wonderful parents(our brothers and their wives).......all that because Chris and I as well have wonderful parents and grandparents. We have a wonderful support system and count our blessings each and every day!

Happy Mother's Day "Nonny"!! We love you!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
A.K.A. Nonny....
Your kiddos

Happy Mother's Day Mama'! you can tell by the photos below I am pretty thankful that last weekend was my own personal Mother's Day Celebration with my kiddos! Lyza had an allergic reaction to her medicine this week for an ear infection and below is what she looks like! She looks miserable, she has to be miserable and I am miserable because there is nothing I can do!!! She looks worse today than yesterday, but they assure me it will go away after a few days and to just keep giving her benedryl and motrin! She is sleeping fine, eating fine and playing fine....but you can tell when the benedryl wears off because she starts to rub her eyes. I hope this goes away soon.....mommies HATE it when their babies are uncomfortable! So tomorrow we will celebrate Mother's Day with more Aveeno Oatmeal baths, low key play time and resting at home! Actually..that sounds like a perfect Mother's Day to me!

I wish all of you a wonderful Mother's Day...enjoy your babies..they grow up way to fast!

I'll say "Cheese"...even if I am miserable!

"Accckkkk Mom, Not While I'm Naked!"

Her poor little red ya didn't know a little tan baby could get so red!