Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Time!

It's summer time.... this is how we spent our first few days out of school!   Looks like we are in for a long, fun summer!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching Up!!

Catching up!   I have so many pic's to update it is unreal.... if you follow me on FB, then you've probably seen  most of them ;-)   I had a wonderful Mothers Day... we spent it with my family and Dunnies family..... did a lot of fishing, relaxing on the dock, swimming/playing in the creeks, riding 4 wheeler riding, golf cart riding and playing in the woods.  We actually had a wonderful long weekend!

School is now out, I hope that I can keep Cody and Lyza entertained all summer.....which shouldn't be to hard, as I love to be outdoors, swimming and there are always lots of friends over.   Madisyn will be home June9- we are going to Florida for a bit for her sweet 16 - Can't believe my "little" girl will be 16 - and Caitlin follows right behind her in July!   Where does the time go?

Blessings to all.... and more posts and photos to follow!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Brandon and LaTrisha

Monday, May 7, 2012

First Camping Trip of 2012

We had our first weekend of camping for 2012 and boy was it an adventure!!  Dunnie and I went Friday morning to set up the tents, get wood, food etc so that we could get the boys as soon as they got out of school and head over to Boggs to begin our adventure.  Was a beautiful day out until right as the boys were getting off the bus and it started thunderstorming..... we went ahead over and stayed dry until it was time for bed.....and the storms rolled in one right after another!!!  One tent did not work.... it was an air up/easy set up tent and it would not stay up with the cover on it....SO, we only had a 3 person tent for the 6 of us that ended up going!  Needless to say, Lyza and I stayed dry and slept in the tent while the guys camped in the van the first night!  LOL... it could have been a disaster, but it turned out to be a pretty good adventure.   Lyza didn't even wake up with all the storming!

Saturday morning we got up when Lyza did..... by 9 am and we headed to the lake to swim and build sandcastles before I took her to meet her daddy that afternoon.   That evening we all had a great meal, did a lot of driving around the park and the boys did a lot of chasing girls..... ((it is way different camping with a group of teenage boys vs teenage girls!))   The boys dont' pick up ANYTHING.... Madisyn and her friends always made their tent look like a neat, organized house!   I didn't let it get to me though and decided I wasn't going to pick up after them the entire weekend..... AND I DIDN'T believe it or not!!!  

We got home Sunday afternoon and it was near 90 degrees!  The guys stayed inside playing video games, talking and resting up..... while Dunnie and I did the same thing, minus the video games!   Ended the evening with two of Cody's friends staying over.   Hard to believe school will be out next week!!   Madisyn doesn't get out until her birthday, June 8th!  What a sweet.."SWEET 16" birthday gift..... braces off and last day of school!   There may be other special surprises for her that week as well!!!   Can't wait to reveal them to her!

Until the next post..... stay cool and many blessings!