Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching Up!!

Catching up!   I have so many pic's to update it is unreal.... if you follow me on FB, then you've probably seen  most of them ;-)   I had a wonderful Mothers Day... we spent it with my family and Dunnies family..... did a lot of fishing, relaxing on the dock, swimming/playing in the creeks, riding 4 wheeler riding, golf cart riding and playing in the woods.  We actually had a wonderful long weekend!

School is now out, I hope that I can keep Cody and Lyza entertained all summer.....which shouldn't be to hard, as I love to be outdoors, swimming and there are always lots of friends over.   Madisyn will be home June9- we are going to Florida for a bit for her sweet 16 - Can't believe my "little" girl will be 16 - and Caitlin follows right behind her in July!   Where does the time go?

Blessings to all.... and more posts and photos to follow!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Brandon and LaTrisha

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