Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night.....

Here is our night of trick or treating.

Madisyn wore her dance uniform...whe went all out this year carrying her pillowcase and all!! She's getting to be too big and too independent! Well, as far as we will let her anyway, which compared to most is not much! Makes her appreciate when we do let up a little.

Lyza went as a princess....Leftover birthday gifts/outfits made this a perfect choice. She wasn't always a "princess"...but we made it up 2 full streets successfully! She wasn't sure about this. She had been practicing all day...I put cheese cubes in her bucket when she'd come and say "halloween, halloween, Trick or Treat"...I don't know why she thought she must say that before hand....I think it was the Dora song. So....first house she went up with her daddy (her mama is really sick right now and this was a big step for me to even get out of the house).....she at first layed her head down on his shouldere and said "Halloween, Halloween, Trick or Treat" while she was opening the door. When she opened the door she laid her head all shy like on daddy. The lady gave her some candy she ran out of the drive yelling "I did it mommy, I did it mommy"! Priceless! Where is the camcorder when ya need it? All in all she did really well, but her bucket was we were done. Madisyn of course ran around the same neighborhood as us with her friends and wasn't too happy Lyza got more candy than she did! HA, oh well.......Lyza didn't do as much gabbbing up and down the streets as I am sure Madisyn did.

So we came home and all ready to leave tomorrow!

I hope you all had a wonderful halloween!

FFF "Halloween"...AND some EXCITING NEWS!

These are our costumes from last year.....since we haven't gone yet this year, they will be posted next week!! Everyone have a "Spooktacular" Night!!


OK....YOU CAN Leave comments on what you THINK my big news for the weekend is! If ANYONE gets it WILL get a prize basket of goodies!!! This is something that has been a long time coming......we are going out of town for this......and I WILL post details as soon as we return late this weekend!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 year ago!

Lyza exactly one year ago! My how they change in a year! I can't believe she will be 2 years old next week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Wordless Wednesday"!

Above is my sweet niece LaRissa doting on her little cousin!
When LaRissa came to Lyza's birthday party last weekend....below is the doll she brought! She said she wanted it to look like Lyza! Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen!
"The love of a family runs Deep"!


Not much new to report here! It is 6:30 am as I type...I am getting Madisyn ready for school. I am dead dog tired, as I have been up most of the night with a toddler or the rearranging of kittens again! Lyza started screaming bloody murder about 3 am, which surprised me because she is no longer sick. I made a mad dash to her room (why do men always sleep through this??) and her leg was caught between the railing of her crib. I am not so sure as that it hurt so much, but that she couldn't move...thus meaning she wasn't getting her way so she was throwing a fit. Yes, I still have bumper pads in her crib...but the girl sleeps every which way and moves all night long. So after some motrin, milk, 1/2 container of yogurt and a cheese stick and a lot of cuddling from mama, I put her back to bed. Of course then I was so paranoid the rest of the time of what I had to sleep, that I really didn't get any sleep!

Madisyn stayed home from school yesterday still a little sick from the weekend. She needed to rest. She was a big help in watching Lyza and watching cartoons with her while I got some housework done. We started a fire in the fireplace, so the house was cozy....then topped off the night with Chili and a combo of Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars!

Madisyn before her halloween dance....she dressed up as a little girl in her jammies!!
Lyza checking out a kitten. She is actually scared of them...but if you put one up next to her she is not afraid to kiss it!

Like her Valentines Bib, Halloween Balloons and Snow Boot combination???

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lyza's Party!

Here are some photos from Lyza's party this time!

The first one I stole from was just to cute!

Madisyn has updated her blog at


Hey! What are you doing in my car Amaya?

LaRissa and Lyza jumping!

Juliana likes her hot dog!

Aunt Cindy and Madz...I guess GREAT AUNT Cindy to Madisyn and Lyza!! ha! :-)

LaRissa.....pretty convincing that she is sweet as pie isn't she?

Thanks Aunt Cindy for getting Brydon these Hulk Boxing Gloves....he punched the birthday balloons and popped them!

Her very own "little" cake....that is still in our fridge! Hmmmm, she just wasn't into cake that day!

She didn't get a darn thing for her birthday! It isn't even her birthday yet! Uh-Oh!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Party Photos......

Today I am just posting Madisyn's Party photos! There are just way too many party pic's to post all at I will spread them out. I must say....I do have some good ones for "Wordless Wednesday"!!! Lyza went to sleep for us right away like a good girl last night. She had fun jumping in the jump house, getting goodies out of the pinata and decorating her own pumpkin! After we all decorated pumpkins, Chris judged the two he liked best for prizes! Then she went down for the night! What a day for a two year old! We were then able to go with all the girls down to the firepit and tell ghost stories......some of the girls are real chickens (I won't name names.....Ashley).....After that they took a hayride in the back of the truck throughout the property.....they were scared by the woods (Well, Chris did tell them it used to be a graveyard....uggg).....and then we played catchphrase around the firepit and made smores. At midnight we made cheese fries and everyone settled in for the night and we watched "College Road Trip"....they slept like babies. I did not....because Nala kept bringing one kitten at a time into our room, moving them! Different kitten each time I would take it back. Finally I got tired of it and just brought them all in the laundry basket into our room. This finally satisfied her. Chris let me sleep in.......he made pancakes for all the girls, had the kitchen, living room and outside all picked up before I even got out of bed. WHAT A HUSBAND! I LOVE HIM!!! Then the girls bobbed for apples in the kitchen sink because it was too cold outside!
Madisyn has slept most of the day....Lyza has played with her toys most of the day and mama' took a nap while she did. When she woke up we took her for a walk in the woods and now we are all settling down for dinner! GREAT TIMES!!