Monday, October 27, 2008

Lyza's Party!

Here are some photos from Lyza's party this time!

The first one I stole from was just to cute!

Madisyn has updated her blog at


Hey! What are you doing in my car Amaya?

LaRissa and Lyza jumping!

Juliana likes her hot dog!

Aunt Cindy and Madz...I guess GREAT AUNT Cindy to Madisyn and Lyza!! ha! :-)

LaRissa.....pretty convincing that she is sweet as pie isn't she?

Thanks Aunt Cindy for getting Brydon these Hulk Boxing Gloves....he punched the birthday balloons and popped them!

Her very own "little" cake....that is still in our fridge! Hmmmm, she just wasn't into cake that day!

She didn't get a darn thing for her birthday! It isn't even her birthday yet! Uh-Oh!


Vanessa said...

Looks like Lyza had a blast!!

Belinda said...

Hey Misty,

It looks like you guys had a great party for Lyza and the girls had a fun slumber party! Sorry I could not get the doll for you! but at least you can order one for Christmas for her.