Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Babies!!!

Well, we were not expecting a litter of kittens so soon.....but Nala had them on Thursday night around 7:30 pm! AND THEY ARE NOT BLACK! Nala is the only cat we have that is not fixed, because I wanted to breed her with a Siamese...but a sneaky black cat kept coming to visit her, which made us not happy! Well.....this time when we were watching her give birth (yes...we are gross like that......actually, this is the first time Chris or Madisyn have ever seen kittens being born).....they did NOT come out black and I was jumping for joy!!!! The white ones will get their chocolate tips in a few weeks.....the silvers look exactly like Nala when she was born and she turned to her siamese color at about 2-3 mos old! There are 7 of them....YES, 7! We thought she was done, when we woke up there was one more!!! So...if anyone would like a beautiful kitten in 6 weeks.....let me know! :-)) They are cute...the cutest litter I have ever had!

Mama and kittens at 36 hrs old!
White ones at 36 hrs old

Silvers at 36 hrs old

All of them at 2 hrs old

Silver at 15 minutes old! TINY!

White one at 15 min old!

Silver at 15 min old!!


Marlene said...

AW!!!! How cute! Thanks for sharing. I love all types of babies, including furry ones!

Vanessa said...

Truly adorable!! Another tiny miracle!