Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Night.....Vacation is Over!

So here are some pictures from our little weekend excursion! As you can tell we had a good was fun just goofing off and not hearing "Mama, Mama" or someone knocking on the door....and I even got to go to the bathroom with no one knocking or barging in. Dinner with no one screaming to get out of the high chair, throwing food, etc! This is the first time we have spent a night all alone since we have had Lyza home. We were way overdue. Thanks to my mom and dad for meeting us 1/2 way and keeping them. What a treat. I know she liked keeping them was her first time keeping Lyza alone since normally when we go up there we make a weekend out of it and we (or I) stay also. Maddy had a good time also.....they have lots of country stuff to do up there.

We waited to play mini golf until Maddy and Lyza came back to the hotel around 1 pm wth my mom. We wanted to reward her a bit for her great report card. Lyza liked the first two holes.....then she got mad, threw her golf club in the water along with her golf ball....then threw herself on the ground and threw a big fit. She wouldn't quit crying for nothing. So Chris, being the good guy he is let me and Madisyn have some mother/daughter time and finish our game while he took Lyza back to the truck to feed her and try and get her to go to sleep. Yes, he got his money back!!!

We then stopped at a Farmers Market that had huge pumpkins/gourds/mums, etc and we made out like bandits. Chris has a pumpkin fetish :-) We got three very large pumpkins for only $3.00 each!!! We got gourds 6 for $1.00 and they had small pumpkins that he was wanting for Maddy's upcoming Halloween party for only 50 cents each! He was a happy camper! We have pumpkins everywhere in our lanscaping!!!! Next weekend is the big campout and birthday party for Lyza though! YIPPEEEEE. I think I have everything in place except we are going to pick out her cake tomorrow!

On the way to Washington there is a little auction place. I have been looking for a wooden high chair for quite some time......I wanted one so we would have the extra chair at the table, as Madisyn has friends over every weekend and some nights too. Especially with our new table I thought a wooden one would look good. However, they were EXPENSIVE and way out of my budget. As we passed this place there was one sitting outside for sale. I asked Chris to turn around so I could see how much it was. They only wanted $30.00 for it......SO, we got a wooden high chair too! It was our lucky day!

Tomorrow I am going to post the photos of Brandon, Trish and the kids from the photo shoot that I did for them last week! They turned out really well.......Well, Trish looked beautiful in all of them......the kids (that means Brandon too) didn't want to cooperate so much. I had to sing, dance, you name it to get them to laugh to get the pic's. There are some great ones of Brandon and Trish too. Can't wait to show them to you!

Have a good evening!!!


Vanessa said...

Girly, I'm feeling ya!! We had a night to ourselves this weekend too and it was so much fun!!

Becky said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

Don't you just love the two year old "fits"? It has become a running joke in my household - how many will there be today??

Anonymous said...

It's so nice that you guys got some alone time together! Parents always need that!!! Looks like you all had a great time!