Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Party Photos......

Today I am just posting Madisyn's Party photos! There are just way too many party pic's to post all at I will spread them out. I must say....I do have some good ones for "Wordless Wednesday"!!! Lyza went to sleep for us right away like a good girl last night. She had fun jumping in the jump house, getting goodies out of the pinata and decorating her own pumpkin! After we all decorated pumpkins, Chris judged the two he liked best for prizes! Then she went down for the night! What a day for a two year old! We were then able to go with all the girls down to the firepit and tell ghost stories......some of the girls are real chickens (I won't name names.....Ashley).....After that they took a hayride in the back of the truck throughout the property.....they were scared by the woods (Well, Chris did tell them it used to be a graveyard....uggg).....and then we played catchphrase around the firepit and made smores. At midnight we made cheese fries and everyone settled in for the night and we watched "College Road Trip"....they slept like babies. I did not....because Nala kept bringing one kitten at a time into our room, moving them! Different kitten each time I would take it back. Finally I got tired of it and just brought them all in the laundry basket into our room. This finally satisfied her. Chris let me sleep in.......he made pancakes for all the girls, had the kitchen, living room and outside all picked up before I even got out of bed. WHAT A HUSBAND! I LOVE HIM!!! Then the girls bobbed for apples in the kitchen sink because it was too cold outside!
Madisyn has slept most of the day....Lyza has played with her toys most of the day and mama' took a nap while she did. When she woke up we took her for a walk in the woods and now we are all settling down for dinner! GREAT TIMES!!







Patti said...

Fall parties are soooo much fun! You are a good mamma to let all those girls sleep over... what fun memories they will have.

Vanessa said...

Looks like everyone had an awesome time!