Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Not much new to report here! It is 6:30 am as I type...I am getting Madisyn ready for school. I am dead dog tired, as I have been up most of the night with a toddler or the rearranging of kittens again! Lyza started screaming bloody murder about 3 am, which surprised me because she is no longer sick. I made a mad dash to her room (why do men always sleep through this??) and her leg was caught between the railing of her crib. I am not so sure as that it hurt so much, but that she couldn't move...thus meaning she wasn't getting her way so she was throwing a fit. Yes, I still have bumper pads in her crib...but the girl sleeps every which way and moves all night long. So after some motrin, milk, 1/2 container of yogurt and a cheese stick and a lot of cuddling from mama, I put her back to bed. Of course then I was so paranoid the rest of the time of what I had to sleep, that I really didn't get any sleep!

Madisyn stayed home from school yesterday still a little sick from the weekend. She needed to rest. She was a big help in watching Lyza and watching cartoons with her while I got some housework done. We started a fire in the fireplace, so the house was cozy....then topped off the night with Chili and a combo of Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars!

Madisyn before her halloween dance....she dressed up as a little girl in her jammies!!
Lyza checking out a kitten. She is actually scared of them...but if you put one up next to her she is not afraid to kiss it!

Like her Valentines Bib, Halloween Balloons and Snow Boot combination???

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Vanessa said...

She's so adorbale even if she's not completely matching!!
Hope tonight is a better night for all of you!