Thursday, January 31, 2008

Toothless Wonder....

Well, Madisyn never ceases to amaze me. Last night she came downstairs (past bedtime) to tell me she pulled a tooth. So...I went up stairs and had her put a tea bag on it. About 10 minutes later she came down giggling again and said she needed another tea bag, she'd pulled another one! So...I went upstairs and did my motherly duty. Well, the third time she came down I was like "GET IN BED GIRL"...she started laughing and said she needed a third tea bag, she'd pulled another one! Unreal....2o minutes and three teeth. Which kinda made me sad, they were the last of her baby I have on getting teeth and one losing them! She looked so funny with all those tea bags sticking out of her mouth as you can tell from the photos! Anything to get out of bed I'm telling you! So now she is milking it for all it's worth, I can only eat pudding and jello mom....I can only have junk food that is soft...ha ha! Anyway she left a note and printed pic's to leave on the table for Chris before he left for work. He woke me up at 4 am and asked it if were a joke! He wanted to make sure the toothfairy came. Luckily, she has lots of things stashed for these surprise occassions and with three at once.....that's a pretty good reward!

Indiana weather is at it's best again. The kids came home from school early today for???? I don't know the reason. It was maybe supposed to start sleeting. We are supposed to get sleet/freezing rain and snow all night tonight and into tomorrow. Looks like tomorrow will be a snow day! Yeah..Maddy will be home and I'll have a sitter and can sleep in!!!

I hope all is well and I have some wonderful pic's to post tomorrow for Favorite Friday Fotos!!! Enjoy these gross ones of Maddy for today!

~~ Misty

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It has been a few days since I have posted! We have been super busy with activities, storms, and just.....being a family! I have been busy keeping up with the "Korker Bows" fundraiser and also The Body Shop fundraiser....please email me if you are interested!

Madisyn had her achievement program last night at the school for her Straight A Honor Roll. Unfortunatly, not many came out due to the terrible weather we had. We had 71 mp straightline winds and it was pretty messy outside!

Lyza is still learning new tricks each day....I have some videos to upload that I will do eventually when I figure it out. They keep coming up sideways when I try and load them!

Have a blessed week and enjoy the above photos of Maddy from last night!

Monday, January 28, 2008

More Curly Cues!!!

" Maddy Moo's Curly Cues "

Here are some more Korker Bows that I finished up this weekend. I have been working very hard! Making them to sell on ebay, taking personal and custom made orders! With Valentines Day and Easter around the corner......and of course all the new summer fun colors that are out there! Email me if you would like some, any or one custom made for your princess!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Maddy Moo's Curly Cues....Bows

"Maddy Moo's Curly Cues"

Large Korker Bow on Headband

Here are some examples of a project I took on when I started spending way too much money on bows for Lyza's out of control hair!

Maddy Moo's Curly Cues

They are korker bows made with sheer and gross grain ribbon. They are heated and sealed so that the ends to do not fray.

They are attached to alligator clips so that they will fit into the smallest lock of hair. They can also be clipped onto headbands for little ones with NO hair or very little hair!

They can be made as larger bows to fit one in the hair or above a ponytail, or to pull one side of the hair back, or two larger one to fit pigtails.

They can be made in medium sets so that you can put one on top of each little piggytail!

They can also be made on ponytail holders vs the alligator clips.

All the ones that I make are the "Korker" type that are swirly as you can see in the photos! I get compliments everywhere I go and I am proud to say I do them myself!

Prices are as follows:
One large bow ~$5.00
Two large bows ~$9.00
One medium bow ~$3.50
Two medium bows ~ $6.00
Long Streamer Bows ~ $8.00
Small baby ponytail bows ~ Set of four for $3.00
Baby Headbands for Korker Bows ~ $1.00

Shipping is $3.95 no matter how many bows you order, or where they are shipped to, unless out of the US!! :-) If you live locally, no charge, as I can meet to give them to you, unless you just prefer to have them shipped due to lack of "free time"! I know how that is!!

I have many colors/designs to choose from, or choose your favorite team color. I have lots of reds and pinks right now for Valentines Day...and also pastels for upcoming Easter. You just email me the color you wish and I will get them done up for you!

All proceeds are currently going 50% to our adoption fund and 50% to a Guatemalan Orphanage!

Tomorrow I will be adding photos of some of the kiddos with my bows in their hair! You may thumb through my photos and see lots of them already!

Just email me at for your custom order!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday.......oh what a day!

Mommy and Maddy Maddy and Lyza


Christine, Brian, Chris and Misty

LaRissa Breanne
Lyza's doll wrapped up in her chair!
What a big teeth you have! Smokey the cat!

Well...I went to bed at 3:15 am yesterday thinking I would take a three hour nap when Lyza did in the afternoon. NOPE, Chris calls home, says he is "yacking" and went to the dr. and is on his way home. So...sleep deprived anyway I went out and ran a few errands. One of which was to the school because Maddy forgot her violin AGAIN! I told her this was the last time, she'd have to do without next time. I am more than sure the school is tired of seeing me come in my P.J.'s at 1:00 in the afternoon! Ahhh...who cares, I put on a coat and they look like lounge pants!!!! I then headed to the Hallmark to see what Christmas Clearance they had going on.....75% off and I got some really cute things to put away for next year. Then I headed to a couple of homes to deliver Body Shop orders! Body Shop is going well and my team got two new recruits this was mine! I am slowly going to start building my business up, so if you are interested, hit the "Body Shop at Home" tab on the side! I then picked Maddy up from her "fitness" class and we went to Dollar General so she could pick out some valentines for her friends! I swear, that is all I have been doing, sorting valentine stuff, getting Gloria's photo album ready, paperwork ready for my new Body Shop employees! So....I NEVER did get a nap this afternoon. When I got home the hubby took one look at me and told me he would take the kids to his grandmas and just stay in the car since he was sick....for me to go rest. I fell asleep about 1 hr and woke up thinking it was morning!!!!

Tonight we had Chili....yum! As you have noticed my blog pic's have been updated! Yeah....cute! I am sure Nikki will have to change them again when I get my oh so cute pic's back in Feb. or Lyza. Especially the sticking out of the lips due to the snake hissing! My friends Becky, Juliana and Amaya had theirs done also and it is the cutest I have seen!!! Check it out, just click on the tab to the side! I also uploaded some family pic's.......just getting too boring with the same old pic' I'm reorganizing a little! I hope you enjoy! I'd better change the pic's before Chris sees that one with him in the dress! Off to get some beauty rest (I need it) and hopefully I will get some rest and even rest tomorrow a bit!
Much Love to all!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Daddy going fishing with Lyza
Ok...I'm going to get in trouble for this, but couldn't resist. Yes, it is Halloween and I am thankful to have a hubby who is so willing to '"be in the spirit"!
Mama Tonight!
Maddy ready for school in the snow! Brrrrr......she got a new coat tonight!
I Love playing in my kitchen.....I love my bedroom!
Yes, Despite what grandparents can believe, I do throw fits!!! Not often, but when I do it makes up for all the times I don't!

"What to see a snake Lyza? Sssssssss"
This is the face we get when she sees the snakes in the bushes in her Dora Book! Priceless!

Pray for Lyza's best friend Lili who has had a bout of the "yuckiness" , seizures and all!
We are praying for you Lili and hope you recover soon! Also praying for Mad Max and all your family as I know this is so hard on them!!! Hang in there precious one....Aunt Misty will come see you soon!

Your Best Bud Lyza

If you want to read more, click below!

Well....the day started off nice, calm, cool and collected. Maddy had a two hour delay today and we did NOT miss the bus! Yeah! After I got Lyza up at 6:30 I changed her, fed her and let her watch PBS until Maddy left for school. I then took a bubble bath with her (kids bubble baths) . That is truly my most precious time with her.......Her little hiney is so darn cute. She likes to stand in the tub and throw everything into the water. I hve A LOT of stuff in my tub since I am a Body Shop at Home consultant and feel the need to try every scent. So....I just let her throw, splash and play unless she is doing it over the side and creating a swamp, which does happen a lot! From there we dried off, got clothes on, I hung her up in her towel the mirror so she could say "Hi Lyla"! Too funny......after that lunch, naptime and some naptime for mom. I've been up late, as it seems the only time I can get my stuff done is after the hubby, kids, dogs, cats etc. hit the sack. If not I get interrupted a million times for things! So....I'm being a night owl and sleeping during the day. So far so good.

Maddy had private dance lessons last night and Chris took her. She is doing so very well for as little as she has gone! Tonight she had regular dance and I thought I'd be sneaky and run to walmart and get a "few" valentines gifts!!! Maddy called me while I was in walmart to tell me she was done. End of my shopping spree, which was good....but I was about 20 min late picking her up. She didn't mind and her teacher didn't mind, but I don't want them thinking I am irresposible!!!

Chris is currently putting together Maddy's chest for her room. it looks nice and matches her water bed. I think we've decided to hold off on Lyza's until we can find a deal on a complete set for her.
Tomorrow night Madisyn has "walking club" is a fitness club where they keep journals on how they eat, exercise, etc. They will be walking, then going bowling and having ice water and a healthy meal afterwards. good for them!!!! I just joined Nutrisystem today! Ok folks.....most of you don't really know me and most will say I'm nuts for wantintg to lose weight. Truth is.....when I was in high school I weighed 94 lbs....too low, yes I know. When I got married I weight a little lesss than 115....decent weight. When I got pregnant I weighed 175...too much. AFter my divorce and before my surgery the day I went in for surgery I weighed 102 lbs. That is low for a girl my size, although I didn't think much of it. I gained it back pretty quickly after my surgery. So.....when Chris and I met I weighed 125......I won't tell you what I weigh now, but if I am going to go to Florida in 5 mos, I am NOT going to look bad. For health reasons, appearance reasons and starting good eating habits for my kids is the main goal. I can get there......40 lbs in about 6 mos is attainable and I will obtain it! Just wait and see! Any supporters out there? I'd like to hear your story and if has worked for you!!! I've tried everything under the sun, down to adipex from the dr. and didn't like it. I just love to eat, let's face it!!! I was a member of the gym, but I was using it more to swim with Maddy than anything. It was too much per month for me to keep up.

Well, I am off to sleepy town!
Also, if anyone know of anyone who would like to buy size 10/12 like new girls clothing (some still with tags let me know). I also have baby girls barely worn shoes size 2 and 3 and many 6/9 and 12 mos outfits that are like new also and ready to go! Just shoot me an email and I can see if you/or a friend like them!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Library Day....

Ok Becky, as promised, here are the photos from the library! I will blog more about our weekend/holiday more this evening when I don't have a little one upstairs screaming for "Mama"!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The weekend is almost over!!!!

First and Foremost Congrats to our friends The Wright Family, Greg, Jenny, Tori and Gabe who have made it home safely! I will post pictures sometime in the near future of the little tyke. Until then hit the tab :Gabes Journey Home under my blog sits to the right!!
Finally AsleepWhat? I'm supposed to be sleeping?

Sleeping?? What did you say?

What? Mama is sleeing in my bed?

Like My New Picture Dress?

Sis Sis got it for me long ago.....

Picture Time Tomorrow!

Maddy's Artwork!
Making a Mess? Nope, Mastepiece!
My weekend went pretty quickly! On Saturday I went out for a bit with Lyza and went to the Grocery Store. I don't often do that with her, but what choice did I have. I also made a Target run, which always gets me in trouble!!! Chris and I took Maddy and Lyza to their first library trip. Chris was not aware they have an entire kids section with toys, books, etc. So....HE was in heaven with that. Photo posted above! We had a great time as our first family outing to the library. I love firsts. Lyza got some story books....she is really in to books right now and Maddy checked out a book on M.L. King and Ancient Greece. Don't ask me where that came from, but she found it interesting! Madisyn had a lock in at our church, combined with anothe large church in our area and wow did she have fun! They didn't make lock in's like that when I was a kiddo! It started at 6 pm and she went went her friend Jordyn and some other friends! They left at 6 pm and went to a "concert" I believe and also a magic show. From there (they were divided into rotating groups) they went to a magic show, then to the ice skating rink for some fun, then to the YMCA for swimming, then to a local Christian run indoor putt putt golf course, arcade, laser tag place! They then headed back to the church at 6 am for breakfast and parents picked up. My great friends were kind enough to pick Maddy up since I didn't want to get the baby out in these frigid temps! And I mean fridgid!!! Friday night Chris and I went out to dinner with Lyza at a Mexican restaurant. The little booger at an entire kids meal consisting of a cheese quesidilla, refried beans and a glass of milk! Couldn't believe it and didn't even get a stomach ache. She just kept saying "Yum" throughout the meal! Very cute. So....I slept in a bit on Saturday, as Chris had to work.

On Saturday Chris went out looking for a couple of chests for the girls room. Clothes and items are OVERFLOWING at the moment. Who knew they would collect so much! Nothing in our price if anyone hears anything, give me a shout. We are in desperate need! After he returned home we watched a movie while I mostly played with Lyza. When she went to bed he helped construct my Lifebook to start on for Lyza. I know, I am a bit late.....but still working while it is fresh in my mind. I am also working on a Guatemala Travel Journal to journal our time there. A bit late on that but again, still fresh in my mind, so I am working on it now. I also put together a picture album for our foster mother Gloria. She is such a part of our family now. Included were photos of Lyza before, during and after Christmas, photos of our family. The new fallen show, pets and photos of the inside of our home. Thank you to our friends who will be taking down for us. We really appreciate it as I know her family will as well. Madisyn called today and STILL does not want to come home since there is no school tomorrow. I gave in but told her she must be home by noon tomorrow to get ready for pic's. I have having her and Lyza's last winter photos taken. Lyza's outfit is pictured above (purple) and it is just to die for. Maddy actually bought it before Lyza was ever born. Cute choice and she is so stylish in it!

Today I went out looking for a few chests and came home emptyhanded again....well, not really. I wen to the once upon a child consignment store. Watch out.......I did get her light purple easter dress with a fluffy bottom for only $6.00 and it is oh so cute. Also lots of summer cutsies for our trip to Florida. Yes, a one piece pink swimsuit with a ruffled skirt and matching sunglasses and an "Itsy Bitsy Purple Polka Dot Bikini".....she is so cute in them also! The itsy bitsy spider is her new thing, very cute, but she won't stop doing it! Both sets of in lasws dropped by to see her today which was a welcome treat!

Happy Long Weekend to you all, enjoy and sorry so lenghty!!! More to follow tomorro!!

~~ Misty