Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Vacation.....

Small recap of our vacation for you!

We arrived to our "cabin in the woods" on Thursday moring. We tried to pack as much as we could the night when we headed out we wouldn't have that much to do. Amazing how much you can pack for just a couple of nights...and just three people. It wasn't a far drive to our destination, which is why we choose it so often! We were the only ones in the entire campground. I love the peacefulness of the tv, no phone service, just Chris and I staring at each other and a baby. Ok....that is kinda boring sometimes. I read two entire books, we played lots of rummy and did a lot of cooking and eating! I always decorate our cabin just as if it were our home..... :-) On Friday we ventured out and took a walk to the park with Lyza. It was a decent day and the sun was shining. Chris went on a couple of nature hikes, went to the lake and saw lots of deer and critters. I stayed back at the cabin to put Lyza down for a nap and rest a bit myself. We went to bed kinda early on Friday night and got up and made a big breakfast before heading home. We took it easy when we got home, watched a couple of movies (I think Chris was having TV withdrawls!). We have been working hard today getting things put away, house cleaned and we planted our Christmas tree. My brother and his family are on their way down....that should perk us right up! I'm putting on a pot of chili and calling it a day! I hope you all have a wonderul New Years!

~~ Misty

Saturday, December 29, 2007


We are home.....

Hello to all!

We just got home from our trip to the was so quiet and peaceful! We were the only ones in the entire campground! Our cabin had a tab bit different layout than before and was a little nicer. It was roomy and we had some good quality family time....although we were missing Madisyn! We went for a couple of walks and to the park also. I will post pictures when I have a little more time! Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Photo Frenzy

What a wonderful week! I have a flurry of photos, so I just picked some of my favorites to share with you here on my blog! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.....and now ready for the New Year to begin. We had a wonderful time, having a "PreChristmas" on the 22nd at our home. My parents came down from Shoals to watch Madisyn open her gifts...and a few for mom, dad and Lyza also! Madisyn gave them the gifts she got for them as well.

In the afternoon Chris' family joined us for Veggie Soup, Fruit Pizza, Cheeseball and all the snacky fixins and Madisyn had a blast opening/exchanging gifts and playing.

In the evening Chris' Mom (GG and Grandpa Mark) came by to visit and exchange gifts. A good time was had by all. Grandpa, Chris and Maddy went to the pet store to get Madisyn a "pet" lizard. Ok...I had iguanas growing up and worked for a vet for years, so I do know somewhat about them. She came home with an Anole....small lizard and he is quick. She wants to name him "Speedy". When they got him home he jumped out of the cardboard cage and ran over GG's foot, around our living room until Chris finally caputred him! Ugggg....Lyza was not quite sure what to think about all that commotion! He is settled into his new home now in Maddy's back part of her room where the game room is! She got a new air hockey/foosball table from my parents, sp we cleaned out the back part of her room, which is like a room in itself with a huge window that overlooks our barn and pasture and made that the "game room".

We then went to Louisville to stay on Sunday at the Marriott. We love staying there and we had roam of the pool and hot tub, which was nice. We went shopping at the bass pro shop, as Maddy and Chris had giftcards there. They got some neat things. On the 24th Maddy's flight flew out at 11 am and off she went to see her dad and his family! She is having a great time.....she sure has a lot of Christmases! We came home, got ready and headed to Chris' moms for Christmas Eve dinner and celebration. It was very nice and we love watching Lyza and Lia play together. They are both growing so much!

Christmas morning we got up and had our own little Christmas, just the three of us....then headed to my moms for Christmas is very CHAOTIC there with the three grandkids running around...and my brother and his wife and Chris and I still kinda act like kids ourselves! We had a great time....we got some really nice gifts, but more than anything the time we spent with family was precious! I love watching the kids grow from year to year and seeing how they will react. Brydon is a very silly boy who loves to give kisses.....and he got a new play drill and tried to drill his eye out! HARD and he wouldn't stop. I just said "He's Brandon's kid"...but really I don't know what was up with that. Silly Boy! LaRissa wore Hannah Montanna stuff and I found that cute because Maddy loves Hannah Montanna too! LaRissa got lots of Princess stuff this year.......and she's just a little princess herself. I won't tell you what my brother and I got each other......some gag gifts and well.......ok, I'll just stop there! We had a great time though!

From there we went to Chris' Nanna's and she had a houseful of us Melvin's too! We got there after they had eaten but got to snack around on some good, tasty, yummy things! We opened gifts and had a blast! Great Nanna really knew how to put a smile on the kiddos faces and extra special for Lyza since her toys were English/Spanish! I think most of her stuff this year was. I always try to find the biliingual toys! I learn so much from them myself!

From there we headed to our last stop....Chris' dad's house (Where Grandma Zane and Uncle Noah live). I find it cute because when we go there and Maddy is relaying to someone else where we went she says "We were at Uncle Noah and thems house". (Uncle Noah is only 10)!! We got some GREAT.....AWESOME camping necessities there! We were on cloud nine! We love to camp and love to get the extra camping stuff that we always put in our mind we don't need to spend money on but would love to have!!! Yippee! Lyza got a red barn just like her daddy's real red barn but hers was full of animals.....(and I don't mean cats and dogs). It was cute!

We finally made it home and literally collapsed in bed! We leave tomorrow AM to go camping....well, we are staying in a cabin, you can't really call that camping. For the remainder of the week and part of the weekend! I am so looking forward to this peaceful adventure. Just the three of tv.....just a radio, board games, woodstove, and good country cooking ( we still cook outside in the fire pit). Fun fun fun......I am partially packed but my heart is already there I think!

Have a great week and enjoy the photos!

Misty and Brandon in their "I'm mom's favorite" t-shirts

Brydon.......smothering himself in the net! Love that lip!

LaRissa with her Priness Dolls......and dress on!

Brydon with the basketball net on! Go Colts!

Aunt Trish and Lyza opening gifts

Brandon shooting hoops on his head!

Lyza in her new personalized rocker

LaRissa being silly!

Santa with Lyza and Brydon!!!

Brydon Giving Santa Love/Kisses!!!

Lyza is not crying!!!!!

Nonny sitting on Santa's Lap! Awwwww

Brandon giving Santa a hug...AWWWWWW

Lyza and Brydon with Santa!

Lyza reading about Tikal.....ha!

Daddy showing Lyza the Mayan Monkey Mask......she wasn't phased! :-)

What Lyza really looks like in the morning, ASHLEY!!

Our Christmas Tree

Brian and Lia napping!

Grandma Schuh giving sleepy Lyza some lovin!

Lyza and Lia playing!

Cousin Lia....isn't she sweet?

Aunt Christine and Cousin Lia

Lyza splashing at the hotel!

Maddy at the pool!

WHAT? I have a bikini on???

Sisters at the hotel!

Maddy's new Lizard.....SPEEDY!

Maddy Girl

GG and two of her grandgirls!

Hey...I can see you!

Have a wonderful and blessed week! On New Year's Eve I plan to do a "Photos through 2007"...memory walk! Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Morning.....early

Hello to all!

I hope this finds you doing well and in the holiday spirit! Last night we went to the 4-H center to drive through the Christmas lights and to visit with Jolly Ole' St. Nick! We enjoyed the lights, and Santa......but as you can tell from the previous photos, Lyza was not digging Santa! She doesn't even like it when we lower our voice and say Ho Ho Ho! She puts the bottom lip out and cries! It is cute....but I think we are done torturing her for this year.

Today Christmas came early for our family.....Madisyn is leaving for her dads in a couple of days, so we celebrated early! My mom and dad came down early this morning to join in the festivities! Madisyn got the much anticipated cell phone and nintendo ds! We hid the phone in a huge box, had her ring tone set to Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song, then Chris called and the box was ringing. It took her a little while to figure it out, but when she got part of the box open and saw the neon pink phone flashing she did her happy dance! It was cute and all caught on tape. Lyza was more interested in watching the new Backyardigans cd she opened than anything else! She got a few nice things today.....and I am sure Santa will stop by again on Christmas Eve! We are anticipating other family members on and off throughout the day. I have a pot of veggie soup on, veggie tray, ham and cheese tray, nut bowl, cheeseball and crackers and Chris got happy and made a fruit pizza :-) Enjoy the photos and Merry Christmas to all!