Thursday, July 31, 2008

FFF - "Crazy Hair and Bed Heads"

My Punk Rock Princess....
Buckwheat????? it was Halloween! We all know I am not a blonde and that Chris really doesn't have dreadlocks :-)

~~Smiles ~~

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday G.G. !!

Happy Birthday "Poppy"

My grandfather turned 81 today!

Thursday Tidbits......

Happy Birthday Announcements to come later this evening!!!

Do you wonder what he is thinking? I've seen his mom do this...he must be imitating her :-))

This is Lyza's "boyfriend" Gabriel! Isn't he a doll??

You can visit their website at:

Lyza not happy with me because I was blocking her view of the TV :-)
I'm telling you...this girl studies EVERYTHING!! tidbits for Thursday! I woke up at 4:30 am this morning.......did laundry, rearranged the living room, got Lyza's things ready for the day, let the dogs out...watered and fed, took care of "Nala" and her baby kitties......THEN went to Walmart! Not sure what my problem is, as I am MAJORLY not a morning person. I did the same thing yesterday, minus the furniture and walmart! Anyway....Lyza is sick so she went to bed at 6:30 pm last I was not long behind her. We cooked a big dinner (for the two of us....remainder always goes in lunchmates for Chris to take to work) so I cleaned that up and crashed!!!

Tidbits about Lyza:

Favorite Shows:

Little Einsteins



Sesame Street (she only likes Elmo, so is not that into it)

And her new favorite??? We are trying to teach her animal sounds. As of now a cow goes "Booo".....a dog sticks out his tongue and pants......and a frog does actually say "Ribbit". However, today I found a book of animals that have the "texture" pages...along with a DVD of actual farm animals. Chris and I had just talked about this a few days ago (getting a DVD like this)........THE GIRL WENT NUTS!!! She acted out every animal, made every animal sound and twirled in circles. YES, I should have got it on video. NEXT TIME!

Favorite Things:

Ball (she has three)

Sidewalk Chalk



Play Kitchen

Coloring (as you could tell from previous posts)

Books....LOVES books! Yeah!

Farm Barn and all the little farm animals

TRUCKS, CARS...anything she can push!!!

Pink Blankies....she has two, I cannot get them away from her. They are disgusting (I try to steal them at naptime to wash). I bought a new one today, same color, same style.....she just threw it on the floor like I was stupid and picked up her other one! Oh well, I tried.

She loves to dance.....Chris swears she is dancing to some Mayan Ritual. She stoops low, puts both hands to the side and goes in circles or back and forth. It is quite comical!! She loves to imitate any type of dancing that is on a cartoon as well. She's a funny girl!!

Things she says:

Hi Paw (my dad...she thinks it all goes together "Hi Paw"..not just "Paw")

Nonna (supposed to be Nonny)

G.G. (Grandma Ginny)



Bye, Lub Ew, Sees You, Doggies, Cheese (all together when she is all that goes together!)

Cheese (everytime the camera comes out)



Please/Thank the same time

Yummies (this is for ANYTHING she wants to eat)

Wha is at?

Where's Sissy? (breaks my heart)....or "Sissy Go?"

and the list can go on.......she will say just about anything you tell her to.

So there are my tidbits for today!! Have a wonderful day!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swimming Princess......Driving the Car...Storage Bins!

The Princess Riding Along in her Automobile



TAKING A BOW.......she imitates everything on The Little Einsteins!


Yesterday we set up our small "Easy Set" pool. It had been down in our barn all summer and I finally talked the hubby into dragging it out. I am a spoiled girl and need my pool.....I don't care what size....I just need it!! So...he thought it would be a lot of work but it was set up in 15 min! Lyza was in heaven.......she was so cute as it was filling up because she could act like a crab, swim around, put her face under, etc! She played like this for a very long time!!!

Today we took her swimming again (filled up) and it only comes to her she is still able to get around on her own with no swim tube. I am telling you..this girl is a fish! She walked around and played with her toys forever....and at naptime Mama even put in her raft and suntanned for the first time this summer! I probably looked funny in that small pool....but let me tell you, not near as funny as the little plastic kiddie pool on the porch :-)) (Smiles).

This Friday I leave for the "Women of Faith" conference in Indy. I have friends from "Back Home" going....and I am also going with my sister in law from Indy. Friday night I will stay with my "Back Home" friends...and Saturday with my sister in law. Chris will get to spend the weekend with his brother and they will be taking care of the girls (Lyza and Lia) all by themselves! Woo Hoo!!! I am really excited to be going!







Monday, July 28, 2008

My Little Explorer....Watch out!!!

I guess it was Lyza's day to see just what she could get away with while mommy and daddy weren't looking!! The below incident with my new storage boxes happened while I was at the Dr. office this morning and Daddy was in charge! Whoops! So, now we may decorate them in other colors as well to show off her artistic side :-))

Whether I wish to admit it or not, this incident happened on Mommy's time while daddy was at work! She finally figured out the toilet paper stretches and stretches and stretches.'s too could you be mad at her??? Well...I wasn't but told her it was a "no, no" and made her help me wrap it back up.

And apparantly it is fun to play in too. I"m thinking a "Mummy" for Halloween this year??

Now this my my butt crack baby! I bet you thought she couldn't get any tanner! Well...she does and has some great tan lines from this summer! I guess it didn't bother her to watch cartoons like this.......hey, she is my dad's grandaughter after all!!! Got a little "Electrician" crack going on!

My blog is soon to be updated again thanks to
She has a ton of great digital really need to give this girl a shout and get some more business rolling her way. She's great, efficient and does a wonderful job! Check out her new blogsite at

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Organizing.....What is that???

My friend Angel at has once again challenged us to "get organzed" ....HA....but her ideas were great....the putting the kids clothing in ziplocks so they just pull out a bag and WALA they are ready to go. Awesome thinking! I suppose I COULD see myself doing that in future when/if I return to work so that Lyza can grab a bag, clothe herself and let's go! Again, very it.....I just don't have time to orgaize anything right now. And truth be told...if someone looked in one of my closets they would surely have a stroke upon opening the door. Good thing is.......this is the week all Lyza's clothing gets put back on hangers, organized, into the too small pile. Cause' ya know the princess has nothing to wear.....ha ha ha. When she is a bit older, I may try this it seems, looks and sounds like it would be adorable to sort their clothing this way! Way to go Angel.

Then my friend emails me today with all her "organization" and her d$%n label maker!! That woman....makes a label for everything!!!!!!!! Her blog site is

So...the only thing that I can think of right now (how sad is that) that is organized is Lyza's hairbow rack!!!!! We all know the girl has a lot of hair.....I also run a small business making hair bows.....So, below pictures are of her pathetically large number of organized hairbows!!!


On a more positive note...I HAVE started cooking again! Big meals....meals that make Chris smile....and make Lyza look at me funny! Farmer's Markets ARE my friends!

FFF - Late...but here!! :-) "Friends" has been updated!
Lili, Lyza, Lia
Lyza and Lili on a hayride!

Lia and Lyza-----umm, bored?

My FFF is a little photos took a priority! I write this morning with a heavy I just dropped Madisyn back off at the airport! Her time seemed so short, but we had a great time, she got to see ALL her friends and I had a full house all week! It was sister in law and niece stayed the day with me yesterday also while Madisyn was at a pool party! What a great weekend....but I sure was sad to see her go! She just adds so much "pep" to the house! I know Lyza will wake up this morning to wonder where in the world her "Sista" is also! It is only 10 days though, so I think I can handle that a little better than the start of summer! Enjoy these photos.......some from earlier in the year, late last year and some just this week!!! My how these girls are growing!

Lyza and Lia......look how little they are!

Lyza and Lia now!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wedding Night, Wedding Night!

Tonight was Chris' aunt Ginny's wedding! It was at the Bauerhaus which is just down the road from us! It was beautiful, well organized (thanks to the wonderfully organized Nanna and Grandma Zane :-)! The light pink flowers and everyones attire just stunning!

Our day started out a bit hectic...but it has ended with three tuckered out little girls in Maddy's room......and Lyza is with Grandma and Grandpa Schuh! (Thanks!). Maddy and I went to get our nails done and they told me they didn't have time to do Maddy's pedicure! What a ripoff....not a happy girl, but by the time they got done with me we had little time to get home, cleaned up and ready to go! So....I will probably take her tomorrow because she is going on a beach vacation next week and she just MUST look good! Madisyn went with Chris and picked out his attire... PURPLE! And...he went for it with a purple shirt and purple/black tie! Absolutely a hunk!!! We all do clean up very well....we are just so comfortable in our little country life we rarely do! Oh well.... perks of being comfortable in your marriage is how I look at that!

Below are some photos I hope you enjoy!

HMMMM, good food! Loving those taters isn't she???

Beautiful Cake!

Miss Lia J

Mommy, Daddy and Lia

Lia throwing a fit....which made me feel MUCH better after our little loud Lyza threw a fit for all the family photos!!

My pretty girl!

Brotherly Love :-)

Beautiful Flowers as the centerpieces for the table!

Blowing Bubbles.....thanks Aunt Jen for sending the entertainment our way last week!

Mommy and Madz

Daddy and girls......doesn't he look spiffy?

Hmmmm.....running from her dress?!!!!

She clearly does NOT want to get ready...and yes, I wrestled her into that dress and shoes for about 20 min straight!


Madisyn and Louisa! Such pretty girls!