Friday, April 29, 2011


It's Friday! What a busy week! All the flooding and weather activity has been crazy, and we are praying for all families near and far that are without so much right now.

I have been subbing this week for a PreSchool that had earlier offered me a full time position. I had declined it, but after subbing I fell in love with the staff, kiddos and routine. So......they let me accept the position!! I have worked the last several days and Lyza has gone with me (her input is always the real test! ha)....she loves it! She was up on her own this morning (6 am mind you! ) with her dress and sweater on..... shoes and socks....and eating her breakfast. When Chris got up to see what she was doing she said she was getting ready to go to mommy's new school! Needless to say she has fit right in and loves it. She will be in my class starting in Aug. That should be fun...actually, I have had her in my room and she calls me Ms. Misty vs mommy.....

Lyza's last week at Friends Forever PreSchool is next week! End of the year already!! Tuesday is Pajama Day and Thursday is the field trip to "Pump it Up"! Oh what fun! She will miss her friends this summer!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And she's gone.....

Yep....and just like that she's gone! Our time together goes by far to fast. Next time she arrives home it will be for an extended stay so I do have that to look forward to. In the meantime, I have taken a teaching subbing position so that will help occupy my time!

We had a good weekend and she got to see almost all her relatives for the most part (Bran had to work). Of course there were moments.... there always are with teens. We did have a good little vacation though and enjoyed time with the family!

I miss her.... I missed her the minute I watched her walk through security. This time, I held it together though. This mess is no longer in my hands, I surrender..... it is God's Will, and it will work out as it should. That is my only refuge at this to have Faith and let God take care of the rest.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter.......

I hope that you all have had a Blessed Easter Weekend!

I know you can tell by the (limited version of photos) below.....we had more than our share of fun and joy on this Resurrection Day!

As the former post stated, we spent a weekend at the Big Splash/French Lick, IN Resort and had a lot of fun! Then spent the evening at my parents for Easter Dinner on Sat Evening. We went and played in the creek since we had high waters....and then the kids hunted eggs in the rain, in their swimsuits. Yep...we're a bit backwoods :-)

Sunday morning Service was great......and all our "Schuh" family enjoyed it together (Mom, Mark, Brian, Christine and us)...the girls were all beautiful in their Easter Attire! Folled by lunch at the Melvin's with all of us in attendance also!

Madisyn made her rounds visiting friends in the afternoon...and Lauren came home with her.......and country girls they were! Trampoline in the rain followed by mud fights down at the creek on our back property! What memories, What fun! Followed by hosing off, then showers, and now watching movies! I am excited to see what tomorrow brings for us! Madisyn and I plan on going to the mall and do a few mother/daughter things before Chris goes to work so we don't have to drag Lyza out! :-) (and less stress!)

Blessings to you all....... on this Blessed Easter Sunday!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 1

Photos from Day #1 at the French Lick Resort and Waterpark! Fun times....especially when lightening struck our hotel at 3 AM and we had to evacuate cause all the fire alarms were going off..... kinda funny now, but not at 3 am dragging a teenager and toddler from the top floor!

I will post more formal pic's of Maddy tomorrow and our evening at Nonny and Paw's for Easter with the family! We took the kids swimming in the creek and they hunted eggs in their swimsuits.... funny!

Glad to have my girl home!

Everyone says we look just alike..... but I'm just not seeing it! :-)