Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leader Day at School!

yes....I am on countdown! Two days until Madisyn comes home!

In the meantime you can see I have been busy with kids and ducks..... yep, ducks grow, and they are hilarious! Even more hilarious to watch Lyza chase them around! We had the Toyota Egg Hunt last Saturday, which was a total flop due to the rainy and cold weather......they always put on such a nice day too, I hate that we nearly froze and they had to hunt in the rain! Today Lyza had her Easter Party at school, plus it was her leader day. What a treat. She read her book to the class and did awesome....we played lots of games and had lots of yummy, yummy food! Now to weather out the storms, get this place cleaned up and head off on vacation for a few days and bring our Maddygirl home! Yahoo!

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