Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Thursday.... another school day! Once again Lyza asked "Am I the Leader" never stops with this girl! However, tomorrow I am packing and going to be ready to leave at 6 am on Friday! Looking forward to a wonderful weekend at the resort...and spending time with all our family and friends (all my nieces and nephew!)....Should be a great weekend.....and I am trying not to think about it, but I know I'll be a mess when Madisyn leaves again on Tues. :-(

Below are a few photos. First is Madisyn in her school play..... the second in her new "nerd" glasses.... Yes, SHE picked these out and I actually paid money for them. Whatever floats her boat I guess. When I was in the military these were called birth control glasses (cause you were so ugly in them!) I guess everyone is basic now is "Hip"! :-) Last photos are of my two cuties. I will have a ton of pic's to post this weekend! I simply cannot wait. I simply cannot wait.....oh wait, I already said that! :-)

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