Monday, April 11, 2011

Kutless - What Faith Can Do

Yes it is late...and once again my brain is on overload... ((Smiles)), so....once again, I journal! So many things weighing heavy on my heart.... my children, my husband, my family, Chris' family. We are ALL going through tough times, each of us on a different level and with different situations. I used to be the "try-to-fix-everything" girl....and realized I needed to fix myself first. One thing I try to keep in check is that when we are going through these difficult days, that WE are not in control....HE is in control, he sees the whole picture, we do not. We are selfish human beings...and we just see the here and now, and what is happening to us at this point in time.....not really realizing that other things that are better and bigger are in this picture! I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason.... the good, bad, ugly, pretty.....all of it. Not saying I like it all, I don't..... but for every obstacle I have overcome, there has always been something great and merciful to replace it in the end. That is called "Faith" and through the last several years....I have had to stand on Faith alone more than I even care to mention. I don't like not knowing things ahead of time, I'm a when God hears my plans, I know he must be laughing...cause they usually don't go as I had planned....but rather, they take a different course of their own. Worry? For what reason should we worry? I could give you a million, but it says repeatedly in the bible not to worry. Easier said than done if you are reading this blog God! That is why I try and grasp in my tiny little brain that something bigger is in store for me...for my husband and our families. We face one day, one hour, one minute at a time....and keep on moving on. That's all we can do. Making better decisions: Well.... we could all use a 101 course in this, there is no doubt in my mind. Managing a home, kids, work, family, finances, etc. can become overwhelming.....only we can make those things better...because we've been given a choice and the freedom to do so! That lies upon us, we have to make those decisions, they cannot be made for us. Self Control is a hard thing.... managing our lives is an endless task! The tools are there....we just need to stop and focus and try and look at the bigger picture before jumping in! ((yes, I am very guilty of this)). Faith - I love the word "Faith"..... thus, my youngest daughters middle name! Look around, see what Faith can do for you!

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