Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy "Late" Anniversary #5 - Prior Week Happening!

Our Tye Dye Get up a few years ago while camping at Lake Rudolph during Halloween!
WHAT A BLAST we is a must that we do it again this year! We really had a lot of fun...Bran,Trish, the kids and Mom and Dad went with us the second year and it was a "WEE BIT" comical too! Hope they can go this year!

Winter Camping......our favorite!!!

"Us" at Brian and Christine's wedding in2005!

Our Happy Day! In the hills/mountains of Tennessee!

Chris and Misty.....5 wonderfully, blessed years!

Misty and Chris in the limo that
was taking them to their hotel after
Brian/Christines Wedding Reception!
Oh, what fun!!

More wedding pic' can tell I'm an outdoorsy girl!!! And he's an outdoorsy we are really perfect for each other! Best quality though: He loves Madisyn as his OWN and he was willing to jump into fatherhood again and and follow me across the country for baby #2! That my friends, is love ! :0)

Nature is calling.......again! Love my no shoes tactic??? I'll always remember this day as if were yesterday!

Part #2

Here are the "Hotel Anniversary" Photos! We really did have a great time and really appreciate Madisyn babysitting for us for about 1.5 hrs while at the hotel so we could enjoy some peace and quiet out by the lake....just the two of us......and also when we went to lunch together and went to check into the hotel, as Chris really surprised me. It was a very nice hotel with a nice sized pool and a huge hot tub!

Thanks Chris.....I love you!

Thanks girls...for behaving most of the time so that we enjoyed a nice day/evening!

Thanks Maddy for chipping in and helping out with Lyza so we could get some adult time in with adult conversation and no little ears among us! Love you girls!

Lyza eating popcorn, reading books on her bed and i bet jumping a little. She know she can't get away with that at we got to have a little fun right??

Stuffing in that popcorn like she is never going to get a anymore!
Poor thing!

Daddy and Lyza Jane in the pool!

Whole crew in the pool minus me!

She S hoots....She Scores.......(in her own mind! There is no goal! ha)

Lyza playig with blocks...and she's very content building TOWERS!

I love Madisyns gadgets!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

This morning I woke up feeling not so great......vomiting and NOT how I wanted to start out my day! I took Madisyn and her friend to and from Basketball camp and when I got home...Madisyn insisted I just "go take a nap" and she would babysit for Lyza!!! That rarely I took her up on it! Come to find out, she thought today was our anniversary, and it isn't until tomorrow! But hey....I'll take an early gift!!!

Bless the girls heart....she read all the library books to her sister for the summer reading book club that I had picked up yesterday, fed her lunch, changed her, put her down for a nap, did the dishes, vacuumed the floor, got Lyza up from her nap......was making a gift for us, so I COULDN'T come out of the bedroom still......all the while I am laying in bed crying wondering how I am going to go this summer without her presence!! So...when I did get up..she had dinner laid out and was going to start it as soon as Chris called! We had a fun late afternoon sharing jokes, making out our "fun route" for next week (this is our last week with no interruptions before she heads to her dads for the summer....the week after this her grandmother will be here, dress rehearsals, etc), next week we are thinking of all the fun things she wants to do before she leaves, low cost and making a map to plot out all the stops over the course of the week. Should be fun! Then the weekend will end with her 13th birthday celebration with 13 friends headed for a cabin in the woods for the weekend!!!!! YEP...WE ARE CRAZY....AND WE LOVE IT THAT WAY!!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Country Girl Models :-)

Madisyn and Kelci did lots of modeling for me last week....wait until you see their more formal portraits, to arrive in a few days! WOW! Maddy and Kelci are cousins, born only three days apart! I guess lucky for us, they are 2.5 hrs away from each other unlike their mom and I who were 1/2 hr apart....and in a lot of trouble together it seemed :-)) Still the dearest memories I hold closest to my heart! We've got fine looking girls Dusty....and should be very proud!!

All my love girls.......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Awesome Models??!!! YEP

Pre Photo Shoot:
Picnic on the lawn...McDonald's Too!!! Thanks Becky!
Cowgirl Amaya!!
Silly Girl Juliana...yes, this is how she came out for her photo shoot! She dressed herself :-))

I had a week full of AWESOME awesome I have to showcase them day by day!!!

Day one I present the lovely princesses: Juliana and Amaya!!!!! They are characters and so much fun. As soon as they arrived...they immediately wanted to put on their "picture" clothes and the tutu's. I explained they would be with me ALL day!!! That didn't matter to them!! So up went the backgrounds and out came the FLASH and the SMILES!! And a few silly faces to boot! What joys and blessings they are!!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabriel!!!

"I asked for a wish....and you came true"

Happy Birthday Gabriel Wright!!!

We all hope you have a wonderful day......and get all the birthday gifts your heart desires!

Wish we could be there....but soon...we'll be seeing your darling little face again! Lyza can't wait :0))

Chris, Misty and Madisyn too!!!
We love you little man!