Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm a big girl now!!! Time with friends!!!

Baby bed is gone for hoo!!!! I didn't like that part of babyhood being taken out of her room! She looks so big in her "big girl" bed doesn't she?? I do have her pack n play in there just for those stubborn days where she'd rather go through all her clothing and shoes vs sleep!!!! So she falls asleep in the pack n play, then I transport her to the big bed. She DOES NOT get out of it in the mornings....she sits on her bed and yells "Mommy, I up....come get me"...until I here her feeble cries and then go get her. That is followed with "OH MOMMY, I missed you SOOO much"! Enough to melt anyones heart!!!

I am looking for lady bug bedding for her if anyone knows of any used "Lady Bug" beding and accessories, please let me know!!!

Snapshot of one of my Gerber Daisy's. I currently have about 4 of these large ones on one plant. I love gerger daisys!!!

I planted a rose bush last year....teeny tiny one....and got my first two blooms on it this year. This is the larger bloom and I love the color. I really didn't expect it to bloom, but when it did, and this color I was pretty happy!

Misty and Amanda! Amanda came by to "save my butt" tonight, as I cannot find my charger for my camera battery. She had hers so loaned it to me through the weekend until mine appears or I go buy a new one this weekend. How frustrating....but thanks Amanda....I appreciate it! After she stopped by....she went with me to Maddy's dance rehearsal...then we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. It was good to get out with her, as it had been awhile and we had some catching up to do!!!

Madisyn's strawberry plants....the prayers and miracle worked!!!!! She has one REALLY red strawberry and another on it's way!!! Way to go Madisyn and your little green thumb! I know she is so proud.....and I'm proud of her! Yippee!!!!

Misty and Amanda....again :-)))) Summer is just around the corner (she is a teacher) we are going to have a great summer laying by the pool and she is going to be great at helping me keep my mind off Maddy being gone and at her dads! This MAY POSSIBLY be the first year I don't lose my sanity and go nuts while she is gone. It is VERY hard on me when she is a piece of me is missing....and I turn into someone I don't even want to be around. She is not going until Mid-June this year...and will come home three weeks later for volleyball camp...then will go back out there for three weeks to finish up a camp out there and go on vacation!!! So hopefully between friends, family and Lyza at home this year.......I'll keep some of my sanity. I'll miss doubt, but we talk on the phone every single day!!!

Miss Amanda.....I guess, MRS. Gidcumb now! Her blog is and .

  • I had a wonderful morning all to myself! Thanks to my mother in law who took Lyza at 4:30 am this morning when chris dropped her off on his way to work! I got to sleep in.....go to the gym...then a friend of mine picked me up at 10:30 am to go to the zoo to meet our girls on their field trip!!!! We had lunch with them, went through the exhibits and then was home by 1:20. I took a nap....yep, I needed it and it was RELAXING!!! It felt so good. Yesterday I went for a 1 hr massage, that wasn't that great.....I am used to Trish doing mine, and in my book nothing beats hers....however the facial was TOTALLY worth it. My skin feels so smooth and she gave me samples of everything and even dry skin stuff for Madisyn. It was the most relaxing facial I have ever had!!!! At one point she thought I was asleep.....I wasn't, just VERY relaxed! Again, it was awesome. Massage...not good....Facial....very good!!!!! I also go to the mall and get the Chinese Massage that works on pressure points...they are pretty rough, but I DOOO love those massages and they are not expensive at all. Way worth the money!

Tomorrow I will take Lyza to the library, swimming and then settle back home to play for the remainder of the day (she just likes to be home!!!!). Maddy has a soccer game tomorrow night, then we will go swimming at the gym afterwards!

Have a great day!!!!

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Vanessa said...

Hopefully the summer will seem to fly by!