Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots of catching up to do!!!

Happy 6th Anniversary to Brandon and Trish!!

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off......thus the reason for the lack of blogging! I crammed more into this weekend than I ever thought I possibly could after being sick for so long! It was a GREAT weekend though and I was happy and healthy. So to catch you up on the important things that have happened in my life the last several days I am going to start with last Friday......and I'll have you caught up on everything by Saturday Night/Sunday Morning!!

Friday was a beautiful Lyza and I got out her little tent and matching chair (it used to be Maddy's, however I do't think Maddy could fit one leg in there now! I put toys in the tent and put it out in the side yar with all her other Little Tykes toys! We filled her little pool up she had a house (tent), pool with a slide, and furniture!! Not bad for a 2 year old!!!

Uncle Brian, Aunt Christine (plus baby girl Melvin) and cousin Lia came down for the weekend! What a treat. Lia is growing like a weed and I sure did miss her. We ordered pizza from our favorite place and had dinner at GG and Grandpa Mark's. Grandpa Wade also came down to visit. Poor Lyza tore a worm in half and it scared her to death! Lyza and Lia played so well together...I simply love watching them interact and seeing the changes in them as they get older. Christine, as always, is cute as a button with her "mommy to be" belly! I can't wait to be an aunt again! We headed home after that....went to bed and called it a night!

I will caption the photos below tomorrow. I am way to tired tonight! Sleep Tight!

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