Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!

Happy 31st Birthday to my "Little" Brother!

I hope you have a wonderful day in Disney on your birthday!

What a way to celebrate.

I tried really hard to find a poem that fit the brother/sister theme.....and could just not find one that fit our dysfunctional (I mean, wonderfully made) family!

So...I am just going to say that although over the last 31 years you have brought me much heartache, tears, bruises, scrapes, busted lips (oh the list could go on forever, I'll stop there) have also brought me more joy, happiness and more wonderful memories than any sister could ever ask for. Not to mention a wonderful Sister-In-Law and a beautiful niece and nephew that I adore! Our good, wonderful memories certainly outweigh the bad by a long shot!

I am so very proud of you and the husband and daddy you have become. I know I don't tell you that often enough. When we are all together...whether at home, at a hotel or on vacations...those are some of the best times of my life...funniest and most relaxing! You crack me have the greatest sense of humor and that is a wonderful quality to have!!

So....Happy Birthday Brandon...I know I am not far behind you, which means that is another year older for me too.....but we are only as old as we feel!! (Last few weeks that's been about 60 for me!!!, but now that I am better....20's is more like it and it is awesome!) Keep on playing sports, wrestling with your kids (and even me on occassion, but no more drop kicking please) as that is what is going to keep you young and going!

All my love!


The McKibben Clan!
LaTrisha and Brandon

Misty and Brandon

Brandon and "George", Madisyn's iguana. I used to have two iguanas when growing up! He is awesome, but if you or anyone you know wants me! Maddy will be gone this summer and I just spend all my time with Lyza...I have no time for poor "George"!

Valentines Weekend...playing pool at the Marriott

Not sure what we were doing??!!! I think Trish and I were reliving our Cheerleading Days! HA! Looks like we were having a blast anyway doesn't it???

Brandon gets a little "uptight and mad" during the COLTS games!!! He paces, he pulls up his pants (as you can see....DANG he reminds me of my dad!) Too Funny!!!

Valentines Weekend........He's going to kill me on this one! DANG, he is my Father's Son! Not only is the electrician crack hanging out....look at those holes in his underwear!!!! Good grief! Mom...if you are reading...get him new underwear for Father's Day or for Christmas!!!!

Brandon and Trish....I took this Thanksgiving Weekend!!

New Year's Eve!!!!

Valentines Weekend.....this photo cracks me up! Something really funny must have been said! OR else he was starting to cry over the price of the food in the menus! waiting, but EXPENSIVE! We all about cried....but had fun, that is shat counts!

Brandon and his best bud "Woody". Woody dates Trish's sister Kayla....and Ironically, Woody is my best friend Lynette's he is like a brother to me also! I grew up with him and yes....often tell lots of stories. We had a great childhood and we have lots of funny stories to reflect on!!!!

Brandon singing a "Wedding Song" to Cody and Kim at their wedding in April. I was sick then (imagine that) and I didn't get to go. It about killed me to stay home in bed knowing they were all having a blast!!! It was a beautiful wedding by the photos and looks like they had an awesome time!!!!

The McKibben Family....I took this photo this fall and love it! It is up in our fields and is beautiful up there! I hope to do some more photos up there this fall when the leaves start to change colors!!

What a beautiful family he has.....the best gift he could have ever given me!!!

Brandon and his girls.......Wife and Sister on New Years Eve!!!

Brandon and of my favorite photos that I took that day!

 and Brandon at Disney!!! He was 7, I was 10 years old. So it must have been 1985! What dorks! Wonder if that is what Brydon and LaRissa are looking like down there right now??? I also wonder why we picked out "those gifts" to buy at the gift shop and wonder even more why our mom and dad let us where thema around!!

Brandon and Brydon!!!

So....he was" Super Man" and I was "Wonder Woman"....we REALLY thought we were. Notice how Brandon is standing??? He always stood crooked with his butt out in posed pictures. I don't know why he did this......I guess cause he's a "BIG DORK" (Sorry......his kis call me that.....they listen to their mama calling me that too much)...It's funny, I laugh.....and Lyza even called someone in our house a "Dork" the other day....thanks for the positive influence guys!!

Last but not least we have the 1st grade photo! There are many things to notice and talk about in this photo. 1st of all......see those BIG, THICK glasses....?? He didn't even need them! But still wore them for 2+ years. My mom finally switched eye dr.'s and they told him he didn't even need them! thing down. The next is that SMILE! He was dared to smile like a "Monster".....and, he did!!!! Do you remember those fake logs we used to have to use as a prop!!! That was sooo stupid. Being a photographer....I would never do that to one of my kids!!!

and Lyza

Happy Birthday Brandon !!!

Hope you are having a blast and have a wonderful 31st Birthday!


Chris, Misty, Madisyn and Lyza Faith

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That's hilarious! My brothers would kill me if I posted pictures of them like that!