Sunday, May 24, 2009

Awesome Models??!!! YEP

Pre Photo Shoot:
Picnic on the lawn...McDonald's Too!!! Thanks Becky!
Cowgirl Amaya!!
Silly Girl Juliana...yes, this is how she came out for her photo shoot! She dressed herself :-))

I had a week full of AWESOME awesome I have to showcase them day by day!!!

Day one I present the lovely princesses: Juliana and Amaya!!!!! They are characters and so much fun. As soon as they arrived...they immediately wanted to put on their "picture" clothes and the tutu's. I explained they would be with me ALL day!!! That didn't matter to them!! So up went the backgrounds and out came the FLASH and the SMILES!! And a few silly faces to boot! What joys and blessings they are!!!


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