Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Follow Up!

My Mother's Day was wonderful....as you can tell from the photos and video below! I took LOTS of pic's...and got LOTS of great ones, so I will have many to post over the next few weeks! Thanks to everyone in my family who made it such a special weekend for us! Much love to you all!

Last night Madisyn and I went to the mall so I could do a little "Pre" birthday shopping. I got a massage, and while I was doing that she went to Hallmark and got me a gift....how sweet! Except the card alone was $10.00! Better be one heck of a card! HA! She even used her own money though...so I cannot/will not complain. We then went to Bath and Body Works where I picked up a few things on sale....then to the new Yankee Candle store! I am scheduled for a one hour massage this afternoon....I can't wait! I love pampering myself.....not in a conceited way, I just love to have massages/pedicures/manicures...etc! What gal doesn't right??

Madisyn has a soccer game tonight also! So when I return home....we will go to that and then afterwards head to the gym! (Mainly just so she can get the stinkiness off of her!!! THAT GIRL....it must be the age, but she hates to shower and doesn't care the least bit if she stinks to high heaven!!).

It is a BEAUTIFUL day out....so Lyza and I took the morning to play outside. She slept in her big girl bed all night last night and did great....she's napping in it now. The baby bed is officially moved and ready for daddy to take it out of her room! Boo Hoo!!!! My baby is growing up. Now if she could just get this potty chair thing down! Oh well.......she'll go when she's ready. Mama' is tired of trying and I'm sure she's tired of me taking her to the bathroom every 20 min!

Bran, Trish and crew will be leaving tomorrow for Disney!! Have fun guys!! And Brydon.....DO NOT punch Mickey Mouse in the nose!! He'll kick you out of the park if you do! :-))


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