Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Update....with Misty McKibben-Melvin

No photos today.......just words!

We made it "back home" to my parents! It is such a stress reliever for me to come home, let my hair down and enjoy a few days in the deep woods of the country visiting family and friends that I feel I don't see often near enough!

Our morning started off with us leaving at 8 am for Maddy's soccer game. Coaches daughter had just called her at 7:45 am to tell her it was at a different park, closer to home, so no worries. We decide I will be the one to take her we didn't want Lyza in all the mud and muck after yesterdays horrible storm damage (Middle and High School even had to stay one hour later after school until the storms died down, while the elementary let out early to beat the storms!!!). SO, Chris wasn't real happy about this, as soccer is his thing.....and dance is mine. However, I had missed a few days when sick and I really wanted to go. Got there and only us and the coach were there. Games had been cancelled and he didn't know it! JUST MY LUCK!!! So.....we headed to Target, then off to get Brydon's harness. We left just in time to find an itty bitty turtle on the road that we "saved" and brought back to the farm with us to let go in our creeks........Lyza loved it, can't wait to share pic's!!

We headed into Shoals and went straight o my Aunt Janice and Uncle Johnny's and spent about 45 min visiting with them. Lyza loved Mim's toys and cats...and it was nice to catch up. We will go back tomorrow when all their kiddos are there and we can see them too..and the grandkids!!!. Got home and Brydon was still he, Lyza, Chris and Maddy were entertained playing so I snuck out to go to my best friends mom's house to deliver a Mother's Day gift to her.....ended up staying over an hour then Lynette showed up and we got to spend some time together.....then Woody showed up with his yahoo's and Kayla (Trish's sister) and so we got to hang out for awhile. Nice to catch up and see everyone! Maddy and I finally headed back home and Bran, Trish and both kids were there......although they were loading up to leave I stole a few pic's, promised them goody bags for their trip to Disney and gave Trish some antibiotics I had but didn't use since I was vomiting so much. Looks like she may have strep and I want to get her well before their vacation!!! After that Mom, Lyza and I went to town and got Pizza and Stoms.....while Madisyn and Chris rode 4-wheelers!!! We spent the rest of the evening playing outside and insides....went out on the golf cart, got baths......had a hoot with all us gals laying in moms bed with her (yep...pic's of that to follow too!) and now we are off to sleepy town.!! Lyza had no nap today.......Mom, Bran, Trish and kids took her up to some of our friends (Michael and Marsha...who were at his parents....his mom is one of my moms best friends) and they let Lyza splash in the mud. Girl had mud coming out of her ears.....looks like she had a good time playing with Cheaney, Brydon and LaRissa!!!

Tomorrow we will leave at for church at 8 am so Maddy can practice singing with the microphone and get the volumes adjusted. Should be nice to hear her sing!!! Thanks to Lana and Courtney for dubbing the instrumental for her ( )!! We really appreciate it. We will then celebrate Mother's Day and birthdays....ride 4 wheelers....visit my grandfather....and I plan to go to the Jug Rock with my girls (and Chris) and possibly rock climb at the pinnacle.....maybe even get out to Hindostin on our way home!! There is ALWAYS so much I want to do....but seems like I have No time to fit it all in! I want to go down to the creeks and let the kids wade and swim too!!!! So....we'll see how much I get done. Not sure if Chris is liking this me being healthy again with so much energy.....the go, go, go syndrome has kicked in, plus the talking a mile a minute!!! HA! Trust me.....I'll take this anyday over what I was going through for the last month!!!!!

Off to sleepyland....and I'll have tons of pic's to share Sunday night or Mon morning! Stay tuned!!!


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Sounds wonderful! Enjoy!