Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where did summer go???

Where did summer go??? I'm tired of rain.....TIRED!!!! Ok, so when I was sick...I didn't mind it so much because I didn't feel like I was really neglecting the kids by not being at sporting events or hanging out outside to play with that I am better......I WANT to be outside in the sun, getting some rays! These photos are from a few weeks ago when the sun was shining!! I know that summer means I need a new hammock and patio furniture though! May/June are not good months as birthday's come.....Me, Brandon, Chris, Trish, Madisyn and Mom. Plus our anniversary and Bran/Trish's anniversary!!!

May 10 - Mother's Day

May 15 - Brandon's Birthday

May 17 - Bran/Trish's anniversary

May 19- My Birthday

May 29 - Chris/Misty's anniversary

June 8- Madisyn's birthday

June 13 - Chris' birthday

June 14 - Trish's birthday

June 21 - Father's day

June 29 - Mom's birthday

Yep.....our family is definatly broke during this time! :-))

I have had many ask what has kept me down for a month....well, I am not really sure! I do know this......I got sick the week before my cousin Kris' benefit dinner/ Cody and Kim's wedding and was unable to attend. That was the first weekend in April. I had a few good days between....but the last two weeks I was sick I vomited nonstop.......I had to go off any medication that I was on because it simply would not stay down. I have a horrible sleeping problem and do depend on sleep aids. I used to really be ashamed to admit that, but I'm no longer that way! I simply CANNOT sleep if I have nothing in my system. Both times that I went to the ER they treated me for dehydration and positive Strep tests. It was horrible both times, as when I went in my blood pressure was very high (I think just the anxiety of being there). I would break out in rashes/hives all over me when they went to put the IV's in and anytime they would put a medication through the IV (I've watched WAY to many episodes of HOUSE). After only about 4 hrs of sleep in 7 days....I went back on the sleeping medicine and something for anxiety!!!! I couldn't stand it any longer.......well, LO and BEHOLD when I took it, I slept four hours straight that day.......Chris woke me to finish our "Cuatro de Mayo" festivities...(Yep, I was a day off......Sorry Lyza, but I am sure you did not know the difference!)....and that night I slept from 10:30 (only cause my brother called and we talked for 1/2 hr) until 9:30 am the next morning...uninterrupted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like a million bucks!!! Last night I slept from 9 pm - 8:30 am this morning!!!!!!!! No tightness in my chest, no anxiety and my energy is back in full force. I have cleaned, am potty training (wish me luck and anyone out there with advice, send it my way! This two year old is JUST NOT DOING WHAT I WANT and fighting me tooth and nail every inch of the way!)........I think I was mainly sleep deprived and anxiety through the roof. I know no other way to explain it!!! It's crazy! Thanks to everyone for the prayers, well wishes, etc! I really appreciate it! I am back to "normal" (ha, whatever that may be!) and doing well now!!!

OH...and the catfood stealing culprit???? Not the opossum as suspected, two HUGE raccoons!!!



Becky said...

Still no answers on the illness?? Glad you are feeling better though. And I am in total agreement about needing some more sunshine and less rain.

Potty training advice: Never, NEVER! try to fight a two year old.. you will NOT win! (Trust me I've tried!) Best advice I got and can give.. they will do it when they are ready. It has to be their idea. So give Miss Lyza all the tools and encouragement and praise to be a big girl. Read books, watch videos, show her how everyone else goes potty and then wait for her to WANT to do it. AND bribes, bribes, BRIBES!!!! Candy, new princess panties, success charts, stickers, trips to Chuck-E-Cheese!! Bribe away!
Good Luck!

Cindy said...

So happy to hear that you are feeling better. I am so over all this rain. I agree we need some sunshine...

Vanessa said...

I'll gladly share some of this 90+ degree weather that's full sun we've been getting! Take it it's yours!!
Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Eva said...

I am glad you are feeling better, believe me being sleep deprived and feeling anxious are ingredients for disaster!
I am sorry it took me sooo long to answer the question you did to me about Lyza's curls. I think it needs a long answer. I think sending an email would be more private?
take care!