Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday "Bloopers"!

This weeks FFF theme is "Bloopers".........thanks to Check out her site for MORE "Bloopers"!!!

I'll explain each of these little episodes so thta you are NOT confused...and sorry for the late delivery....but today was BRANDONS Day and I didn't want to take away fom his "special day"!!!

Lyza when she first saw one of the ducks.....squeezing the "poop" right outo it!!!

Lyza making a "train" with the leather "boxes" that we use for toys and books. Looks like Smokey decided to join her!!

Maddy with a "Mud Mask" on....yes, Lyza is scare of her when she looks like this!!!

Maddy after/during/ or before the church play!!! The story of Jesusl I could neverlet them cake on that much makeup and hair dye! I would go nuts!!

Maddy almost falling into the creek last weekend! Pretty funny!

Maddy asleep and snoring......she may have been faking it...but loves Nonny's tempurpedic bed and I love their pillows! She'd find any excuse for lights out and into that bed! Ok....truth be told, we all would!

Lyza squeezing another duck! :-)

Nonny hiding behind that lovely doll! She says it is the grandkids....but I bet she sleep with it!

Brydon insists on dressing himself now. Last time I came home his jeans were on backwards, shoes on backwards and shirt on backwards. This time it was only his pant, inside out but the tag in the front! It as cute!!!

Mama and Papa caught in actions!
Lyza does NOT looked thrilled to get her pic's taken with Baby Lia!!!! I love this photo!


One Busy Momma said...

Funny pics!!!!
Feel sorry for the ducks in the pic... and the adult women! ;)
Thanks for the laughs!

vaneblu said...

LOL Funny Pics, I love the last one!
Poor ducky :p

Vanessa said...

That last photo is priceless!!