Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This, That and the Other.....

Is this not a face you just cannot help but love???

Tomorrow I will blog about our week with Madisyn home, with photos of all the fun things we did! There are so many, so this is my start to the rest of the week in finishing up the prior weeks fun stuff! Did ya get all that? These are basic photos of Madisyn and Lyza....the start of getting her room redone (AGAIN)....and I will also post some volleyball camp photos! We had a great week and it ended with Justin/Sutton's wedding....Maddy getting a haircut.....and getting spend time with family/friends! The week Madisyn was home seemed to go by far too quickly...but we got a lot done, we did a lot of fun things....but I certainly was not ready to let her go again. She will be going to Daytona next she'll come back nice and tan just in time for school!
More Tomorrow!
~~ Misty
Garden and Barn in the SUMMER :-)

Hmmmm, found some pink upside down sunglasses on this horse!

Prepping for Maddy's new Lime Green Stripes in her sitting room!!

Lil' Sis was way glad to have Big Sissy Home!!! More rough housing!!!

Yes...we entice sitting on the potty chair with works! Especially ice cream! :-)

Our cute as a button "PuppyBear Macey"!

Chris and Madisyn hard at work

Lyza engrossed in a cartoon!!

Those EYES!

Getting the game plan together!

"George"....happy on this sunny day!

First Stripe has started!

"Sisters are Forever"

Madz room.........WHOA! It does look MUCH better now!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Maddy is home....and lovin' it!! my youngest Princess must be a bit jealous of the attention her Sissy was giving the new puppy....because as you can see from the photos below, Lyza has reverted to being a puppy now. Complete with the soft dog bone in mouth, barking and walking around the house on all fours like the dog!!!! She even crawled into the new "doggie bed" Madisyn bought for PuppyBear and said "Ruff, Ruff...I a dog". Ugggg.... :-)))

Madisyn is home, safe and sound and was ever so happy to see puppybear great her at the airport! she is in love with a matter of fact, she asked to go straight to Petsmart to buy some things for PuppyBear Macey with her birthday money! Yep...she spent it all on a new pink doggie bed w/blanket and toy to match (it came as a set), puppy treats, toys, brush and her sister lovingly asked her to buy her some fish.....So Madisyn spent a whopping 25 cents on two little fish for Lyza! oh the love!

She was pleasantly surprised to come home and find her room mostly done also...she loved it!! She bought paint for her sitting room also....lime green! That is a project for her and Chris and they will be doing that tomorrow probably! She missed her friends terribly, so she has a friend coming over in about an hour....then will see most of them at Volleyball Camp tonight!

It is great to have her home........she was excited to see Lyza, the pup and her room......she was pretty fond of how her "Old" stuff looked in Lyza's room also! Perfect match to go with all her brightly colored Mayan things!

This morning I got up to quite a scare. I went into Lyza's room at 6 am. Except Lyza was NOT there! Her door was shut and she can't open the doors I panicked...freaked out, was ready to call 911. Frantically screaming for her throughout the house....waking everyone. There is too much on TV about kids getting taken during the night!!! Well, I finally found her under a pile of blankets on the couch, asleep!!!! Funny how I did not notice until after the panicking that the living room had books all over the floor, toys were everywhere, etc!!! She must have really been having a ball with no one to look after her and tell her no! The only thing I can figure is that she took her little step stool that she uses to get into her bed and moved it by her door to open it. I guess the child gate will have to go up in the doorway again for awhile......what a scare!!!!!

Will share pic's of the painting process as it progresses!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Madisyn and Lyza - Room Makeovers! the girls are getting new room makeovers again this year. Madisyn picked aqua and lime green! So...I went ahead and got some of her things while she was gone, because there was an awesome deal on an 11 pc set at Bed, Bath and Beyond! More for a college student...but I couldn't pass it up! Comforter, Sheet Set plus pillowcases, two shams, lime fleece throw blanket, dry erase board, aqua clothes hamper, etc. I found matching rugs at Target for like 3.00 each also, and a few accent curtains. The only thing left to do is put up her AQUA squares that go along with the circles already on her wall, paint part of her name on the wall in Aqua and Chris and Madisyn are tackling her sitting room and painting it Aqua and lime green striped!!!! What a job and what fun for them next week. I took the liberty of going ahead and putting everything together aside from the painting (which she wanted to do...and that was FINE with this mama'!!). Also I am letting her put up the Aqua accents so that it is done how she prefers them! She will be home tomorow and I simply cannot wait for her to see her room.....and see "PuppyBear Macey" for the first time! I gave her a bath tonight and yep....2 lbs fur, 1 lb weight!! ha! It was fun....and now she looks fabulous and smells like baby powder!!!! We leave at 9:30 am to go pick her up in Louisville and I can't wait.....we are taking "PuppyBear Macey" with us of course!

Her room....back sitting room will be painted.....circles on wall will also have Aqua squares to will be redone with Aqua letters painted amongst them also!

Her New curtains....super cute...super cheap at Wally World....and the Aqua blanket on the floor I was going to use as a rug, but didn't work I used it as an accent piece!

Her Bedspread up close and personal.....Chris isn't crazy about it...but it is what she that is what she got! :-)) I personally like it! I love the bright colors!

I bought these accent placemats at Target too for 1.50...they go great to put frames on or set baskets the room a touch of color!

Her rugs I got at Target for 3.00....matched all the colors she wanted perfectly. Couldn't beat that. I put one in front of her dresser and one in front of her chest of drawers!

Now on to Miss Lyza's Room. She was supposed to be getting "LadyBugs"..but we figured she'd be in a toddler bed for a couple of years still and didn't want to invest just yet. Sooo...she got Maddy's brightly colored "hand me downs"....they were too nice and only a few years old......and they matched her Mayan things acquired from Guatemala so well! We did buy her new curtains that were the child still had sheer "Winnie the Pooh" curtains and woke up with the chickens...which was hard on poor mom!!! went the bright pink/lime colored comforter, rugs and we hung up the accent blankets that we handmade in Guatemala......then the curtains went up and it pulled it all together. We still have a few of the "colorful" circles to go on the wall to finish it up....but so far, this is what we have! It seems a big cluttered to me now because of her toys...but I guess it beats having them in the living room!!! :-))) Plus.....the "Winnie" border still needs to come off and I think because it isn't as light as it was with the sheer curtains...that is what is making it seem cluttered to me. Oh well....she's a little girl who needs her toys in her room.....and this will just have to do for now!!!! She oooohhhed and Awwwed at it, so I guess that means we did just fine!!!
Her bedroom with the new curtains and handmade Guatemalan Blanket we bought in Guatemala on her pick up trip! Priceless.....

Her little "Colorful" bed :-)

View looking in from the door.......just not used to those curtains yet...but come morning I'll be liking them!!!

This is a plaque I got at Hallmark for Madisyn's Nana and sent it to her as a Thank You gift for all she did with/for Madisyn while she was out visiting a few weeks ago!! I thought it fit her perfectly...and how true! I hope she likes it!

Blessings to everyone....and I will post more later in the week when Chris and Madisyn get their painting done....should be interesting. Wonder who will end up with the most paint on them....and wonder if those stripes will be straight or not! ha! I'm betting NOT, but don't tell them I said that!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pic's of Miss Olivia!

Here are some photos of my best friend from back home...Lynette's...little girl, "Olivia" that I did a few weeks ago! She was a real trooper through all the outfit changes and the heat!!! They turned out too cute...she is such a little ham! Hope you enjoy them!

I am getting ready to send out fliers to start booking fall photo if you are interested, drop me a line! You can always visit my website at also! I am getting ready to update the site hopefully within the next few days of more recent photo shoots that I have done!



Thursday, July 9, 2009

All my little Angels.......

What a blessing it is to have all these wonderful kiddos in my life....what an important part they play in my day to day life! Angels indeed......and the wonderful thing, they don't even suspect what little blessings they are!