Monday, July 13, 2009

Maddy is home....and lovin' it!! my youngest Princess must be a bit jealous of the attention her Sissy was giving the new puppy....because as you can see from the photos below, Lyza has reverted to being a puppy now. Complete with the soft dog bone in mouth, barking and walking around the house on all fours like the dog!!!! She even crawled into the new "doggie bed" Madisyn bought for PuppyBear and said "Ruff, Ruff...I a dog". Ugggg.... :-)))

Madisyn is home, safe and sound and was ever so happy to see puppybear great her at the airport! she is in love with a matter of fact, she asked to go straight to Petsmart to buy some things for PuppyBear Macey with her birthday money! Yep...she spent it all on a new pink doggie bed w/blanket and toy to match (it came as a set), puppy treats, toys, brush and her sister lovingly asked her to buy her some fish.....So Madisyn spent a whopping 25 cents on two little fish for Lyza! oh the love!

She was pleasantly surprised to come home and find her room mostly done also...she loved it!! She bought paint for her sitting room also....lime green! That is a project for her and Chris and they will be doing that tomorrow probably! She missed her friends terribly, so she has a friend coming over in about an hour....then will see most of them at Volleyball Camp tonight!

It is great to have her home........she was excited to see Lyza, the pup and her room......she was pretty fond of how her "Old" stuff looked in Lyza's room also! Perfect match to go with all her brightly colored Mayan things!

This morning I got up to quite a scare. I went into Lyza's room at 6 am. Except Lyza was NOT there! Her door was shut and she can't open the doors I panicked...freaked out, was ready to call 911. Frantically screaming for her throughout the house....waking everyone. There is too much on TV about kids getting taken during the night!!! Well, I finally found her under a pile of blankets on the couch, asleep!!!! Funny how I did not notice until after the panicking that the living room had books all over the floor, toys were everywhere, etc!!! She must have really been having a ball with no one to look after her and tell her no! The only thing I can figure is that she took her little step stool that she uses to get into her bed and moved it by her door to open it. I guess the child gate will have to go up in the doorway again for awhile......what a scare!!!!!

Will share pic's of the painting process as it progresses!!!

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Traci said...

Misty, Maddie, Lyza and Chris

I am so happy that the pup is adjusting so well. She has great parents and I know she also has a great new mommy(mommies)