Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another day gone.....

I am so very blessed....I was able to spend part of my morning at home with LaRissa, Brydon and Lyza! I went to bed late.....and woke up early. Had a cup of coffee at 6 am and started reading one of my devotional books "Love and Respect" and also "Powerful Promises for Every Couple". What a great way to start the day.

At promptly 8 am LaRissa bounced through the door wanting to know where Lyza was...and Brydon wasn't far behind. I todd them she was in bed and to "Shhhhhh". Within minutes she heard them and came running from her room screaming with delight that RISA, BRYDON and AUNT TRISHY were there!

They had fun chasing the critters around, taking turns pulling each other in the wagon, riding the little training bike! I think LaRissa liked 'PuppyBear Macy" the Macy got lots of rides in wagon and lots of treats!

They were all pretty well behaved and I enjoyed my time with them. However, I am one worn out Wife, Mother and Aunt at the moment and so I am going to "hit the sack"!



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Susan Warren said...

Those children are such blessings!