Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This, That and the Other.....

Is this not a face you just cannot help but love???

Tomorrow I will blog about our week with Madisyn home, with photos of all the fun things we did! There are so many, so this is my start to the rest of the week in finishing up the prior weeks fun stuff! Did ya get all that? These are basic photos of Madisyn and Lyza....the start of getting her room redone (AGAIN)....and I will also post some volleyball camp photos! We had a great week and it ended with Justin/Sutton's wedding....Maddy getting a haircut.....and getting spend time with family/friends! The week Madisyn was home seemed to go by far too quickly...but we got a lot done, we did a lot of fun things....but I certainly was not ready to let her go again. She will be going to Daytona next she'll come back nice and tan just in time for school!
More Tomorrow!
~~ Misty
Garden and Barn in the SUMMER :-)

Hmmmm, found some pink upside down sunglasses on this horse!

Prepping for Maddy's new Lime Green Stripes in her sitting room!!

Lil' Sis was way glad to have Big Sissy Home!!! More rough housing!!!

Yes...we entice sitting on the potty chair with works! Especially ice cream! :-)

Our cute as a button "PuppyBear Macey"!

Chris and Madisyn hard at work

Lyza engrossed in a cartoon!!

Those EYES!

Getting the game plan together!

"George"....happy on this sunny day!

First Stripe has started!

"Sisters are Forever"

Madz room.........WHOA! It does look MUCH better now!!

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