Monday, July 6, 2009

This and That :-))

Sorry for not posting sooner...but here are some photos to sum up my weekend over the 4th of July! Brydon and LaRissa were in the "Little Firecrackers" at our annual festival back home.....Unfortunatly I was not there to see Chris' brother/sister in law and my nieces were in town visiting....and it was our first time meeting the newest member of our family ...Lilly Grace Melvin...only 2 wks old! :-)) What a precious jewel she is! SOOO tiny! Lia was a little ham.....and I loved watching her and Lyza interact. They had their moments...just like any two year olds, but over all did very well together and got a little crazy even! It was fun...and cute to watch!

Fireworks were cancelled due to rain, so Chris came to the rescue (as always..with his pyromaniac ways!) and we had family over to watch our small display! It did the job....except Lyza is STILL saying "Fireworks were Very Scary......Very Scary Fireworks". She does not like loud noises....she never has, so the fountains and lights were all good...but the minute that he started setting off the loud screachy ones....she very clearly stated "Fireworks are Scary, Let's go to house!". So...that we did!

We are doing great on the potty training and I've had to go back to the dollar store for prizes twice now.....this was the last trip. Now it will be sticker rewards or a small little packet of candy as the prize! Once all the wrapped "prizes" are gone this time....she'll have to settle for the other! She LOVES the new singing potty and wakes up eager to nice it has been to not have to buy diapers! She's doing very well.......and once she goes, her biggest enjoyment is taking it out of the little potty immediatly and flushing it bye bye!! Then she runs for the prize bag! She sits patiently singing and reading books......she is quite smart when singing, as she knows so many songs and it is so cute to listen to her sing. She enjoys praise and even praises herself saying "Lyza is so Smart".....when she finishes a song, the potty or anything else she does that deserves praise! Funny Girl!

Madisyn arrives home on Sunday.....yippee. She will be home for a full week for Volleyball camp....then she will go back to Pennsylvania for two weeks until the start of school.....that means, School is almost here again. Where did the summer go??? CRAZY!

Today I will be keeping Brydon and LaRissa and am looking forward to that! Most every weekend of my summer is booked with wedding, that is good for me!!!

The bottom pic's are of the new "hair do". I let them cut a 10" ponytail off the BACK of my hair and donated to "Locks of Love"...and I kept the sides longer for that angled was a bit intimidating...but fun! They also stripped the hot pink strips out of it! :-))

Have a cool, safe week!


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Great photos as always!!!