Monday, September 26, 2011

~ Home ~

One tuckered out Mayan baby on her way to Nonny and Paws!

Made it back home for a less than slight 24 hrs, but worth the drive! Upon arriving Brydon and Lyza decided to play in the mud and have mud wars......only to discover they were playing in the sewer. Country kids for ya....gross. Sleeping arrangements were.....well, interesting so I came home and took a 3 hr nap yesterday in addition to sleeping like a baby all night! Got to see all the family, a few friends.....and life was all good for the time being!

This week I am heavy duty packing I guess. Reboxing everything. I move on Friday....I am looking forward to it, yet not looking forward to it all at the same time. I think I will just be glad when it is over and done with. I hate moving...especially under these circumstances. I'll be honest, it flat out sucks. But, I'll make it....I somehow always do.

Kittens are keeping me far more than entertained. They are so funny.....if I could just get Lyza to quit putting them in time out, taking away "tickets" for bad behavior....I'd be ok! She even tells them to use walking feet in the house, not to run. (Wow, you can tell my profession can't ya?)

Have a Blessed Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Friends

See the difference between a 6wk old Russian blue and a 13 yr old Russian Blue? Too Cute!

Sara Evans-Life Without Losing (Lyrics)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~Field Trip Day~

Field Trip Day to TJ's Orchard!

The kiddos got to learn how the apples grew, were picked, cleaned, processed.....they got to taste apple cider and bring home a mini pumpkin and apple! What a fun morning out! You would have thought I was not on this field trip, as Lyza gave me an entire recap of the trip on the way home from work/PreSchool tonight! Funny Kiddo! :-) And of course riding the bus was the best part for all the kiddos though! Give them a few years, they'll change their minds!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 yr pics!

I simply cannot believe my little one is turning 5yrs old. Seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from Guatemala. She is now a VERY spunky, HARD headed almost 5yrold with an imagination that is unreal. She is a joy to my life and brings me blessings daily! She brings a bit, or a lot of joy to everyone who comes in contact with her!

I love you Louisa Faith Anay!

~ Mama

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

This photo cracks me up! This is how I found her in her room at 7 pm on Thursday! So what does mama do with such said sleeping child at 7 pm? She puts her in bed of course, then such said mama finds her way to bed at 7:30 pm....and we both sleep until 7:30 am on Friday! Yes...a miracle has occurred! A very much needed on at that! They must have really worn her out at school. I asked her teacher the next day if she napped at nap time, and WOW I was REALLY suprised when she said she didn't! ha!

This week went by rather quickly with that Monday off thrown in there! We had a good week...didn't do a whole lot but go to school, (learn for Lyza, work for me), come home, dinner, read books (we are on a major book reading kick) and I have listened non stop to Lyza singing. Anything and Everything! From nursery rhymes, to DVD movie songs, Country to Christian! She is a hoot and is really getting into her performances now....waving those little arms and batting those long beautiful eyelashes. I've said it before, I'll say it again..... God knew EXACTLY what he was doing dropping this child in our arms. She is exactly what I needed........and she has been the most soft spoken, tender hearted concerned sweetheart when I am having bad days! Don't get me wrong though, that time out chair sure is getting some use though!

Saturday Kristie, Mandy and I went to Olive Garden to eat.....then Kristie and I went on a shopping spree to wrap up some of the things I will need in the next few weeks. We had a good time, but I'd rather not be spending that money. (yes, you read that right! It was kinda depressing)....however, we made the most of it and we had a wonderful day of laughs and serious conversations! Thank you both for being such great friends!

Sunday Lyza and I are going to church....then we are going with daddy at 4 pm and going to the "Party Supply Store" know what that means? Almost Birthday time. Most of you know how I love to do the parties and so I want her to pick her theme now (she says My little pony or strawberry shortcake...but we figure she will come out with neither) so I can get her invites done and everything that goes with that. Her birthday happens to fall on a Saturday this year...... she has only asked for "Pump it Up" so far but we hope to throw some ideas at her that she may find more appealing! We shall see, but for those family members that plan ahead it will be Nov. 5th. Not sure of time and place yet, we will know that next week hopefully. Tonight I am working at Oakhill Baptist (where I work on a regular basis!) with the toddlers while church service is going on. I will be really hard cause I have to work with Kristie. Guess they figure we don't get enough time together since we are together 7 days a week! LOL! Actually, couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather be working with that much (or shopping, or sitting around looking at walls making plans on what to put on those walls....ha!)

She loves these Jammies because we both have a pair. Actually she discovered last night she has two pair, and I have two pair. She also informed me we must wear them on the same nights! :-)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do you know what I love in lieu of three day weekends? I love waking up thinking I have slept the entire night, only to look at the time and it is only 1 am!!! That to me is a WONDERFUL little trick God plays on us! I love it! So...then I cozied back up with my little electric blanket (yep, you read that right! I slept with the windows open!)..and slept the night away, again! I am loving this weather!

What did we do on our day off yesterday...? We napped of the tune of 4 hrs! I ran all morning...which was draining in many ways, so a nap was just what I needed! After dinner we headed outside to play....Lyza played in her "Park" (aka Swing Set) and rode her bike while I sat in the breeze...ok, strong winds and enjoyed watching her giggle and laugh!

Madisyn was a barrel of laughs yesterday as she tried contacts for the first time. She texted me a million times how she was sweaty and felt like she was going to pass out. (I passed out the first time they put contacts in my eyes, so I know how she felt)...however she went on and on and on about how the right one was hurting, but she could see out of it....but the left one felt fine and she couldn't see out of it at all. As a matter of fact, she said it was making her vision worse and not to order the new contacts just yet. straight A genius got home to take them out and found out the left one wasn't even in her eye! Oh how funny she is!!! I tried to talk her into taking them out mid-day, and telling her how to tell if they were in inside out or not but she wasn't going to touch them! Great Story!

Last night Lyza and I got our blankies and cuddled up in the recliner with popcorn and watched "Rio" was a cute movie and it kept her entertained! What a great way to end the long weekend!

This would by far be Madisyn's favorite photo!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Raspberry Lemonade & Banana Pudding

What does a mommy do when her little girl is still up and midnight and not falling asleep? Why...she lets her get up and make banana pudding and raspberry lemonade! That is what Lyza and I did last night around midnight! She went to bed one happy girl and slept until almost 9:30 am this morning and back down for a nap this afternoon! She was going to eat her banana pudding for breakfast...but after one bite she realized it wasn't her favorite kind by any means!

This evening we have rented "Rio" we will have a popcorn, movie, candles going..snuggly night on the couch!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend.....

I had a great few days back home! I got to visit with family and friends...and that is just what I needed! The wedding was really nice....really hot! Lyza and I both slept like babies! Today I went to church with the family....had Sunday dinner...then went to visit Grandma Sharon (to Lyza), Woody, Lynette plus Judy and Harvey are here from TN! And of course Lyza visited Olivia..... gotta love their girly spats at this age!!! Drove back to Evansville...took a books to Lyza, did puzzles, played with playdough and now we are getting ready to read a few more books before bed. I have some shopping to do tomorrow....and then my sister in law, Trish is coming down with LaRissa! Can't wait to spend the afternoon with them! I hope everyone has had a great long weekend....and better yet, PTL it has cooled down and we got some rain! (I don't know about you, but I was sick of watering my plants!)

~~ Blessings ~~

Me and Lynette

Misty and Julie

Trying to get all four of us looking the same direction in a picture is MUCH harder than it looks!!!!

Lyza and Olivia

One of the truest sayings there is.....

Pretty refreshing lemonade in 100 degree weather!

Lyza's picture taking skills!

Lyza and LaRissa

LaRissa......straight out of the hospital!!!

Monkeys in a swing!

Cool Man Brydon!

I am certainly glad Lyza picked up this hand sign from him also!

Little Miss in her boots and jammies! I can't hardly get her to take off these new winter boots!