Monday, September 26, 2011

~ Home ~

One tuckered out Mayan baby on her way to Nonny and Paws!

Made it back home for a less than slight 24 hrs, but worth the drive! Upon arriving Brydon and Lyza decided to play in the mud and have mud wars......only to discover they were playing in the sewer. Country kids for ya....gross. Sleeping arrangements were.....well, interesting so I came home and took a 3 hr nap yesterday in addition to sleeping like a baby all night! Got to see all the family, a few friends.....and life was all good for the time being!

This week I am heavy duty packing I guess. Reboxing everything. I move on Friday....I am looking forward to it, yet not looking forward to it all at the same time. I think I will just be glad when it is over and done with. I hate moving...especially under these circumstances. I'll be honest, it flat out sucks. But, I'll make it....I somehow always do.

Kittens are keeping me far more than entertained. They are so funny.....if I could just get Lyza to quit putting them in time out, taking away "tickets" for bad behavior....I'd be ok! She even tells them to use walking feet in the house, not to run. (Wow, you can tell my profession can't ya?)

Have a Blessed Monday!

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