Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do you know what I love in lieu of three day weekends? I love waking up thinking I have slept the entire night, only to look at the time and it is only 1 am!!! That to me is a WONDERFUL little trick God plays on us! I love it! So...then I cozied back up with my little electric blanket (yep, you read that right! I slept with the windows open!)..and slept the night away, again! I am loving this weather!

What did we do on our day off yesterday...? We napped of course...to the tune of 4 hrs! I ran all morning...which was draining in many ways, so a nap was just what I needed! After dinner we headed outside to play....Lyza played in her "Park" (aka Swing Set) and rode her bike while I sat in the breeze...ok, strong winds and enjoyed watching her giggle and laugh!

Madisyn was a barrel of laughs yesterday as she tried contacts for the first time. She texted me a million times how she was sweaty and felt like she was going to pass out. (I passed out the first time they put contacts in my eyes, so I know how she felt)...however she went on and on and on about how the right one was hurting, but she could see out of it....but the left one felt fine and she couldn't see out of it at all. As a matter of fact, she said it was making her vision worse and not to order the new contacts just yet. Well....my straight A genius got home to take them out and found out the left one wasn't even in her eye! Oh how funny she is!!! I tried to talk her into taking them out mid-day, and telling her how to tell if they were in inside out or not but she wasn't going to touch them! Great Story!

Last night Lyza and I got our blankies and cuddled up in the recliner with popcorn and watched "Rio"...it was a cute movie and it kept her entertained! What a great way to end the long weekend!

This would by far be Madisyn's favorite photo!

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