Saturday, May 16, 2009

Congrats Amber and Shelby!!!!!

Brian, Christine, Lia and baby girl Melvin are visiting this weekend......We had so much fun with them last night. Lyza and Lia are sharing so much you can tell since Lyza is feeding her! We will see them today and tomorrow I am doing photos of Lia for the summer!

Congratulations to Amber and Shelby! Amber graduated last night from Nursing School...and Shelby graduates today from High School! The best part?? My cousin Ashley (Ambers twin brother) and his family Nickie, Jordyn, Ryan and Trevor drove 16 hrs overnight to surprise her and be here!!!! The are leaving for the trek back home after Shelbys graduation tonight!!! What a great family they are.....what a great surprise and I know it meant the world to her. The previous night she was just telling me how she wished that they could have been there......AND...they were!!! It made her graduation even more special and she certainly deserves it...she has worked hard for this degree!!!

Shelby's graduation is tonight and I simply cannot wait to see all our family members (and family member that aren't really blood, they are just in laws of cousins/aunts/uncles etc...but just like family to me too)! I am leaving about 1 pm (my whole immediate family is going)...they live in IL so it will take about 2.5 hrs. I am hoping Lyza sleeps that whole time so she'll wake up in a good mood!! Madisyn and Emily will be in charge of taking her out to play or run the halls if she gets too loud during graduation! Yep, I'm counting on that being a problem!!!

Congrats to both of You!!! I am so proud (well, Shelby is just making me feel old.....she was the first grandchild born into their family and we share the same birthday!!! Now she's graduting. It's hard to believe!


Amber, Shelby and Emily

Amber and her mama....My Aunt Nina...who is like my second mother (my mom's sister!)

Ashley and is family.....Nichole (his wife)....Jordyn, Ryan and Trevor!

Amber and Ashley as he made is surprise visit!

Emily, Amber and Shelby

Shelby and her Mama' Amber!

I will be taking A LOT more photos tonight!! I'll post them tomorrow!!!! It is going to be a fun filled night.......I can already see/imagine it now!!

Congrats again......well deserved achievement for both of you!

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