Friday, October 10, 2008

For Kalley......Way to go!

OK BLOGGER BUDDIES! I am counting on you to help out!!! What an honor for Kalley....and as many of you know a scholarship can be life changing for a family!!! Please read the email below from Kalley's parents and follow the link to vote! It will only take a second and again....OH what an HONOR!! Way to go Kalley on making it this far!!!

~~ Misty

Our daughter, Kalley, is one of 10 finalists for a 4 year tuition scholarship to Liberty University in a contest held byChristian radio station, Spirit FM. Part of the process is having people vote for her. The voting runsMonday, Oct. 6 through 5:00 Friday, Oct. 10. To vote, go online to and click on American Scholar which will appear onthe homepage. In order to vote, you must have an email address andwhen you receive a confirmation e-mail, you must respond to it foryour vote to count. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and votes for Kalley. Shehas many talents and a heart to serve the Lord, but we think the essayshe wrote on International adoption may be one reason she was chosenout of 150 applicants to be in the top 10.