Monday, March 19, 2012

Boys will be boys......

Lyza and "the boys" above!

Lyza and "the boys" below!
This is seriously the most comfortable recliner in the world (ok, maybe Indiana...Ok, maybe Martin County, ok...maybe Dover Hill) and this is how Alex chose to sleep on it all night (yes, we do have beds too). SNORING (loudly) away...and this was like 11 am! lol

What can I say? Anyone who knows me knows that I am a "girl mom".... I've always had girls, only wanted girls and was never sure how I would deal with boys. Matter of fact in my homestudy for Lyza the social worker asked why I was requesting a girl.... My reply was, well.... "Once when I was little I told my mom I wanted three girls and she asked what if I had three boys, and I told her I would KILL THEM ALL" he immediatly put down "baby girl only". LOL! with everything, things have changed a bit! I must admit at first I was a little leary of what I would do with a boy when I moved in here.....but as time has gone on, I have found it has been interesting and nothing but fun. Cody has great friends and they keep me laughing. Lyza just loves them and they think she's a that is always entertaining to listen to her say "I'm going out with the boys" (meaning outside or wherever they are). We've had some good road trips, fun activities, and just goofing around the house. I'm thinking I might just be doing a decent job after all with the whole "boy thing"! We sure are having fun anyways! Photos below show some of their humor! I can say, never a dull moment.....

love ya boys!

Took us about 10 shots to try and get the cheeseballs flying in the air!! Gage was the only one who succeeded, cause as you can see Cody and Alex still have cheeseballs in hand!

? Roadkill ?

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