Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter? Spring? Summer?

These photos were taken about 3 weeks ago.....two days apart!
Tornado Activity in many states, including hard hit Indiana!
The first decent snow we had all year that was enough for Lyza to play in....however, it only lasted that day, as it climbed to mid 40's that day, and 60 degrees the next day!

Yesterday was the first Official day of Spring. However, these photos were taken last Sunday during the offical days of "Winter". I think mother nature is just as confused as we are! It has stayed in the steady 80's up to 86 degrees the last few weeks. We had alot of fun..... the water a bit cool, but kiddos don't care....and we had a great time fishing as well! Lovin' the simple life!

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Guatmama said...

Where are you? That looks like quite the fun Martin County waterpark! And thanks for the nice favorite so far was the all Martin county final at sectional!