Friday, March 16, 2012

A Day at the Jug Rock and State Forest!

We headed to the State Forest and Jug Rock for some fun on one of our many 80 degree weather days! It is fun going to the places I used to go when I was younger (and took for granted...the scenary is beautiful)...and it is so nice to watch it through Lyza's eyes experiencing the same things I did as a kiddo! We had a lot of fun at the State Forest, had a picnic dinner, walked around the lake, looked for minnows and found many....played on the playground, rode bikes and she loves to dig in the dirt, so she did A LOT of that! "Wiley" even got to go and had a good time! I swore I wasn't going to let her climb the firetower....but as you can see....she did!!! No problem going up, but coming down was another story. I am certain everyone in surrounding counties heard her screams..... the girl has lungs (who am I kidding, she has MAJOR lungs...she could be an opera singer and break glass and mirrors).

She had fun at the Jug Rock. She never hesitates to point it out every single time we go it was cute to see her eyes when she saw it up close and personal. She had a lot of questions on why God put that there :-)

I have some pretty funny pic's to post of our time outside last night....comical. I have LOVED these thunderstorms lately..... and we are having our deck put on 22x15 in a few weeks plus the addition on the that will be super nice to have. Again, I love this spring weather......but hate to see what the "Sumer Weather" is going to be like. I may be installing a pool too!

Have a wonderful weekend and may it be filled with many blessings!

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